Phlox Pro Theme Review

Detailed Phlox Pro Theme Review – Modern Theme For Creative People

I’m always on a lookout for new WordPress themes that might be interesting to review. That’s why, I check the popular items category in ThemeForest as well as the sites of other popular marketplaces frequently.

Recently, I stumbled upon a theme that has a really strange name. It was slowly climbing the scoreboards and I was curious to see more about the theme. And what better way to get to know a WordPress theme than reviewing it, right?

The WordPress template I’m talking about is called Phlox Pro.

I know, it sounds strange.

Phlox Pro Review

At first glance, it looks really good but we’ll find out at the end of this detailed review.

So, let me show you what are the pros and the cons of Phlox Pro WordPress theme.

Who Is This Theme For? And Is It For You?

If you check the demos coming along with the theme you will get the impression that Phlox Pro is mostly about agencies and corporate sites. Well, it kind of looks that way.

But these are just images. The theme allows you to adjust every little detail and tailor it to fit your specific needs.

Personally, I don’t think that there are limitations to the type of sites you can build with it. You can create whatever you want with Phlox Pro WordPress theme. It’s just a matter of your imagination.

Let me show you how to start:

Installing Phlox Pro WordPress Theme

The installation of the theme is pretty straightforward: You simply need to upload the files of the theme once you’re inside your WordPress admin page > Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload theme:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation

Once the installation is complete simply activate the theme:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 1

Proceed with the next step:

Installing Phlox Pro Recommended Plugins and Demos

Immediately after you activate the theme you will see the following message displaying:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 2

It will prompt you to install the core plugin of Phlox Pro theme so you can later install the demos you probably saw on their sales page.

So, to proceed, simply install the Phlox Core Elements plugin.

Once this is done, you will see this section:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 3

This is the main dashboard of the theme. From here you can do the following things:

  • Dashboard: Here are placed shortcuts to the functionalities of the theme. Also, you can see the changelog and see what is updated and when.
  • Customization: This basically redirects you to Appearance > Customize section of your WordPress website.
  • Demo importer: The place where the demos are listed and available for installation.
  • Plugins: List of all plugins that are working with the theme. It’s quite a long list of plugins. The cool thing is that Phlox Pro includes some premium plugins. But don’t install them yet, once you install a demo the importer itself will prompt you to install only the needed plugins:
Phlox Pro Theme Installation 4
  • Tutorials; Feedback; System Status: These are pretty self-explanatory.

Let’s start with installing one of the available demos:

Click on Demo Importer > Choose one of the demos. Press preview if you want to see how it really looks. Once you find the one you like, simply press Import:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 5

A message will appear saying that importing demo should be done on clean WordPress site. In general, it shouldn’t mess with your existing posts and pages if you have such, but the theme authors are putting this notice as a disclaimer. To not blame them if something happens. Create a backup if you’re doing this on a live site and then click Continue:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 6

Quite a lot of plugins will be added:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 7

Once you press Install plugins, they will begin installing one by one. The process will show you what happens in real time. As you will see, one of the plugins failed to install for some reason on my end:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 8

And since the above plugin failed, I had to click Install Demo again. This time only the plugin that failed is listed and it will be installed:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 9

And this time it was successfully installed. The next screen is going to ask you what demo data you want to import:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 10

I will select a few things and click proceed. The process will take a while and show you this once everything is done:

Phlox Pro Theme Installation 11

We’ll proceed with the customization of the theme and the available options.

Let’s see them one by one:

Getting Started With Phlox Pro WordPress Theme

As you probably noticed already, the theme is powered by Elementor. All the pages are built with this drag and drop plugin.

The first step here will be to see what are the main options included.

For this purpose, go to the Customization options:

Phlox Pro General Settings

I will start from the settings on the top: General > General Layout > General Layout Setting:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup

You can select the max width of the whole site and whether or not the layout to be boxed.

The next interesting option is the Socials:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 1

You can decide what color to be applied to the social icons. Also, here is the place where you add your social media links.

The General tab has a couple of other options: Page Animation and Preloading; Custom JS code and Google API and SEO. The first two aren’t that interesting. That’s why, I’ll show you the third: Google API and SEO:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 2

The theme has some SEO functionalities included but as the authors are suggesting, it’s better to disable them if you’re using popular SEO plugins:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 3

A couple of more options are available in this menu: an easy way to add your Google Analytics Code; Google Maps API Key; and Google Marketing Code.

Phlox Pro Appearance

Phlox Pro theme Appearance has a couple of options, all of which are pretty straightforward. I’m only going to show you the Website frame. It’s pretty interesting as it allows you to wrap your site in frame with a color of your choice:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 4

The Skin option is also interesting as allows you to decide how certain elements should appear:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 5

Phlox Pro Theme Header Options

Next, we’ll take a look at Header options.

Once you go to Customize > Header, you will see the following options:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 6

Quite a lot of options are present here.

