WordPress X Theme Review

Detailed WordPress X Theme Review- Is this Really the Ultimate WordPress theme?


Detailed WordPress X Theme Review- Is this Really the Ultimate WordPress theme?

You most probably have seen all the banners advertising WordPress theme X, when you were searching for your own website. All of them present Theme X like the ultimate one, even better from Avada – The best selling theme, but is this the real?

Initially I was a little skeptical about X theme. Yes, it is probably a good theme with average looks and a couple of extras, but the best one? – I didn’t think so. The only way to find out if all the marketing campaigns are real, was to try it out myself.

WordPress Theme X

And now, after I’ve managed to bring it out for a test drive, I must say that it really is one of the best WordPress themes out there.

Let me share the experience I’ve had In this Detailed WordPress X Theme Review.


Who is this theme for?

Since this is the ultimate WordPress theme, it should be designed to be used from a larger group of people, right? Yes, this is exactly what the designers and the developers from Themeco had in mind when they were creating this product.

I don’t think there is a specific group of people targeted to use the theme, simply because its created and ready to be used from everybody using WordPress.


Installing WordPress X Theme

The installation process itself is seamless, once you have the files for the theme, open the administrative dashboard of WordPress and install them from the Appearance > Themes > Add new.

WordPress Theme X 20

Click activate button on the next screen, now there is only one step left. Get your API key to register the product and finish the process.

WordPress Theme X 4


Woo-hoo, X is now installed. Before we proceed, a couple of more things worth noticing.

The newly appeared menu on the left side is allowing us to make few other installations. They are not mandatory, expect one, but they really are useful and I personally recommend adding most of them.

Go to X addons > Extensions.

Here you will find a few highly effective tools that will help you design your website the way you want.

Starting from the top, the first one is Cornerstone plugin. This plugin is required to run X. It provides a front end page editor and all the shortcodes used in X. Intuitive and super easy to use, this extension is standing out from the other page builders by its powerful options.

WordPress Theme X 3

Scrolling down you will find 15 more premium plugins awaiting your approval:

WordPress Theme X 24

Let’s go through a couple of them. Firstly I would like to introduce Content Dock:

Content Dock – An incredibly simple and effective tool that allows you to place content, marketing offers or email opt-in in front of your users in an elegant, non-intrusive manner. After the installation of the plugin, you can place pop-up messages on your website, either on the left or right side. Something like this:

WordPress Theme X 11

Email Forms (MailChimp) – Grow you mailing list by adding opt-ins inside your posts or pages. Install this plugin and you will be able to carefully craft every detail of your forms using this plugin and subscribe users to a MailChimp email list.

WordPress Theme X 12

Custom 404 – Avoid having 404 Errors on your website by installing this plugin. Very simple but very efficient tool. It will make a permanent redirect from a page showing 404 to another set by you. Activate the plugin and assign the desired page:

What else you can find inside the Extension section:

Increase your comments using: Disqus Comments system or Facebook comments.

Arrange your media files using: Slider Revolution or Soliloquy

Customize your WordPress the way you prefer: Terms of Use White Label your WordPress login screen Enabling smooth scrolling on your website allows you to manage the physics of your scroll bar.

Increase your sales: Olark Integration is a plugin that will help you interact with your visitors by adding live chat option. On the other , Google analytics will give you useful data you can use to build your marketing campaigns.

Make the launch day of your website a surprise: You will need time to build the site. Installing Under Constriction page will give you that time.


What are the features making WordPress Theme X the Ultimate one

Before the developers of Theme X even started creating it, they consulted with a couple of highly successful internet entrepreneurs to help them with the process. They have done that, to better understand what are the needs and concerns from the people using WordPress to create a webiste. And as we will see below, the end result turn out to be something really impressive.

Let go through the main features:


The Stacks

Most of the themes on the market are offering demos, but the ones coming along with WordPress Theme X are nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Organized in 4 different categories, offering more than 30 demos, they are called Stacks. Keep in mind that the one you choose will be your starting point for your website, but don’t worry there is plenty to choose from:

Each of the demos is coming along with unique design which is fully customizable and adjustable for your needs. Considering the said above, you will basically have 30+ options to redesign your site in one theme.



We already discuss the extensions available for installation after activating Theme X. One of the benefits, besides saving you time and money searching for other plugins, is that the included ones are configured to work with Theme X, making it much easier to work with.


Cornerstone: 100% front end Page Builder

WordPress Theme X 25

Yeah, Theme X has its own drag and drop, 100% front end page builder plugin to make all of your desires a reality. Additionally, you probably already noticed that the Visual Composer is also included in the optional plugins.

Although the developers of the theme are recommending to use Cornerstone, after having the opportunity to test them out, I must say that they work great mutually. I prefer using Cornerstone for setting up the website layout and the Visual Composer for on page/posts changes.


