XStore theme Review

XStore WordPress Detailed Theme Review: eCommerce Solution For Store Owners

Creating your own eCommerce store is complex. Not only you have to configure all of your products on the backend, but you also need to create a stylish front end where your visitors can easily find what you’re selling.

For an advanced user, this kind of setup is quite straightforward. However, for a newbie, or for someone who is not so into the Woo world, this kind of task will require a lot of skills and a lot of time.

XStore detailed WordPress theme review

Fortunately, we have XStore: Easy to use WooCommerce solution for people who want to create their own personal store in just a few minutes.

About XStore Theme

XStore is a responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme specifically designed for online shops. Created in 2016, this theme quickly became part of the best-selling WordPress themes page on ThemeForest.

It’s designed and maintained by the guys from 8theme design. It’s purchased more than 11,000 times and you definitely need to check it out if you’re planning on opening an eCommerce site.

Top Features

The main features of XStore WordPress theme are:

  • Easy to use setup wizard;
  • 250 USD premium plugins of worth included for free;
  • More than 70 demos included;
  • Cool hover effects for your products;
  • Extremely flexible theme with a lot of different options;

Who Is This Theme For? And Is It For You?

Obviously, the theme is mainly for people wanting to run their own online store.

The theme offers a really easy initial setup process. Meaning, it will be easier for you to start if this is the first time you’re creating an eCommerce website.

There are hundreds of thousands of WooCommerce themes but this is surely one of the best for online shops.

How It Works

Let’s start with the installation of XStore WordPress theme.

Firstly, we need to get the theme from ThemeForest. Once we have the files downloaded, we can just follow the steps below:

Installing WordPress Theme XStore

The first thing you need to do is to load the installation files from Appearance > Themes > Add New:

XStore WordPress theme installation

Click install once you find the .zip.

Later, activate the theme.

XStore WordPress theme activation

Right after the theme is installed, you’ll see the following quick setup wizard:

XStore detailed theme review 2

Click continue:

XStore detailed theme review 3

The wizard will automatically check if your site, hosting, is compatible with the needed requirements:

XStore detailed theme review 4

If for some reason your theme is not meeting the requirements, make sure to check with your hosting provider. Most major hosting services will surely check all the boxes here.

Later, the wizard will want to install a Child theme. Adding Child theme is recommended and I personally suggest to add one. This way, if you make HTML or CSS changes to your theme, you won’t have to worry about making the changes again.

XStore detailed theme review 5

A success message will appear once the extra theme is added.

XStore detailed theme review 6

Next steps is choosing a demo site and content. You can choose from more than 70 unique demos. I’ll use the one with the picture of drones:

XStore detailed theme review 7

Section plugins is all about adding plugins to your site. As you’ll see, there are 3 different categories:

XStore detailed theme review 8
  • Required;
  • Needed for this demo;
  • Additional;

I’ll install only the needed plugins.

XStore detailed theme review 9

I started waiting. I took around 5 minutes and I decided to quit the process. For some reason, the theme failed to install one of the core plugins.

XStore detailed theme review 10

That’s why, I took a different approach.

From inside the dashboard I clicked Begin installing plugins button:

Check 8theme core and hit install:

XStore detailed theme review 12

Unfortunately, I still got an error.

XStore WordPress theme error installing plugins

So, third option…

Find the plugins folder inside the installation zip file when you purchased the theme > go to the WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add the plugin (it’s called et-core-plugin) > Click install:

XStore detailed theme review 14

I can run again the setup wizard of the theme to finish what I’ve started:

XStore detailed theme review 15

The final screen will load basically congratulating me for what I’ve did. Well, I deserve it 🙂

XStore detailed theme review 22

Hopefully, the guys from 8theme will fix this the future updates.

Next, I’ll quickly go through the setup process of WooCommerce. Since we’ll be selling stuff, I need to also configure Woo:

First step, add address and choose your preferred currency:

XStore detailed theme review 16

Add payment methods:

WooCommerce payment methods inside XStore theme

Shipping costs:

Shipping costs for Woo when adding XStore theme

Install the recommended plugins for all Woo stores:

Woo recommended plugins when using XStore theme

Install Jetpack if you want (I don’t):

Do you need Jetpack plugin?

You’re all set:

WooCommerce finalize

I can now visit my dashboard or see my site:

Electron WordPress XStore demo

Cool, right? If I had products, I can just add them and start selling stuff.

XStore Theme Options

The above was just the beginning. Now, let’s see what’s under the hood of this eCommerce store theme:

You can find the theme options panel under Appearance > Theme Options:

xstore general options panel

The first thing you can do is to set your site layout. You have the option to make your site boxed, wide, bordered, framed. Also, you can specify the content width in pixels. Additionally:

  • Enable site preloader;
  • Add preloader image;
  • Static blocks will help you create cool content for the footer, newsletter, and mega menu;
  • Testimonials. Basically, by enabling this option you can start collecting written recommendations from customers;

Next, we have the header options:

Header XStore Theme Options

The first tab will allow you to upload your own logo. Nothing fancy about that. You just upload your logo.

The second option, header layouts is more interesting. You can choose from 10 different pre-designed header layouts.

XStore theme header layout

Also, you can place HTML code inside the header and also enable header banner where you can advertise specific product or service.

