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Detailed Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused Themes, Email Opt-ins and Thrive Landing Pages All in One


Detailed Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused Themes, Email Opt-ins and Thrive Landing Pages All in One

Last updated on 09 February 2016

Do you want to grab the attention of your visitors right from the start?

In the beginning, WordPress was designed mainly for blogging, which has been preserved in most of the available themes. Most of them are set to show blog feeds or just standard layout providing a lot of information. Which turns to be really distracting for the reader and costly for us. Because is keeping us away from what our main goal should be – capturing leads.

This might be the case for a lot of the available WordPress themes, but that’s exactly what Thrive themes is avoiding.

Detailed Thrive Themes review

They provide stunning designed for all of the themes, conversion optimized email capturing solution, thrive landing pages for your sales pages and all of this is coming in one large package.

In this in-depth review of the Thrive Themes, I will show you the main benefits and the ways to create the ultimate landing pages.


Who is this theme for?

The layout of the themes itself is conversion focused, clean and build for sites that are providing few but really valuable products. For example, I wouldn’t recommend this for a large news site with a lot of articles, rather for ones offering services in a specific niche, tailored for a specific audience: personal ones, site offering courses,  small companies.


Installing Thrive Themes

I will talk about prices later, but the package they offer includes themes, plugins and thrive landing pages in one. Once you sign up for a Thrive Theme account, you can easily make the installation of the ones you want from inside your WordPress dashboard.

After the installation is complete, activate it using the shown button.

Once everything is activated you will be prompt to add your license key. Which can be found inside your Thrive Themes account. Keep in mind that the license key must be renewed each year to keep the products active.

Thrive Themes review


The benefits of becoming Thrive Themes member

All the plugins and themes coming along with your Thrive Theme membership are build for capturing leads and publishing conversion optimized pages. They will give you the power to create an amazing website for your business, with all the needed function. The included products are:


Conversion focused themes from Thrive Themes

The themes you can find are nothing like the ones you’ve seen so far. Below you can see the main feature included in Thrive Themes:

Thrive Themes review1

  • Build for speed. Lightweight code and automatic image compression.
  • Smart conversion elements. Showing relevant information to your visitors.
  • Designed for User Engagement and Readability. A careful choice of fonts and colors to show your content in the best possible light.
  • Easy page generator. Create sample sales pages, opt-in pages, legal pages and more with just a few clicks.

The guys from Thrive Themes are betting on a clean and elegant layout, built to capture the visitor attention. Composed from 10 skins, the theme collection is astonishing. No matter which one you choose, they will definitely transform your site and won’t let it unnoticeable from your visitors.

The standout ones are the following:

Rise: An elegant and effective theme for blogging, affiliate marketing, and other online businesses.

Thrive Themes review2


Squared: A fully featured marketing theme with a bold, flat-design style, multimedia post formats and more.

Thrive Themes review4


Pressive: Impressive and functional design. Streamlined to help you grow your business. Meet Pressive.

Thrive Themes review3


Create unique Marketing Funnels and Landing pages with Thrive Landing Pages

As someone building a website, you should know that creating landing pages in specific sections of your site is essential for your online business. Another great thing about becoming a Thrive member is the plugin for building landing pages.

This will allow you to create highly converting pages for your campaigns. Additionally, you will be granted access to 122 templates to choose from to build these pages:

Thrive Themes review5


Making it easier to create and edit your content with Thrive Content Builder

Based on drag and drop technology. The content builder provided from Thrive Themes is similar to Visual Composer and Fusion page builder.

This Visual Editor will transform your WordPress pages into easy click-to-edit sections. Adding a large call to action buttons, testimonials from happy customers, content boxes for feature lists or reviews, fully customizable pricing tables, embedding videos – these are only a few of the things  you will be able to do when using the Thrive Content builder.

Below you can find the full featured list of the available actions coming along with this builder:

Thrive Themes review6


Grow your mailing list with more than 537% using Thrive Leads

This is my favorite. Of a great importance is to add email opt-in forms on your website, and Thrive leads offer a couple of powerful solutions that will help you grow your mailing list faster.

