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Detailed Review of The7 WordPress Theme – Create Unique Pro-grade Site Look in Mere Minutes


Detailed Review of The7 WordPress Theme – Create Unique Pro-grade Site Look in Mere Minutes

Having a professional looking website that people love to visit and explore is something every business owner wants, but not everyone can afford.

Finding and hiring an agency will cost you a lot of time and money, and the end result might not be 100% satisfactory.

What about building a pro-grade site on your own? Seems like an impossible thing to do? Don’t know how to code?

Now it doesn’t matter. Let me present you The7 WordPress theme:

Detailed Review of The7 WordPress Theme

Put simply, The7 is the world’s most advanced WordPress theme ever created. Easily built amazing looking website with unique design, on your own.

WordPress Theme 7 was first released in 11 of September 2013 and from than till now (January 2016) has sold more than 32 000 licenses.

Let me show you the main features this WordPress theme has to offer:

Who is this theme for? And is it for you?

Amazing solution for online agencies or for WordPress website builders. The available configurations give you the freedom you always wanted to design your next project.

Even if you are new to multipurpose WordPress themes this won’t stop you from developing your ideas into something truly unique, even on the contrary. The7 Design Wizard will walk you through the process of setting up the desired WordPress website.


Installing The7 WordPress Theme 

To install WordPress Theme 7, you need to access your application backend, navigate to the Appearance > Themes and click Add new button on the top. On the next screen click on Upload theme button:

the 7 theme wordpress

From your local computer select the .zip file containing the theme files, and procees by selecting Install now:

the 7 theme wordpress 1

Once the theme is installed you can preview the available setting or activate Theme 7 using the available buttons:

the 7 theme wordpress 2


Installing The7 WordPress Theme Recommended Plugins

After the successful installation of The7 Theme files, you will immediately see notification saying that recommended plugins need to be installed:

the 7 theme wordpress 14

As you can see, this is a quite large list of plugins. But you don’t necessarily need to add all of them, you can install only the ones you will use. Let me give you short a description of what the recommended plugins do:

  • Go Pricing Tables –  Will allow you to create amazing WordPress pricing and compare tables. This is a premium plugin included free when you purchase WordPress Theme The7: See more details about the plugin: Go Pricing Tables plugin.
  • The7 Demo Content – To add one of the available theme demos you will need that plugin.
  • Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer + Visual Composer – Adds powerful elements to the original Visual Composer plugin (also included). With Visual Composer and the Addons pack, you will have everything to create stunning websites.


How to add and use The7 Theme demos?

To use one of the demos, you will need the plugin we already talked about: The7 Demo Content.

One of the ways to see which demo you will want for your project, is by visiting the official preview from the developers of the theme: The7 Theme Demos.

The other way is from the demo importer. Inside your WordPress panel go to Tools > The7 Demo Content:

the 7 theme wordpress 5

Inside this screen are listed all of the available demos. Besides importing the look, you can also add Media, Logos, Pages, Benefits and etc. Just find the demo you wish to use, check what kind of additional content you want to add and click Import content:

the 7 theme wordpress 4

Getting started with WordPress Theme The7

The7 Theme adds quite a lot of menus inside your WordPress admin area, each of them allowing you access to a specific feature. The first thing we are going to cover is Theme Options section.

Let’s see some of the main options, starting from the General tab:

the 7 theme wordpress 6

Layout: Make it Boxed or Wide and specify what should be the width if you want.

Background: If you decide to go with the Boxed layout, you can also adjust the background color.

Content boxes: Add shadow to you boxes and modify the strength opacity.

Categorization, sorting & pagination style: Change the style and font to fit your overall design.

Color Accent: Set the color and make it Gradient if needed.

Border radius: Adjust the border in pixels.

Icons: Light or Bold, you decide.

Contact form: iOs, Minimal or Material design.

Loading: Enable beautiful loading on your pages.

General setting section is only a fragment of what’s really available for customization. Next down the line is the Skin section. Changing skin will modify your accent color and header section. Choose the one you want and press Save Options:

the 7 theme wordpress 7


Changing Top Bar and Header in The7 WordPress Theme

Under Theme Options > Top Bar & Header you will find everything you will need to make you head area unique. Starting from choosing the main layout for your site, going through what should be the Top bar font and, of course, enabling Floating navigation if needed:

the 7 theme wordpress 13

Customize your header even further drag and drop the information the way you want:

the 7 theme wordpress 8

To be honest, the available variations are too many, which can be really confusing when first using  the theme.


Button and Image Styling

With The7 Theme, modifying your buttons is brought to a whole new level. Using the available styles and colors, you can create amazing buttons and call to action forms that grab the deserved attention.

You can find the setting under Theme Options > Buttons. Change button style, text color, hover color, text color, font and etc.:

the 7 theme wordpress 11

Customizing the buttons on your website is only the beginning. WordPress theme 7 will allow you to add effects to all of the images you upload and use for your articles or projects.

Add really nice hover effect and extra icon when visitor is clicking on an image:

the 7 theme wordpress 19


Creating a Landing page with WordPress Theme The7

Except using Visual Composer plugin to customized a landing page, The7 Theme has another built-in solution to help with the process.

When inside a page, below the text editor you see section called: Page Header Options:

the 7 theme wordpress 9

Using the options inside you can add Fancy Title or a Slideshow for a header. In addition to that, you can also assign specific image with customized title and subtitle.

However, this will help only when designing the header section. To completely modify a page and assign images and call to action buttons, you can activate Visual Composer by clicking on Backend editor.

Like we previously mentioned, The7 Theme comes with not only Visual Composer included but also with the Ultimate addons pack. To use the features provided by the plugin, click on Ultimate VC addons when inside the elements section:

the 7 theme wordpress 15

With the Visual composer and the Ultimate Addons pack you can create everything.

Another cool feature comming along with the The7 Theme is the Benefits section. You can easily list all of your advantages and load them in specific section of a page using the corresponding element from Visual Composer:

the 7 theme wordpress 17


Customizing your Blog section with The7 WordPress Theme

The7 Theme provides a couple of ways to load your articles inside your blog section, all of them supported by Visual Composer.

After creating your articles Add brand new page > load the Visual Composer > Click on add new element and type the word blog inside the search. You will find 3 results:

the 7 theme wordpress 20

My pesonal favorite from the ones available is the Blog Masonry and Grid, and the reason is really simple: this elements shows your articles the best possible way.

Once you select the element you can easily edit it. Choose how your articles to appear: Grid or Masonry style; How many columns; Do you want to add post date, category and etc,.:

the 7 theme wordpress 16

See how your articles will look when using this element:

the 7 theme wordpress 18


Add Share Buttons to your articles

To make sure your articles will receive the deserved attention, you can also include social buttons. Theme The7 has seperate section for the Social buttons, inside the Theme Options panel.

Choose how you would want the buttons to appear after your posts, what should be the buttons title, and arrange them the way you want:

the 7 theme wordpress 10


What is the price of The7 WordPress Theme

You can purchase The7 WordPress Theme from for the price of $59.


Pros and Cons of The7 WordPress Theme


  • Highly customizable.
  • Design Wizard included.
  • Over 630 options available.
  • Ready to use demos.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Premium plugins included.


  • Too complicated for a person not so technical.


Final Thoughts

The suberb design and the outstanding customer support are making this theme an excelent choice for your current or new project.

After having the pleasure to test this theme on my own, I must say that I am quite impressed from the overall performance and the included features.

The7 WordPress theme has everything you’ll ever need to build your online business. From personal porfolio website to an online store, Theme The7 will do the job.

Have you heard of The7 WordPress theme? What are your thoughts?

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