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Detailed Review of Shopkeeper WordPress Theme – Opening your Own Store is Never Been Easier


Detailed Review of Shopkeeper WordPress Theme – Opening your Own Store is Never Been Easier

Have you ever wondered how to create an online store with WordPress?

Opening your own store was difficult back in the days. You had to rent space, hire personal, load it with merchandise and hope people will find it on the map.

Now you need only something to sell, a hosting provider and awesome WordPress online store theme to begin with.

The one I will be reviewing here is made specifically for easily opening your own store and start selling online. Let me introduce you to ShopKeeper WordPress Theme.

how to open your own store

Built with the eCommerce functionality in mind, Shopkeeper is a fully responsive Premium WordPress Theme with a pixel perfect design and extensive functionality. You will immediately fall in love with it.

With this amazing product, you will be able to easily create your own online store and start selling your items.

Let me show you how you can start your own online store using ShopKeeper.


Who is this theme for? And is it for you?

If you want to own an online store and sell your goods, but your are not sure how to accomplish this, ShopKeeper is the right theme for you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of products you want to sell, This WordPress theme will present them in the best possible way.

ShopKeeper is great for people who already own physical stores and want to expand their businesses. But it also is amazing WordPress theme for those who don’t know mutch about running their own retail stores, because is really simple to setup and easy to use.


Installing Shopkeeper WordPress Theme

Once you have the files the installation process is pretty seamless. Access your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes > Upload Theme.

how to open your own store 3

Choose the files from your computer and click Install now button. Activate the theme when asked:

how to open your own store 2

ShopKeeper comes with a couple of pre-packaged plugins, that can be easily added. After the installation of the theme, a notice will appear. Begin the installation of the plugins, by clicking on the corresponding button:

how to open your own store 1

  • Envato WordPress Toolkit – WordPress toolkit that will ensure all of your plugins and the theme will be upgraded to the latest version available.
  • WooCommerce – This will help you sell anything on your website. Setup your products, orders and view statistics and what people are buying from you.
  • WooCommerce Header Category Image – Add a Header Image to WooCommerce Product Category.

Two more plugins are also included in the ShopKeeper package: Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. But they have to be uploaded from the folder Premium Plugins located inside the main package:

how to open your own store 17


Opening your own store with ShopKeeper – Main Benefits

Firstly, you can’t remain unimpressed from the looks and the design of the theme. It looks amazing and I am sure your potential buyers will also notice this. Such quality design will definitely help you bring more sales and build trust in your visitors.

ShopKeeper is built with eCommerce functionality in mind, meaning that everything is made to ease your setup process and increase your revenue.

Core features included in this WordPress online store theme:

  • Hassle free eCommerce.
  • Clean design and amazing site layout.
  • Premium Plugins included.
  • Easy to use admin panel.
  • Multiple Header styles.
  • Sharp Retina Graphics.


Getting started with ShopKeeper WordPress Theme

ShopKeeper has very powerful admin panel that will help you setup your web store easily. It can be found in the newly appeared menu: Theme Options.

While general settings don’t give you much of an modifications to make (only to change the favicon), the header menu has a lot of things to consider. From what should be the header layout wishlist, and shopping cart icons; to header background color and transparency:

how to open your own store 7


Shop setup – Start configuring your online store

To enable the shopping functionality in ShopKeeper, you will need to first disable the catalog mode inside Theme Options > Shop > Click Disable:

how to open your own store 4

At first you might think that this pointless: “Why should I want this enabled at the first place?”. However, the catalog option is great if you are selling specific products, and you want your visitors to contact you to discuss the price, delivery date and etc.

After this is disabled, access Products menu inside the WordPress dashboard and add your products one by one. Add the following information to each of the items:

how to open your own store 14

  • Detailed and short description.
  • Product type: virtual or downloadable.
  • How many SKU you have on stock.
  • What is the price: Regular and after discount.
  • Add Up-sell; Cross-sells products to increase your revenue.
  • Enable or disable reviews.

Click preview or directly publish the product, once you added all the information, to see how it will appear on your website:

how to open your own store 13

Once the products are all added, they need to be somehow presented on the website. To achieve this go to WooCommerce tab > Settings > Products > Display and specify the page you want your items to appear:

how to open your own store 6


Creating a Landing page with this WordPress online store theme

Designing a landing page on ShopKeeper can be accomplished with the help of Visual Composer plugin.

Go to Pages > Add new > Backend editor to activate the drag and drop plugin:

how to open your own store 5

Now you have the options to choose an element, or use one of the available pre-built layouts to start building your page. I will go with the Product page layout because it focuses most on the items:

how to open your own store 10

Visual composer comes with a lot of different Products elements that will help you present them in the best possible way:

how to open your own store 11

Add a title and few words inside the text boxes; choose boxed or full-width page and publish your page live. This is how a simple landing page created with Shopkeeper will look:

how to open your own store 12

The thing I like most about this theme, and I am sure that you’ve already noticed it, is the clean layout focused on your products. ShopKeeper theme will put all of your products under the spotlight, which will help you to increase your sales and revenue.


Customizing your Blog posts with ShopKeeper Theme

ShopKeeper is taking blogging to a whole new level, giving your posts an extra boost of confidence.

One of the ways to specify your blog page when using this WordPress online store theme is from Settings > Reading > Set front page displays to “A static page” > Choose the page:

how to open your own store 9

Furthermore, you can load posts from different categories using specific elements from Visual Composer plugin.

Create a new page, activate the drag and drop plugin, add one of these 3 elements: Post Grid; Post Masonry Grid; Posts Slider. Add the desired categories and posts by clicking on the edit button:

how to open your own store 15

And in regards the articles, they have an amazing layout, focused on the content:

how to open your own store 18


What is the price of this WordPress theme?

You can become a proud owner of ShopKeeper, build your own store and start selling your goods in no time for the price of $59. The theme is available for purchase exclusively in ThemeForest.


See sites already using ShopKeeper:


Pros and Cons of Impreza WordPress Theme


  • Pixel perfect design.
  • Pre-built page layouts.
  • Fully integrated WooCommerce.
  • Portfolio functionality.
  • Premium plugins included.


  • Doesn’t have many options available, but they are adding more in the newest versions.


Final Thoughts

Opening your own store no longer have an issue for those who want to sell stuff online.

ShopKeeper theme will transform your WordPress website into a powerful web store, presenting your products the best possible way. And the high quality, pixel perfect design won’t be unnoticed from your visitors.

Currently one of the best WordPress themes for building your own store.

What are your impressions from this WordPress online store theme? Would you use it for your own web store?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row fullwidth=”false” attached=”false” padding=”0″][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_btn title=”Download + Full Demo” style=”flat” color=”peacoc” align=”center” link=”|title:Purchase%20Shopkeeper%20theme|target:%20_blank” button_block=”true”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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