The first is Header Section and it allows you to do the following things:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 7
  • You can specify the header layout;
  • Add a search option;
  • Specify the header width;
  • Add social media buttons;
  • Change the color of the menu;
  • Add animation;
  • Enable sticky header.

The next section is the Header menu. From here you can decide what should be the skin of the submenu:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 8

The next option is to get really specific about the burger menu if you decide to go with this option:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 9

As you will see, things get really specific here. I never thought about a lot of these options.

You can also add Top Header bar if you think it’s needed:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 10

The best option, however, is adding buttons inside your menu:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 11

You can add two big, or small, buttons on the right side of your menu. This is always a good option. People love buttons and if you add your product inside these links you’ll definitely increase your sales.

Extras Options

Besides the Footer, Portfolio, Blog, Page settings, some of which we’ll discuss a bit later, there is also this Extras Options. Let see what’s included inside:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 12

So, the first is Go to Top button:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 13

You can decide where the button should appear. It’s sad that you don’t have an option to change the appearance of the button.

The next option is Performance and it has only these settings:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 14

Whether or not to preload the images in order to reduce the size.

I kind of love the next feature, Login Page feature. You can customize your wp-admin page which is quite good:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 15

The last 3 options are also pretty cool. You can specify 404 page and a maintenance page if you need. Also, decide what to appear in the search results.

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 16

There are a lot of things to be configured with this theme as you can see.

Creating A Landing Page With Phlox Pro WordPress Theme

Even though the landing page is actually created with the Elementor plugin, the theme has a couple of options that will help you to create the perfect landing page for your site.

Again, from inside the Customization menu, you can go to Page Layout and set the default layout of your pages:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 17
  • You can decide to add sidebars;
  • Have content margin on the top;
  • Select the max width;
  • Choose the Content Layout.

That’s not all. There are additional settings once you access a page and you scroll down to the bottom of the page:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 18

Basically, the options here allow you to overwrite the default settings of the theme. To create custom settings for your pages and posts. It’s pretty cool and it allows you to do a lot of stuff.

As far as the landing page, you can follow my full instructions on my post about Elementor plugin.

Still, I want to give you a quick guide.

Below, I will show you how to create a new landing page with just a few steps:

Add new page > Choose Template Elementor Canvas > Press Edit with Elementor:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 19

Press Add template:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 20

The library here gives you plenty of options:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 21

I will add only 3 of the templates on this page and show you what happens:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 22

So, it took me probably 30 seconds to do the above page. Obviously, I need to update the next, my name is not Mike, but it’s crazy how fast is for someone to create something like this.

Customizing Your Posts And Blog Section With Phlox Pro Theme

The demo we installed initially has a couple blog posts and I’ll show you how you can further customize them to fit your style.

So, if you go to Customize > Blog, you will see the following options:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 23

The first option is Single Post. You can set the default layout of all of your posts from this section here. Also, select to have two sidebars and decide how the sidebar should appear:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 24

I personally prefer cleaner slate without widgets and narrow content:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 25

Also, there are tons of other options available here: social media buttons, show authors avatar, show post category, etc.

Single Post Title

Inside the Single Post Title, you will find a bunch of other options: How to present your title to the world and a couple of other specifics.

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 26

I believe this is a bit too much.

Blog Page

Blog Page section gives you the option to arrange your blog posts the way you want on your site. As you can see from the screen below, there are a couple of options included:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 28

You can also decide whether or not you will have sidebar in the blog section, link buttons, show the date, etc. Basically, pretty much every menu has a lot of options.

Blog Slider

The blog posts options don’t end here. You can also insert a slider that will showcase your blog posts:

Phlox Pro Theme Setup 27

I don’t know if this is really necessary but if you decide you can do it. Phlox Pro WordPress theme allows you this option.

What Is The Price Of Phlox Pro WordPress Theme

So, it all comes down to this: What’s the price of Phlox-Pro WordPress theme?

The theme was created on 18 February 2013. That’s more than 5 years ago. It has a bit above 4000 purchases, which is a bit strange for a theme that old. I believe the main reason the theme is getting popular these days it’s because the developers of the theme implemented the Elementor plugin.

So, the price. The price is $59. One time purchase.

You can get it from the official website of the theme, or, by clicking here.

Phlox Pro WordPress Theme Pros And Cons:


  • Fast setup;
  • Demos included;
  • Seamless installation process;
  • Tons of customization options;
  • Social Media buttons;
  • Relatively fast;
  • Premium plugins included.


  • Even though having a lot of options it’s a good thing, there are a lot of things that you don’t need. At least that’s my opinion.

Final Thoughts

Is this theme really worth it?

Well, it’s powered by Elementor, which basically allows you to do everything. It has cool looking premade layouts. It allows you to change pretty much everything on your WordPress site.

So, yes, it’s worth it. If you like what you see on the demos page, I’m positive that this theme will come in handy for your next or existing WordPress project.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about Phlox Pro WordPress theme?

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