Detailed Review of WordPress Theme MoneyFlow – Monetize your WordPress Blog with Professional Theme

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to earn more from your blog?

Of course, this is why you’ve started in a first place, right?

Often people start a WordPress website with no clear idea of what are they going to do in order to start earning money. Which is kind of understandable, don’t you think?

In the beginning, you are not quite sure what will get you results. But on a later stage, once the site develops, you can always create a product that is well thought out and tailored for your specific audience.

When your product is ready and you want to present it to the whole world (or to your audience) how are you going to achieve that? Exactly with this, I am going to help you in this detailed review.

Let me present: MoneyFlow WordPress theme:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review

MoneyFlow is professional looking WordPress theme that will add the missing piece of elegance to your website. Additionally, you will get all the necessary features to monetarize your WordPress blog.

In this detailed review I will show the main benefits of the theme and explain how you can customize it:

Who Is This Theme For? And Is It For You?

This is an awesome theme for people publishing a lot of content. MoneyFlow will present your articles in front of your audience in the best possible way. On top of the awesome looks, this WordPress theme will allow you to place your ads in different locations of your site.

If you are running a magazine or you have a blog with a lot of content, installing MoneyFlow WordPress theme you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

Installing MoneyFlow WordPress Theme

The installation process starts by downloading the theme from MyThemeShop. Once you have your own copy of MoneyFlow, head to Appearance > Themes > Add New:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 4

Click on upload theme, to load the files containing the theme. Press Instal Now to complete the process:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 1

After the successful installation, click on activate:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 3


Installing MoneyFlow Plugins

Right after you activate MoneyFlow on your own website, you will notice a couple of messages. Don’t rush to close all the tabs before reading what the actual message says. The top section will prompt you to install the recommended plugins coming along with MoneyFlow. Click on begin installing plugins to see all of them:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 2

Like you can see, there are a couple of plugins here. Although you may want to remove some of them later, I will suggest to install them for now and disable the ones you are not planning to use later:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 9

Let me give you some additional info about the plugins:

  • WP Review: One of the best plugins to rate and review products and services (I previously used it on my site). Easily add beautiful review boxes in your posts without compromising on speed.
  • WP Shortcode: This plugin will complete your WordPress site by allowing you to add buttons, boxes, highlights and more.
  • WP subscribe: MoneyFlow comes with one additional advantage. The premium plugin for capturing emails is included for free when you install the theme. This is an amazing plugin for placing opt-in boxes that will help you increase your email lists.
  • WP Tab Widget: Including your articles inside the widget section of your blog is a great way to increase your page views and SEO score for these pages. WP Tab Widget will add amazing looking box inside the sidebar allowing you to choose which articles to present there.

Getting Started with MoneyFlow WordPress Theme

The theme is active all the plugins are in place, let’s now see what additional features we get when we purchase MoneyFlow WordPress Theme.

Head to the Appearance > Theme Options:

Immediately the general settings tab will load allowing you make these changes:

  • Add Logo; Favicon;
  • Insert your twitter username; FeedBurner URL;
  • Enter Header/Footer code;
  • Choose the pagination type;
  • Enable or Disable: AJAX quick search: Responsiveness; Prefetching; Social Icons in the header;
MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 5

Customize Colors to Fit Your Design

Inside styling options, you can adjust all the colors of MoneyFlow WordPress theme.

  • Set what should be the primary and secondary color schemes by using the corresponding buttons.
  • Choose what should be the default sidebar position for your site.
  • Keep in mind that you can change this for individual posts. Set a body background color or add an image for that purpose.
MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 6

Control Your Income with Ad Management

I the beginning of the review I mentioned that this WordPress theme can help you increase your income, let me show you how this can be achieved.

The section ad management allows you to place your Ad sense or other affiliate codes that will increase your income. Additionally, you can place banners or links that will direct people to your product page:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 16

Create Amazing Home Page in Minutes

The homepage is an essential element of your website and building it often takes a lot of time. Using MoneyFlow Homepage section you can set-up yours is one minute.

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage > Add slider. The section will expand allowing you to add Title, Image, Description, Button Text, Button Url. You can add as many slides as you want:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 20

Once you save it go to the homepage to see the results. Amazing, right?

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 18

Customizing Blog Section on WordPress Theme MoneyFlow

Loading your posts inside the website can be done in a couple of different ways. In this detailed review of WordPress theme MoneyFlow, I will show you the best possible one.

Firstly, you will have to create a new page from Pages > Add New. Add a title without any text. Choose Blog Page from the templates section on the right side:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 15

Save the page and add it inside your main menu:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 14

Now access again the Theme Panel and navigate to the Blog page section. Here you can set header image, text, what category the page should load and etc.:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 7

Finally, you will have something similar to this:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 17

Additionally, you can enable the social buttons that can help you get more shares. Go to the Theme Panel > Social Buttons:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 8

Choose where you want to add buttons: before, after your content or you want to make them floating. Organize the social channels and click save. Now you have nice looking social buttons inside your articles, that can further help you reach wider audience:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 10

Creating a Landing Page Using WordPress Theme MoneyFlow

When building a landing page with MoneyFlow things get little complicated.

For creating your custom page you are going to use the WP Shortcode plugin. Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t provide a simple live editor, like the one we can see inside Visual Composer WordPress plugin.

Add a new page, remove the sidebar and choose default template:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 13

Now, if you want to add buttons, boxes, fill half of the page with text only and the other half with an image click on the Plus icon from the Toolbar:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 12

It takes a bit more time to design the page and to adjust everything using the shortcodes but still you can achieve great results:

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Review 11

What Is The Price Of This WordPress Theme?

The regular price of this WordPress theme is $45 dollars, but currently is on promotion and you can purchase it at a discounted rate: $35.

Purchase MoneyFlow using the special price: Get your discount.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Theme MoneyFlow


  • Clean Design.
  • Focus on content.
  • Ad management.
  • Social Buttons.
  • WP Subscribe Pro.
  • Fast loading speed.


  • Social buttons can be assigned only to one position.
  • It’s very difficult and time-consuming to building a landing page with the shortcodes.

Final Thoughts

Managing your posts and pages often can become confusing, especially if you have a lot of the both.

MoneyFlow will help you better present the content you work so hard to create and place the ads in the right position.

This WordPress theme has awesome design and it’s fully responsive. The developers also made it ready for google making it even easier to reach a wider audience and increase your revenue.

Have you heard about this WordPress theme before? Share you experience with us in the comments:

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