Salient WordPress Theme

Detailed Review of Salient WordPress Theme – Stand Out from the Crowd With This Creative WordPress Theme


Detailed Review of Salient WordPress Theme – Stand Out from the Crowd With This Creative WordPress Theme

Thousands of WordPress sites are built every day and are overflowing the web! Is getting harder and harder to create something unique, one of a kind, that pulls people to your own website.

Even though there are a lot of WordPress themes to choose from, most of them have similar layouts and designs.

There are only few themes that will help you stands out of the crowd, and transform your blank WordPress installation into awesome looking website people want to visit and share. Salient WordPress Theme is one of them.

WordPress Salient

WordPress Theme Salient will help you leave your mark on the web with its slick looks and one of a kind demos.

Crafted by ThemeNectar, Salient Theme uses award-winning, handcrafted design you’ve never seen before.

Let me highlight the benefits of this creative WordPress theme for you. In this detailed review, you will what Salient is capable of doing, so you can decide if this is the right theme for your online business.

Let’s begin:


Who is this theme for?

Created in March 2013, to this moment Salient WordPress Theme sold more than 39,000 licenses. This is not so much, considering other themes created around the same date and providing similar features, but there is a reason for that.

Take only one quick look at the theme preview: Salient Live Preview. You will immediately see that Salient not suitable for an average website.

If you have a blog, or you are running an online store, and your products deserve a special place where they can be presented, Salient Theme is for you.  It really is something else, something not everybody would want to use, but those who will use it will be delighted with the outcome.


Installing Salient WordPress Theme

Access your WordPress dashboard, go to the section Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload file. Find Salient Theme .zip file on your local computer and click Install now. Once installed and activated, a message will appear saying that there are a couple of plugins that also needs to be installed:

WordPress Theme Salient

The two plugins that needs to be installed are:

Visual Composer is required for Salient to run properly. As far as WooCommerce: if you are not selling anything on your site you can simply disregard the message about it.


How will Salient WordPress Theme help your site stand out of the crowd?

Creating something new is really hard even for someone working full time graphic designer job. But even if you aren’t, don’t worry about it.

Salient theme is designed to impress. Unique demos, Nectar slider, Shortcodes and Awesome icons are only few of the things this theme has to offer.

See more below:

  • Unique demos included.
  • Page builder.
  • Enjoy full customization.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Robust option panel.
  • Nectar shortcodes.
  • Clean Seo optimized code.
  • Narrated videos and documentation included.


Getting started with WordPress Theme Salient 

After successfully installing and activating the theme, new menu item will appear inside your WordPress application called: Salient. Hover with the mouse to expand the whole list of settings available:

WordPress Theme Salient 19

Now lets take a look at the main features and options available in Salient Theme. Starting with importing one of the unique demos.

Unlike other themes that have separate menu allowing you to import the demos, to do that in Salient WordPress theme, an additional plugin has to be installed.

Go to Tools > Import and Install the last plugin you see in the list, called WordPress Importer:

WordPress Theme Salient 3

Activating it will allow you to select files from your computer. Find the folder containing all theme files and upload one of the .xml files:

WordPress Theme Salient 22

Assign specific author for the demo content your are about to upload, and also choose if you want to add the file

WordPress Theme Salient 2

Since is not allowing you to see the demos inside your admin panel you will need to choose one of the available ones from their official page in ThemeForest. You can either select one of the classic ones:

WordPress Theme Salient 4

Or go with the newest demo available build specifically for creative websites:

WordPress Theme Salient 5


Salient WordPress theme Settings

A lot going on inside Salient theme admin panel. You will see more than 15 tabs full with available customization.

First we will see the General Settings tab providing a couple of basic options, like:

  • Changing the theme skin: two available options.
  • Upload your favicon.
  • Enable/Disable back to the top button.
  • Enable/Disable styled scrollbar and smooth scrolling
  • Enable responsive and extra responsive design.
  • Select your button layout.
  • Add your Google Analytic’s code.

WordPress Theme Salient 17

Changing the theme accent colors with ones of your choice can happen in the second available tab: Accent color:

WordPress Theme Salient 6

You can also set your site layout to boxed, from the corresponding tab inside the menu. Add specific color or an image to it by going through these options:

WordPress Theme Salient 7

If you already saw the theme Salient live preview, you probably noticed the loading screen between all posts and pages. You can modify this effect, or completely remove it from the section Page Transitions:

WordPress Theme Salient 8

I am not a big fan of this kind of page loading screen, simply because it increases your website speed, which we all know is not a good thing.


Add call to action box inside all your pages with one click

One of the features I really liked about Salient WordPress Theme is the custom call to action box that can be easily implemented throughout the whole site.

Add your own text and target URL, from inside the Call to Action tab. It additionally gives you the option to remove it on specific pages.

WordPress Theme Salient 9

And this is how it will going to appear right before the footer of your website, like this:

WordPress Theme Salient 10


Creating a Landing page with WordPress Theme Salient 

To create your own custom landing pages with Salient Theme, you will use Visual Composer. Modified from the theme developers, the plugin is configured to better suit the overall design and ease the end customer.

Activate the page builder by creating new page and clicking on the corresponding button inside the editor: Page Builder:

WordPress Theme Salient 11

From the newly appeared menu select Add new element and choose what kind of function you want to add to the page:

WordPress Theme Salient 12

Each section has its own settings panel, and can be further modified to fit the layout of your website. For example you can add specific color or image to a row:

WordPress Theme Salient 13

Additionally you can make a column of your choice in a boxed layout, which is great for highlighting important content that you want your visitors to read. Click on Edit this column and tick the box:

WordPress Theme Salient 14

Frame will wrap the whole area like shown below:

WordPress Theme Salient 20


Customizing Blog section on Salient WordPress Theme

There are a couple of different ways to modify and show your posts to your audience. Let’s start with the main setting panel.

Inside the Blog tab you can make a couple of changes, that will have global effect, things like: Showing the author below each post, Social Sharing buttons, Pigmentation type and etc.

WordPress Theme Salient 18

After you decide what elements you want to appear inside each post, and you have a couple of articles written in a specific category, is time to make the visible on the website.

Create a brand new page and activate the page builder. Chose either Blog or Recent posts element, and set how many posts to appear and etc.

WordPress Theme Salient 15

Salient theme provides a couple of other options available inside each post or page. Scroll after the text editor to add picture in the page title or change the position:

WordPress Theme Salient 16

You can see that Salient WordPress Theme comes packed with a lot of features and options available. Even if you have difficulties along the way, the available video tutorials will answer all of your questions and help you customize your site the way you want to.


What is the price of this WordPress theme?

Several times became the best-selling theme of the week in ThemeForest, Salient WordPress theme can be yours to help you stand out of from the crowd, for the price of $59.


See live examples of  Salient WordPress Theme:


Pros and Cons of WordPress Theme Salient 


  • Unique demos.
  • Page builder.
  • Powerful admin area.
  • Custom slider.
  • Shortcodes.
  • Full WooCommerce integration.
  • Detailed Video tutorials.
  • SEO Optimized.


  • If you are using Page Transition, the theme loads slow.
  • Boxed and full-layout cannot be changed for a specific page.


Final Thoughts

Spectacular WordPress Theme with clean, responsive layout.

If you are running only a blog, this probably won’t be the best choice, because you won’t use all the cool features provided by Salient.

Definitely a theme I would recommend to someone creating business website for a company in creative industry. Also for eCommerce sites selling unique clothes or innovative products.

What are you thoughts about this creative WordPress theme? Share in the comments below:

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