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Detailed Review of the WordPress Theme Enfold – Perfect WordPress Theme for Business Sites


Detailed Review of the WordPress Theme Enfold – Perfect WordPress Theme for Business Sites

Sold more than 60,000 times, Enfold ranks among one of the top themes in Themeforest. It comes with a clean look, sharp elements, and user-friendly environment. The corporate look of this theme will make you put a tie in front of the computer.

WordPress Theme for Business

Yes, it really looks quite elegant and stylish. But, just like every other WordPress theme out there, it also has a couple of thigs that need your consideration, before you purchase and install on your site.

In this detail review I will go through all the main features Enfold has to offer and point out the ones that will stop you from purchasing it.

So lets see what made Enfold WordPress theme to be downloaded more then 60,000 times.


Who is this theme for? And is it for you?

Enfold is one of these themes, you will want to use for your own firm. If you have a business, or you are creating a website for local a company, you should definitely take Enfold into consideration.

This skin will present your project in the best possible way. Think of it like 5-star restaurant or online boutique.

If you idea will be something similar to that, Enfold WordPress theme is the one for your website.


Installing WordPress Theme Enfold

Simply uploading the theme files from inside your WordPress backend will do the work here. In addition, Enfold comes with Layer Slider, and also, you will be prompt to add the BBpress forum software. This can come in handy if you are planning to add a forum section to your website, which by the way is a great way to engage people in a conversation.

enfold wordpres theme review

But if a forum is not something on your mind, simply disregard this message and access the general settings of Enfold WordPress theme.


Full feature list that helped Enfold to be purchased more than 60,000 times

To be absolutely honest, Enfold WordPress theme doesn’t come with something really fresh to the table. Besides the clean looks, all the other options are present in pretty much all themes in this price range. But still the skin comes with its own flavor.

There are other options available in the general settings of the theme, but let see the main reasons for purchasing Enfold:

  • Easy setup with predefined content.
  • 12 available demos.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Retina ready.
  • Documentation and detailed video tutorial available.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Translation ready.
  • Shortcode editor.
  • PSD files available.


Getting started with the Enfold WordPress Theme

Once you are set installing the theme, you will then see the two ways that you can access the Enfold configuration: the left sidebar and on the top header:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 13

Clicking them will of course redirect to the configuration page. and you can start working on the website. The layout itself looks kind of outdated, but don’t be fooled from the looks, it really is designed for a great user experience.

Starting with the theme options, here you will find some of the basics:

  • Frontpage settings: Will help you select the preferred page/post that will be displayed on the main page.
  • Logo and favicon: Here you can easily add the site logo and favicon. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to add retina logo, neither mobile one.
  • Page preloading: Use it if you want to add loading screen on pages. However, I don’t think this should be enabled, it will only lower the site speed.
  • Websafe fonts fallback for Windows: If you want to force websafe fonts instead of custom fonts for those browsers (IE, Firefox and Opera)activate the setting here.
  • Automated Schema.org HTML Markup: Enfolds adds generic HTML schema markup to your template builder elements to provide additional context for search engines. Still if you want to add your own specific markup via plugins or custom HTML code, you can deactivate this setting.
  • Lightbox Modal Window: If enable, pictures inside post/pages will appear in a lightbox popup. You better use this option, because the alternative is to load the image in a new window in your browser.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code: Field to add your Google tracking code.

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 1


Awesome preview options inside the configuration page

Enfold provides great preview options for a couple of the configurations. For example, if you access the General Layout section, you can see the changes made on the page itself. This way you can easily find the best design for your own project:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 6


Additionally, you can also build the header section the way you want. Add social icons and second level menus, while seeing how the website will change after each and every option added. This time, you won’t need to refresh every time you make a certain change, the way it looks will be shown in the menu.

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 2


Customize elements like Pro developer

If you ever wanted to change some of the elements inside your website, but you don’t any experience with HTML or CSS editing, this section is designed for you. Select which of the elements you want to tweak from the dropdown, make the desired changes.

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 7

There are not so many available elements to change, but Kriesi the theme developer promises that he will add more in the next updates and versions.


Importing demo content

Enfold provides one click import demo solution, which will also add some of the demo images (in several cases all of the demo images). But this easy setup comes with a certain price, you cannot choose what to add. Basically, it will import all the stored information, this means demo image, content, and settings.

Not that you can can’t remove them afterward, but I think that this is something very basic and it should be present here:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 3

Creating a Landing page on Enfold WordPress Theme

When it comes down to setting an engaging landing page, Enfold comes with its own page builder called – Avia layout builder. Personally, I prefer using the Visual Composer, but this is also a powerful one.

In order to build a custom page with Avia builder, you will only need to activate it by pressing the button inside the page/post:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 8

Doing so, a menu will appear with the following options: Layout element; Content Elements; Media Elements.

Using the first section of the newly appeared menu, you will set the grid of your new page. For example, you can star with 1/4 box and complete the rest of the row with 3/4:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 14

Once the design is complete, you can start filling all the boxes with the needed content using the Content Elements section of the menu. Pick a box from the available ones, and drag and drop it into the box. After its in place, you can edit the content by clicking on the little edit button.

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 11

We can tell by the name that, Media Elements section contains all kind of media boxes. Choose the one you want and add it inside your custom page:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 9


Customizing Blog section on Enfold WordPress Theme

We saw how to configure landing page using Enfold, let me now show you how you can setup the blog section of the site when using Enfold. Well, actually is similar to the above one.

Avia layout builder provides us with 4 different blog styles. In order to use them, find the blog post element from the content elements section and drop it inside a box of your choice. Clicking on edit button will lead you to the available styling options, choose the one you want from the drop down:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 12

There is also one big advantage that comes with Enfold when you are designing your blog – you don’t have to worry about adding social media plugins. The built in buttons look great, and also you can choose which social networks to display:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold 10

And here is how they look on your live site:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Enfold15


What is the price of this WordPress theme?

Enfold will be yours for the price of 59$, which is understandable amount for a theme providing the desribed above functionalities. You can purchase this WordPress Business Theme visiting ThemeForest.


See live examples of Enfold Theme:


Pros and Cons of WordPress theme Enfold


  • Great layouts for business websites.
  • User friendly admin area.
  • Importing demo content with PSD’s.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Support available.
  • Custom drag and drop editor.
  • Layer Slider plugin.
  • Bpress forum press plugin.
  • Documentation and video tutorials available.
  • SEO optimized.


  • No option to don’t import the dummy content or images.
  • No option for retina logo or a mobile one.
  • Admin area looks a outdated.


Final Thoughts

With the assistance of Avia Layout builder, you won’t need extraordinary skills to create your own project.

Enfold have all essential elements for creating beautiful site with all the necessary pages and buttons.

The flat and clean design are the main benefits of this WordPress theme. If I were to build a site for a local company, I will definitely take Enfold into consideration.

What are you thoughts about this theme? 

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