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Newspaper WordPress Theme: Honest Detailed Review [With Screenshots]

Ever wondered how other news sites arrange the daily content they produce? It might sound easy but try to sort thousands of articles with new coming each day. It’s darn hard.

Unless, of course, you use some sort of system to put in order the tremendous amount of content published daily.

That’s exactly what are we going to do in this post. I’m going to present to you the best newspaper theme currently available online: Newspaper WordPress theme.

Newspaper WordPress Theme

Join me today as we’re going to explore all the major features in my detailed theme review:

About Newspaper Theme

Created by a company called tagDiv; Released in 2013; Downloaded more than 78,000 times. Aren’t these some amazing stats.

Newspaper is a bestseller theme for a reason: It simply works. You can put together a great news website in minutes; Arrange flawlessly your online content; Display ads in the right place; Integrate gazillion of things to make your site money making machine.

Let me first present to you the main features of the theme and actually start with this detailed review:

Top Features

These are Newspaper’s theme top features:

  • Modern design;
  • More than 50 unique demos;
  • Premium plugins included;
  • Optimized for speed;
  • Simple to use;

Who Is This Theme For? And Is It For You?

If you’re looking to create a news site, or a magazine-looking online business, you should definitely check this theme out.

Newspaper theme includes all the features you’ll need to have a cool looking website.

Often people think that arranging a ton of posts in a WordPress site is hard and complicated. Well, it’s not. It all comes down to the theme you’re using. Newspaper theme removes all the complications and helps with creating a unique news platform for regular content.

See the theme in action:

How It Works

Let’s dive deep into the settings of this newspaper template

Installing Newspaper Theme

Access your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes > Add new:

Newspaper Detailed Review

Upload the theme file and install the theme.

Next, click activate.

Newspaper Detailed Review 1

The newly loaded page will show you a welcome screen where you can install the necessary plugins:

Newspaper Detailed Review 2

The whole process of these plugins takes less than a minute.

Newspaper Detailed Review 3

A success screen will appear showing that all is done.

Newspaper Detailed Review 4

But there are even more plugins. As I mentioned in the beginning, Newspaper WordPress theme comes with a bunch of premium plugins included. These will help you improve the whole user experience of the site. Click Newspaper menu > Plugins > You’ll see the following plugins:

Newspaper Detailed Review 5

Just click on the install button to add these extras to your plugins portfolio.

Now, let’s install one of the available demos.

Go to Newspaper menu inside your WordPress dashboard > Install Demos > Find the demo you want > Click Install. You can preview it and decide whether or not you want the demo content:

Newspaper Detailed Review 6

A popup screen will appear saying what will happen:

Newspaper Detailed Review 7

But we’re running into a bit of a roadblock after the theme is active and installed. Since the demo I’ve just installed requires the Revolution Slider plugin, I need to add it also. Otherwise, this nasty shortcode on my home page will scare away all of my visitors:

Newspaper Detailed Review 10

And since you can’t easily install it from the Newspaper plugin theme dashboard, you need to install it manually – as suggested in their official page.

So, go to Plugins > Add New > Add the plugin and hit install. You’ll find the zip file inside the plugins folder of the files you’ve downloaded when you bought the theme:

Newspaper Detailed Review 9

Now, one extra step. You need to import the slides. Go to Slider Revolution > Import Slides:

Newspaper Detailed Review 11

Find the slides for the demo you’ve installed from inside the downloaded files when you get the theme (you will find it as a .zip file in Newspaper-tf\demo_sliders folder):

Newspaper Detailed Review 12

You’re all set. Check your front page now:

Newspaper Detailed Review 17

Well, this was kind of complicated. But at least the demo content is loading perfectly now.

Thank me later.

Let’s now see what are the main features of the theme.

Header Settings

There are a lot settings only for the header. When you go to Theme Panel > Header, you’ll see all the different options:

Newspaper Detailed Review 14

Additionally, when you scroll down you’ll see that there is an option to enable a Top Bar which is loaded with options:

Newspaper Detailed Review 14

On top of that, you can also add different logos for the mobile version of your website – that’s optional. Plus, extra stuff about the background:

Newspaper Detailed Review 15

That’s a lot of options and we’re just getting started.