Also, choose the styling of your shopping cart and a couple of other interesting things.

Next, we have the Header styles where we can…

XStore detailed theme review 25
  • Make our header wider;
  • Set the max-width;
  • Adjust the paddings for the main area;
  • Decide what should be the border color;
  • Add an image or choose color for your header background;

But that’s not all. There are 4 more tabs full of settings specifically for the header. The reason there are so many features for the header is simple, people mainly buy what they see above the header. Meaning, if you design really well the upper part of your site you’ll convert more of your visitors.

Menu Options

The menu options are quite straightforward. You can enable a mega menu if you want; Add a secondary one; Style the looks of your menu from Menu styling tab.

Mega menu XStore theme review

Nothing really fancy. You just need to know what you want.

Promo Popup

The following option is pretty cool and will help you retain a large portion of your visitors: Promo Popup.

It’s a popup box that you can customize with a specific message. There are a couple of options and I want to go through them one by one:

Promo Popup XStore WordPress theme
  1. First, you need to enable this on your site;
  2. You can make the box to open when people visit your site;
  3. Also, when people scrolled to the bottom of the page;
  4. You can trigger the box after some time;
  5. Add link to your top bar so people can click it;
  6. Decide what the link should say;
  7. Decide what should be the content inside that link;
  8. You can load content from the static blocks – more about that later;
  9. The dimensions of the block;
  10. Add a background of the box;

Now, when you visit your store you’ll see the following:

Xstore popup box

On the right you have the button and when you click it you’ll load the box with a custom discount code. Of course, you can change the message inside the box.

Static Blocks

Static Blocks is a feature included in XStore theme that will help you automate your content. You can create reusable blocks that you can include inside your content and save time. Basically, write something once not a thousand times.

To take full advantage of the Static Blocks you should first enable the WPBakery Page Builder for the block. So, go to WPBakery Page Builder Settings > Role Manager > Post Types > Set it to custom and tick the following boxes:

Now, go to the Static Blocks inside the menu.

WPBakery WordPress with XStore

As you will see, you can now customize your blocks so you can later use them on your site. In the screen below, I’m customizing the box I previously mentioned – the popup box.

Customizing Your Store Section With XStore Theme

Setting up your store and the whole layout is of a major importance. You don’t need a lot of fluff around your store. You want to create it straightforward and easy to use.

That’s why, I’ll recommend using fewer of the available options.

Here’s what is included in XStore store settings that will allow you to create cool looking website:

So, again you need to go back to Theme Options > Shop > Shop Layout:

Here you can style the main components of your shop.

Next, we have Products style page where we can additionally customize our products.

WordPress XStore ThemeForest review

Add hovering effect, star rating color, etc.

The Single Product Page tab is more interesting.

single product page WordPress XStore

You can decide how to design your page when a visitor is looking at a specific product. Probably a good option will be to disable the sidebar on mobile on the mobile. You don’t want people clicking away once they are inside your product page.

Item Quick View

Enabling product quick view is a really cool way to give people all they need to know without leaving the current page.

Simply enable this feature and decide what to show to your visitors:

XStore Quick View option

Now, when you go to the site you can see the following when you hover over your products:

XStore detailed theme review 35

Once you press the eye icon, a popup will appear revealing the essentials of your product and an easy way for visitors to add the item to the cart.

XStore WordPress theme shop quick view

Cool, right?

Blog Section

Just a few words about the blog section.

Keeping a blog is essential for your business. It’s the best way to bring traffic to your site.

XStore comes with the following options to customize your blog and posts:

Under blog layout you can decide how your articles should be presented:

XStore blog section

Under Single post, you can select the layout inside your articles:

XStore layout inside articles

Additionally, you can select your favorite social sharing platforms:

social sharing XStore WordPress theme

Obviously, these will help with promoting your products.

Creating A Landing Page With XStore WordPress Theme

Creating a landing page for a specific product is quite straightforward when using WPBakery plugin. Still, if you have a lot of products you’ll hardly have to setup something like this.

Make sure to check my WPBakery review if you need assistance with the configuration of your landing page. Get in touch in the comments below if you need further assistance with this. I’ll be happy to help.

XStore WordPress Theme Price

Let’s discuss the price of XStore theme. For just 59 USD you can have this premium eCommerce solution and create the perfect online shop and showcase your products in the best possible way.

The price also includes 6 months of support from the guys from 8theme. You can get it now using the link below:

XStore Pros/Cons


  • Variety of demos included;
  • A lot of different configuration options;
  • Easy to use setup wizard;
  • Static blocks included allowing you to create reusable blocks;
  • Premium plugins included;
  • Promo popup box;


  • I didn’t like the fact that the theme panel is in the backend of the theme. You have to constantly switch between the front and the backend to see what you’ve changed;
  • WPBakery is old news. Elementor is better. Not that the theme doesn’t work with Elementor, but a lot of the functionalities are tight to the Bakery plugin.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a complicated eCommerce store is no longer a pain.

If you have something to sell, XStore theme will help you showcase your products in the best possible way.

The theme has everything you need to run a Woo store and you’ll be online with a bunch of products making money in no time.

Let me know what you think about the theme in the comments below:

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