Detailed Review of Divi WordPress Theme

Detailed Review of Divi WordPress Theme – Killer WordPress Theme Without Limitations


Detailed Review of Divi WordPress Theme – Killer WordPress Theme Without Limitations

I am sure you already know that WordPress is the most popular CMS system for creating a website these days. More than 20% of all sites around the globe run on WordPress, which is a huge number. And in order, each of these sites to have their own amazing look, it needs a WordPress theme.

Since there are thousands of WordPress themes available, choosing the right one can be a really daunting task.
A WordPress theme changes a lot more than just the looks of the site, it will also add additional functions to it, making it even more important.

So how can you choose the right theme for your WordPress site?

Well, besides asking friends for advice and reading detailed reviews, there is another way that will ease your decision. Simply choosing the ultimate one: Divi WordPress Theme.

divi theme review

Ever since Divi was released in December 2013, it rapidly became the main theme for thousands of WordPress sites.

Designed by elegant themes, Divi WordPress Theme is more than just a theme, it’s a framework that will transform your site and give you everything you’ve ever wanted to create a killer website.

In this detailed review, I am going to show you the main features of Divi Theme and walk you through the configuration process.

Ok, let’s start with:

Who is this theme for? And is it for you?

There aren’t any restrictions or limitations for Divi Theme. The flexible layout and the powerful admin panel will allow you to easily create any kind of website.

It’s commonly used for designing agencies sites, restaurant sites, personal blogs, photography sites and even for eCommerce websites. Yes, you can even sell you products using Divi WordPress Theme.


Installing Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

The installation process starts by accessing your WordPress admin section, going to the Appearance > Themes > Add New:

Divi WordPress Theme

Click on Upload theme button on the top to proceed:

Divi WordPress Theme 1

Choose the .zip file from your local computer and click Install now to complete the process.

Divi WordPress Theme 2

Click Activate when the installation of Divi finishes:

Divi WordPress Theme 3


What is Making Divi a Killer WordPress Theme?

The main thing that is distinguishing this theme from other WordPress Themes is the look and the slick design.

Immediately after activating the theme on your site, you will notice the difference. You get much cleaner, sharper and beautiful looking site.

But this is just the beginning. Divi WordPress Theme comes with a lot of powerful options. Here are some of them:

  • The Divi Builder – The Divi Builder is extremely easy to use drag and drop builder which will allow you to create awesome pages for your WordPress site.
  • Pre-Made Layouts – 20 + Pre-made layouts that will help you launch your site even faster. Completely customizable layouts that can be used for laying the foundations of your site.
  • Create Your Own Layouts – You build your own layout and you want to use it for a different page? This is fully possible with the Divi Theme. Easily save whole pages to be used in future pages.
  • 40+ Content Modules – You have on your disposal 40+ modules that will help you create everything you’ve ever wanted. Full-Width pages, sign-up forms, sliders.
  • Header Options – The default header is not a good fit for your project? Don’t worry, you can choose from 5 different header options.
  • NEW – Divi Split Testing – The newest version of Divi. 2.7 comes with something truly amazing. You can now increase your conversion drastically using the Divi split testing and conversation optimization feature. Split test any block to find which one it’s preferred from your audience.
  • Powerful Stats – Find which section of your split test is performing best and use it to skyrocket your online business.

These are only the essentials. Divi WordPress theme has a lot more to bring to the table.


Getting Started with Divi WordPress Theme

After the successful installation of Divi Theme by Elegant themes, you will see a new menu item appearing in your WordPress admin section called, Divi. The settings inside this section will allow you to make some major changes and configurations to the theme.

Firstly, we can take a look under Theme Options. This section is separated into several sub-sections, starting with:

  • General – Add your logo, favicon, enable the fixed navigation bar, add you Aweber or MailChimp API keys and etc.

Divi WordPress Theme 23

  • Navigation – Exclude certain pages or categories from your navigation bar.
  • Layout – Decide if you want to enable comments on pages and what would you like to show in your postinfo section.

Divi WordPress Theme 7

  • Ads – You can easily place ads around your whole site using this section here. Enable the function and place your Adsense (or other) code:

Divi WordPress Theme 4

  • SEO – Enable the Divi Seo feature, and save yourself the installation of another SEO plugin, like Seo by Yoast.

Divi WordPress Theme 5

  • Integration – Add head, body or other tags to your Divi theme.