Customizer and features

When using X Theme, and making changes on your website, you will notice how everything happens live. Inspired from the WordPress core Customizer, the X one will let you easily modify the website straight from the front, allowing you to preview live all the changes.

Lee see some of the other features:

  • Incredible shortcodes and buttons.
  • Boxed layout; Fullwidth with or without side bar.
  • 4 different navigation options: Fixed top; Fixed left; Fixed right, Static top
  • Full WooCommerce integration.
  • One page sites
  • Megamenus included.
  • 600+ Google fonts.
  • Social sharing buttons included.
  • Dozens of video tutorials.
  • Automatic updates.


Getting started with WordPress X Theme

After the successful installation of X theme you will also need to add Cornerstone plugin, the other ones are recommended but not mandatory. Of course, you can always install them on a later stage. Moving on to the layout of the site.

Previewing your website after purchasing a new theme may be a bit disappointing. You think your site will look the way it’s shown on the original theme demo, but once you hit activate, see the changes and start going through the settings, you understand that things are more complex than it seems. Well indeed they aren’t that simple. Luckily X theme comes with neat Demo importer option, allowing you to add the demo content and much more.

Go to the newly appeared menu on the right side of your WordPress called X Addons, and click on the Demo Content. Here you can easily choose, preview and finally install one of the available stacks. Additionally, you can choose whether you want to include or not the demo posts and portfolios.

WordPress Theme X 1


WordPress X Theme Options

Unlike other themes, X has a little different configuration page. You will find the options accessing the Customize section under Appearance tab.

WordPress Theme X 22

In the beginning, you might find it a bit strange to understand what you need to select to change certain section, but after you make few clicks here and there, you will figure it out. Remember that you can always refer to the provided tutorials and documentation.


Easily manage the layouts using Cornerstone

Working with Cornerstone plugin is similar to the customize section. Activate the editor by clicking on the button: Edit with Cornerstone while you are on the home page of your website. This will bring a new menu on the left side allowing you to make certain changes. Adding new section or changing the layout of existing one can be done with a push of a button:

WordPress Theme X 5


To change the background color or to setup custom margins, use the Section icon:

WordPress Theme X 7


Adding elements inside your website

Arranging the layouts will set the foundations once this is done you can add media files and buttons using the elements section. Each of the elements comes with its own functions and options available when clicking on it:

WordPress Theme X 6


Creating a Landing page using WordPress X Theme

You can choose from 3 different options to build your custom landing page: The basic WordPress editor, but with the help of the build-in shortcodes; Visual Composer; Cornerstone page builder. My personal opinion will be to choose one and stick to it for all of the pages.

WordPress Theme X 23

Of course, I’ve chosen the Cornerstone builder to test it out, and I must say I am impressed. The whole process is really user-friendly. Get started by adding a section and choosing the layout.WordPress Theme X 14


You can also assign a background image or color from the section editor.

WordPress Theme X 15

After that, you simply drag and drop the elements you want from the left side to the right. Once the Elements are added, modify each of them by clicking on it and adding the desired text, picture etc.


Customizing Blog section on WordPress Theme X

I’ve noticed something really strange when I started designing the blog section of my site. When I went to edit the blog using the Cornerstone plugin, the Recent posts elements which are responsible for loading the desired category is showing only up to 4 posts. I found that really frustrating and I dig deeper to find another solution:

WordPress Theme X 2

From all the available options and configurations I found 2 other ways to load your blog posts inside a page:

1) Using Visual Composer to load your recent posts:

This will require to load one of the Grid elements: Post; Media; Post Masonry; Masonry Media.

WordPress Theme X 18

Use one of them and configure the articles you want to appear by using the available settings:

WordPress Theme X 17

2) Assigning specific page to load all of the articles:

A bit tricky to find but still a great choice. Simply create a page, name it the way you want, but don’t add any content. After that go to the Settings > Reading > Assign a page from the section Posts page:

WordPress Theme X 13


At what price you can get the ultimate WordPress Theme X?

X theme is available for purchase from ThemeForest at a price of $64. If you compare the price with another theme in the same category, we are talking about $5 difference, but what you get it really does worth it.


Pros and Cons of X WordPress Theme


  • Dozens of different layouts and demos.
  • Premium plugins included.
  • Cornerstone page builder
  • Incredible front page customization.
  • Elements and shortcodes.
  • Video tutorials and support.


  • A bit confusing for beginners.
  • Cornerstone Recent Posts section allows you to load only for articles.


Final Thoughts

Despite the initial skepticism I had, from all of these ads telling us about the “Ultimate theme”;”Best selling one” and etc, Theme X manages to cover all the check boxes and reach its way to the top of the WordPress theme market.

As you can see in the Best Pick section, WordPress Theme X is the one I personally recommend choosing when starting your own online business.

Definitely a theme worth considering before making the final decision. If you haven’t decided yet, I would love to help you choose the best tools for your site: here you can contact me.

Is X theme the one you use for your own site? Share you experience with us:

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