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Detailed Review Of The WordPress Theme Bridge – Creative, Unique, Efficient

Detailed Review of the WordPress Theme Bridge – Creative, Unique, Efficient

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Bridge – Creative, Unique, Efficient

If you turn back time and take the bridge back to 2014, you will see that the theme I am about to review was the best selling one back then. And to be absolutely honest, this is well deserved. The guys from QODE made something truly fascinating.

After the big lunch in ThemeForest, this Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme was awarded for the best selling one in 2014. Currently is 2015, and Bridge is still a theme worth considering when starting you own website.

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge

Starting with the 100 unique demos, 24 layouts, free visual composer included, the responsive layout, basically this theme has everything you will ever need to create a truly unique website.

In this detailed review of the WordPress theme Bridge, I will go through the main options and settings it has to offer. But first let see if this theme is right for you:


Who is this theme for?

The subheading of the theme says it all – Multi-Purpose. Basically, you can create any type of website using Bridge: from portfolio sites to eCommerce ones. The only limitation can be your imagination. It can be used from company websites, also, it’s a great theme for designers. The portfolio options are magnificent and will impress your clients.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Bridge to people just starting, why? Because it comes with way too many options and will only confuse someone who is creating his first website, and don’t have a clue what he is doing. Let’s take a look at the installation process:


Installing WordPress Theme Bridge

The process is quite simple, you need to access the administrative dashboard of your WordPress site, click on the Appearance section and upload the theme files. Once you’ve successfully installed the .zip containing Bridge, it will also let you add 3 Pre-Packaged plugins: LayerSlider WP, WPBakery Visual Composer, WordPress Toolkit.

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 3

Add them to use the full functionalities of Bridge theme.


Getting started with the WordPress theme Bridge

There is a lot to talk about here. Bridge comes with 19 configurations tabs, you will be able to see all of them when you click on the Qode options, on the right side of your WordPress dashboard. It’s a bit stressing to see all these available options, but once you understand how they work, changing different things on the site won’t be an issue.


General settings

Starting from the top, the first tab inside the Qode options section is named general. Here we will see settings affecting the whole site.

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 2

Let see the most important ones:

  • Font family. You can set a default font for your site using this option. This is a good option if you want your site to use only one font, if not, the settings along the way will allow you to change different parts of your content.
  • First, Second, Third, Fourth, Content, Box, Text Colors. Obviously, here you can modify the colors in different sections of the site. You just need to do the right combination of them.
  • Enable Overlapping content.  This option will make content overlap title area or slider for set amount of pixels. Also, you can change the pixel amount.
  • Boxed layout and Passepartout. At first, I didn’t understand the difference, between them, but once you play around with it, you will also notice it. The boxed layout option is really obvious, it will put your whole site inside a box, you can also add specific images for the background. The Passepartout option is for the website content. It will add space between the posts and pages. Probably not something you would use, but it’s something we don’t see quite often.
  • Page Transition. You can add effects when you are going through different articles and pages. I would say that this will only load the site and lower the speed. Not something that I would recommend using.

After Responsiveness and changing the Favicon of the site, inside the General section, you will find in-house SEO option. This is a great alternative to SEO by Yoast plugin.


Logo, Header, Footer, Title, Fonts and etc.

There is no need to go through these sections. The settings for all of the Bridge options are very specific and give you a lot of flexibility. I would say that a lot of them aren’t needed, simply because it will take your mind of the important part of building a site: adding content.


Easily create 404, Contact and Maintenance page

The developers from Qode really wanted to ease our task when it comes down to creating custom 404 page, contact us page and maintenance page.

Setting a custom 404 page is never been easier with the WordPress theme Bridge. Just fill out the fields, save the form and you are good to go.

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 4

This also applies to the other two pages. Everything needed to build them is listed inside the corresponded sections.


Importing Demo Content

Like I already mentioned, Bridge comes with 100 pre-installed unique demos. If you want to take advantage of those already made layouts, you simply need to choose the one you like and add it to your site.

The whole procedure is quite simple, just choose the demo site you want to install, select the import type: whether you will add the content, widgets, options or everything for the selected layout, once you specify and click install it will take a few minutes to finish. The Qode imported also allows you to import media attachments, which is a great feature to have.

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 5


Additional features included in Bridge theme

Yes, there is more. Bridge comes with not one, but two different premium slider plugins: LayerSlider WP and Qode Slider. I am not sure why they added two different sliders, but you can easily remove the LayerSlider WP from your plugins section.

After testing them both, I personally prefer the one made by the developers of the theme – the Qode Slider. The options are much easier to get used to, I also think it’s loading quicker.

Qode Carousel: Something that can be used for products or portfolio section. Using the Carousel, you can add one main image and one appearing when hovering over it, finishing with a link to redirect the visitor.

Visual composer: Plugin that will make the theme even more functional. Nothing is impossible when you are using this extension.



Creating a Landing page using WordPress theme Bridge

Ok, we’ve gone through the available features and the included plugins inside this detailed review of the WordPress theme Bridge, but let see is it easy to create a landing page with all these available functionalities.

Building custom pages or posts inside Bridge can be achieved in two ways, either using the Visual composer or the Qode shortcodes. They both have application and can serve you differently when creating the website.

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 8

From the experience I had with this theme I would advise you to use the composer for contact pages, landing ones, or such that describe your services and don’t have a lot of text. And in regards the Qode shortcodes, you can add them inside your posts, exactly where you needed them.

When using the Visual composer to create a page, simply click on the Backend editor button (when you click it it will say Classic editor) and you are ready to add different elements. Here I will add a couple of things:Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 10

  • Full sized image
  • Text section
  • Call to action
  • Cover boxes with different options
  • Social sharing icons
  • Empty spaces between the different elements.

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 110

The great thing about the composer is easy to navigate layout. Once you used to the settings it has to offer you will be able to create wonderful pages in minutes. It’s definitely a plus for this theme.


Customizing Blog section on WordPress Theme Bridge

We know how important it is to create articles, and with Bridge on page settings, you can easily make some cosmetic changes to the stuff you write. If you take a look at the screenshot below, you will notice how many things you can modify:

Creative, Unique, Simple, Efficient wordpress theme bridge 9

A couple of things I didn’t like when I was setting the blog section:

  • The available layouts are very basic.
  • You cannot assign specific sidebar, you will need to modify the one chosen for this kind of section.
  • Considering the fact that after each post/page you have countless options, if you selected the whole site to use full layout, you can’t change it to boxed for the specific post.


What is the price of this WordPress theme?

Bridge regular license comes for the price of 58 dollars, which is pretty good cost considering the available functions and the free plugins included. You can purchase it from ThemeForst.


See live examples of Bridge WordPress Theme


Pros and Cons of WordPress theme Bridge


  • 100 unique demos
  • 24 layout concepts
  • Visual composer included
  • Layerslider plugin included
  • Flexible with a lot of options
  • SEO optimization build in


  • Too many options, but still basic settings are missing.
  • If you are beginner it will take quite some time to find out exactly how to modify it.


Final Thoughts

For a best selling theme in 2014, there are several things that could be made better, but still with the new releases, the designers of Bridge are smoothing every angle and are providing even better user experience.

Looking at the overall performance, Bridge is very stable, fast, providing a lot of different options and unique designs. It really is a theme that can be used for pretty much all kinds of websites.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at the demo provided inside Themeforest, and see for yourself:

What do you think? Is this the theme for you?

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