How to Enable the Boxed Layout in Divi WordPress Theme

If you like to wrap your site into a boxed layout, click on the Divi icon inside your WordPress admin section > Theme Customizer:

Divi WordPress Theme 6

The newly appeared screen will unlock additional settings. Click on General settings on the top > Layout settings > Check enable boxed layout. You can live preview the changes and even adjust the content width:

Divi WordPress Theme 25


Find the Right Header Format for Your Site

Like I previously mentioned, you can choose from 5 different header formats. To see all of them and pick the right one, click on the theme customizer again, but this time, click on the Header & Navigation > Header Format.

From the drop-down choose the preferred position of the header. You can also enable the vertical navigation, that will stick the menu to one of the sides:

Divi WordPress Theme 8

Additionally, you can add secondary menu, where you can add your phone, email, and social icons:

Divi WordPress Theme 27


Make your Website Look Even Better on Mobile Devices

Another really cool feature available inside the Divi Customizer is the mobile styles section. You can change the menu color, size of the text and column like a pro developer:

Divi WordPress Theme 26

Creating a Landing Page with Divi WordPress Theme

Designing pages with Divi Theme is a really fun and easy process. Go to Pages > Add new > Activate the Divi Builder by pressing the big purple button:

Divi WordPress Theme 22

Once this is done, the Divi builder layout will appear allowing you to add Standart, Fullwidth or Special section:

Divi WordPress Theme 9


Each of the section has a specific purpose (Modules included):

  • Fullwidth Section – Is great for the beginning of the page. You can add fullwidth slider or header section to grab the attention of your visitors right from the start:

Divi WordPress Theme 11

  • Standard Section – Allows you to separate the page into sections and place different modules inside. Choose how many sections you want to row to have:

Divi WordPress Theme 12

Insert modules by clicking on the corresponding box:

Divi WordPress Theme 13

Choose the module you want to add:

Divi WordPress Theme 14

Copy modules to build the page faster:

Divi WordPress Theme 15

  • Special Section – The special section will boost your designing skills even more. You can advance split sections to add both modules and additional sections:

Divi WordPress Theme 16

Insert additional columns and add modules at the same time:

Divi WordPress Theme 17

The page you will see below is created in less than 5 minutes. As you can see, the result is awesome:

Divi WordPress Theme 24


But that is not all.

Divi WordPress Theme comes with pre-made layouts of pages you can use for your own site. Simply click on the Load from library button:

Divi WordPress Theme 18

Choose layout and click load:

Divi WordPress Theme 19

This will immediately load a whole page and save you tons of time.


Customizing your Blog section with Divi WordPress Theme

Configuring your blog section with Divi Theme is also as easy as creating landing pages.

One of the ways to show your blog feed inside a specific page is by loading a blog layout like I just showed for creating a landing page. Click on Load From Library and select one of the blog layouts:

Divi WordPress Theme 20

These are the modules that will appear:

Divi WordPress Theme 21

And this is how your blog page will look like:

Divi WordPress Theme 30

Of course, you can make changes using the Divi Builder by Elegant Themes.


Make Additional Changes to Your Blog Feed

The Divi Theme Customization page allows you to make some extra changes to your blog posts. Access the customize section by going to Appearance > Customize (or Divi > Theme Customizer) and navigate to Blog > Post.


Here you will see a couple of options available that can make your blog posts look even better. Change your meta and header font, size, spacing:

Divi WordPress Theme 29


What is the Price of WordPress Theme Divi

You can download Divi WordPress Theme by becoming an Elegant Themes member. The Personal package cost 69$ per year and includes all Themes provided by Elegant Themes.

I will personally advise you to go at least with the Developers package (89$ per year) because you will also have access to the awesome plugins developed by Elegant Themes: Monarch Social Sharing Plugin and Bloom Converting Visitors Into Followers.

Lifetime access package is a one time fee that will allow you access to all of the themes, plugins, and future products. The price for this package is 249$.

Get Divi WordPress Theme


Pros and cons of Divi WordPress Theme


  • Super flexible page builder.
  • Stylish looks.
  • Pre-made layouts.
  • 40+ Modules
  • Building Blocks
  • Easy to customize


  • You can’t make only one page to be in a boxed layout. If you want to go with a boxed layout, all of your pages should be using it.
  • A bit complexed for beginners.


Final Thoughts

Elegant Themes Divi Theme is one of the best and most used WordPress themes on the market.

Creating beautiful pages that convert is never been so easy. Divi Page builder will give you all the necessary tools to create slick pages that people will fall in love with.

If you are looking for a fresh, cool look for your site, trust me, you can’t go wrong purchasing Divi WordPress Theme.

Have you heard of Divi Theme? How do you like the Divi Builder?

(This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, see my affiliate disclaimer page.)

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