Footer Settings

Similar options are present for the footer of your website:

Newspaper Detailed Review 16

You can choose from 14 different styles and also embed your Instagram photos if you like.

Ads Options

When it comes to do ads, this theme is loaded with options. You can place ads everywhere on your site, which can often cause getting more revenue.

The options are below:

Newspaper Detailed Review 18

As you’ll see below, there are quite a few different extra options for the ads:

Newspaper Detailed Review 19

You can place an ad or a promo banner on every darn pixel of your news site. Don’t go extreme though. People won’t like drawing in advertisement when they open your site.

Template Settings

This tab offers some fantastic options. You can make your site full width; enable breadcrumbs; smart sidebar (sticky bar), and more:

Newspaper Detailed Review 20

Additionally, you can customize all the different parts of your site:

  • 404 Template;
  • Archive template;
  • Attachment template;
  • Author template;
  • Blog and posts template;
  • WooCommerce template;
  • bbPress template;
  • Post formats and archive template;

Block Settings

The block settings is an additional header element. You can choose the design from this section of the site:

newspaper block settings

Also, when you scroll down you’ll find options for your site thumbnails. You can add an image to appear if there is no image or to act like a pre-load image:

Newspaper 9 thumb settings

I’m telling you, this theme is flooded with options.

Newspaper Theme Background

From the Misc section, you can add a background image for your whole site.

Newspaper Detailed Review 21

Depending on your site, this is a really cool feature. If you’re looking for a place to find high-quality images, you can see my post about the best free stock photo sites.

Extra Features

Even though there are a lot of other features, I’m just going to mention these few because they are more important:

Social Media

You can quickly add your social media profiles from the following part of the option panel:

You can also set nofollow or noopener for social links if you want to.

Ad Easily Codes

You can super easily add Google Analytics and/or JavaScript Code inside the header or the footer.

Newspaper Detailed Review 24

Just place the code and save.


This section holds some additional cool options that will allow you to additionally customize your theme and improve the experience for your visitors:

Newspaper Detailed Review 25

You can add buttons inside your homepage, configure borders, add an email, phone, and extra information in the header.

Customizing Your Blog Section With Newspaper Theme

As you probably already guessed it, Newspaper theme is full of options for your blog. After all, this is a magazine theme.

You can find these options under Template Settings > Blog and Posts Template:

Newspaper Detailed Review 26

From here, you can select how your articles will appear and whether or not to have a sidebar.

Additionally, once you go to a specific Post > Edit, below your content you’ll find the following extra panel:

Newspaper Detailed Review 27

This will allow you to set custom layout for this specific post. Add bunch of URL, etc. Also, you can make this post a review post:

Newspaper Detailed Review 28

This is how it will appear on the site:

Newspaper Detailed Review 29

Cool, right?

Creating A Landing Page With Newspaper WordPress Theme

Another way to improve your conversion rate when it comes down to sites it’s creating beautiful landing pages. Fortunately, this theme comes with a free copy of WPBakery plugin. Landing page builder, allowing you to create stunning pages without having to touch a line of code.

Additionally, this theme also fully supports Elementor and all the other page builders available out there.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Price

You can purchase Newspaper WordPress theme for only 59 USD. That’s the price without taxes.

Newspaper 9 WordPress theme review

Really cool price for all the features coming along with the theme.

Also, the fact that’s loved than more than 78,000 customers is surely something you need to take into consideration when making a decision.

Newspaper Pros/Cons


  • Load fast;
  • Literally hundreds of options;
  • Premium plugins for more than 100 USD included;
  • Fast, 24/7 support;
  • Really cool layouts and templates


  • Can’t say that there are really any cons.

Final Thoughts

So, if you ever decide to create your own news site, or magazine site, you should definitely add Newspaper theme in your list of WordPress themes.

I mean, the theme is blooded with options. You can customize it and make it really yours. Of course, the theme also supports Guttenberg 100%.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’ll be happy to reply to your questions.

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