Thrive Themes review7

The email capturing forms provided from Thrive leads plugin are really amazing. Simple lightboxes or top bar ribbons, you name it this plugin has it. There are three ways you can create an opt-in form with Thrive Leads: using Thrive Groups, Thrive Shortcodes or 2 Step Lightboxes.


Building a Form with Lead Groups

Once the plugin is installed and activated, it will be accessible from the configuration dashboard by clicking on the Thrive Leads section on the left side of your bar. Begin the process by hitting Add New right next to the Lead Groups:

Thrive Themes review10

Now just give your Group a name and click Add Lead Group:

Thrive Themes review20

The group will be added to your dashboard with a couple of icons on the right side. The plus one will expand your group giving you the option to choose what type of opt-in form you want to create:

Thrive Themes review11

As you can see, there are five different types of opt-in forms ready to create: Ribbon, Lightbox, Widget, Post Footer and Slide In. They are created more or less the same way; simply click Add on the one you want to create to continue. For example; we will go with the ribbon form. This is displayed on the top of your website, covering the whole width. Give a name to your form and click Create:

Thrive Themes review16

Now a new window will appear with new available options. To load and see what are the available templates click on the Edit design button:

Thrive Themes review12

and simply choose the skin that best fits your needs:

Thrive Themes review13

Editing the text and the fields works exactly like the content builder: click to edit the text and save the changes to continue with the process.

Thrive Themes review14

When all the changes are made, it’s time to define where you want this to appear. Go back to the Ribbon forms page and choose whether you want this to be displayed immediately once the page loads or all the time:

Thrive Themes review15

The trigger settings will let you adjust how exactly this form should appear on your website:

Thrive Themes review17

If you choose “Show after a certain period of time”, there is an extra line that will show up which allows you to set the exact time after which the form will appear. You can use either the slider or type the number in.

Thrive Themes review18


Customizing Blog section and adding Focus areas on Pressive from Thrive Theme

An easy way to add your blog posts to your website menu is from Appearance > Menu and add your category to the menu. This will take all of the published posts under that category and show them once someone clicks on that particular menu item:

Thrive Themes review8

Despite all the cool things coming along with the thrive membership, there are still few we didn’t discuss. Creating Focus area sections are one if them.

This feature will allow you to add cool buttons with custom offer into your posts or pages sections with a couple of clicks. To set this up, go to the Focus Area inside your WordPress dashboard, and click add new area:

Thrive Themes review9

Once you are inside, firstly you can connect it to your Mailing list using the button: Connect to a new mailing list. The second step will be to add a catchy title, name and color the button the way you want and assign a link:

Thrive Themes review19

This is very helpful to redirect people to your sales or product pages. After configuring everything, the button on your blog pages will look something like this:

Thrive Themes review21


What is the price to become a Thrive Theme member?

Keep in mind that you can purchase the mentioned themes, plugins separately, but to be honest, there is no point of doing so because you will save big money if you become a Thrive member.

For example, the cost for one theme is $49 with included 1 year support, if you compare it to the annual membership which is $228, at first, it might sound too expensive, but actually it’s worth it. Becoming a member will give you access to Thrive leads, the Content Builder plugin; Create Targeted Widget Content With Clever Widgets and much more.

So if you are looking to transform your site using the Thrive Themes, I will personally recommend going with the annual package.


Pros and Cons of becoming Thrive Themes member


  • Build for speed, conversion focused themes.
  • Truly amazing opt-in plugin for growing your mailing list.
  • Easy to use click-to-edit content builder.
  • Funnels and sales pages made easy with Thrive landing pages.
  • Clean, responsive design in all of the features.
  • The membership subscription will give you access to all the necessary tools for building a website.
  • Knowledge base and tutorials.


  • The price is a bit high considering the other themes, but this includes also a couple of really important plugins.
  • The price is only for 1 year subscription, you will need to renew the services to have access to updates.

Final Thoughts

Thrive themes membership is offering complete solutions for website builders. The included features are built from the ground up with conversion optimization in mind, allowing you to easily create focused pages that will help you sell more of your own products.

Yes, the price might be a bit higher from the one you are hoping to pay, but the options coming along are more than worth it. Basically, you are purchasing everything in one package and you won’t be needing to look for other email list building plugins or drag and drop ones.

Share your experience with Thrive Themes. Which one of the themes you like best?

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