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Detailed Review of WordPress Theme Trend – Create your Own Online Store


Detailed Review of WordPress Theme Trend – Create your Own Online Store

More and more people trust and buy products using online stores these days, and that number will increase even more over time. If you have a products you want to sell and you want to benefit from that growing trend, setting up a shopping cart website, and start shipping your own goods, it’s much better, easier and even more cost efficient than creating a physical store.

Powered by modeltheme, Trend is newly developed WordPress theme (released: 17 June 2015) that will help you create your own online store from scratch. Yes, it might be new but its building an audience of followers already.
Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Trend

Don’t be afraid building an eCommerce website is never been easier, let’s see how this can be achieved with the WordPress theme Trend. Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Trend – Create your own online store.


Who is this theme for?

Generally from people who want to sell their own products to as much as more clients possible, earning higher profit and attracting more customers. No matter whether you are building a site for the tenth time, or it will be the first you will create – the fully integrated WooCommerce will grant you with everything needed to build one fully working online store.


Installing the WordPress Theme Trend

There is nothing unusual when installing Trend Theme, you go to Appearance > Themes and Upload new, but when you activate it, you will notice something. Most of the themes are coming with a couple of plugins to add, but this one is a bit different – 10 required plugins to add.

building an eCommerce website 14

You can ignore two or three from the list above, but in general you will need almost all, in order the theme to function properly. If you are on a shared hosting, you will probably have trouble with all these plugins added, and new products coming after that.

Moving on to the Demo importer function. WordPress theme Trend allows you to choose from 6 different demos, which are really well categorized. Including general categories like: Fashion; Flowers; Foods; Furniture; Music; Wines and more to come. All of these can be found when you click on the Trend Theme panel inside you WordPress dashboard and from the available options choose Demo Importer:

building an eCommerce website 4



Why choose Trend? – Main features

Designing good looking online store won’t cost you cheap, but Trend comes with a fairly good price (more about that later) and distinctive layout. Let me tell you what are the main benefits coming along with this theme:

  • Visual Composer plugin
  • Slider Revolution plugin
  • Video and parallax backgrounds for visual composer
  • Mega Main menu
  • Powerful admin area
  • One click demo importer
  • 30+ custom shortcodes
  •  24/7 Support
  • WPML compatible.
  • Included PSD’s
  • Optimized for high speed
  • Multiple Colors & Skins Throughout
  • SEO friendly


Getting started with the WordPress theme Trend

Like I already mentioned, once activated you can install the recommended plugins and import one of the available demo contents, after that you are ready to rock.

Let see what hides behind the Trend theme panel, starting with the General settings tab. Well to be honest, not much. I expect the new version to bring more functions in admin menu. Currently you can set your breadcrumbs and paste your CSS code:

building an eCommerce website 8

Better looking header

Setup and position your menu section the way you want, with these Header options:

building an eCommerce website 5

But let’s not leave the footer section unnoticed. Trend gives you one very powerful option: to add picture. And the one you are getting by default (an image of credit cards) will inspire confidence in your future customers.

building an eCommerce website 9

We all want to purchase things from sites that are legitimate. Adding more information about yourself and your business, being as transparent as possible will additionally increase the trust in your visitors.


Blog settings/ Shop settings

Both of them will need your special review before the site is live for visitors. Trend comes with a lot of options included for the blog section of your website.

  • Layout of the blog page
  • Desired sidebar
  • How to display posts
  • Grid columns
  • Sticky posts
  • In post layout
  • Related posts.
  • Post navigation.
  • About author.

The shop settings actually comes with quite similar configurations. After you activate the WooCommerce plugin, you can go through the setup wizard that will help you configure the basic settings like: Shipping, Location and etc.:

building an eCommerce website 13

The settings inside the admin panel are specifically for the on page layout. For example: you to set a custom sidebar on your store section, change products layout, add related products section and etc:

building an eCommerce website 10

Fully integrated MailChimp account

WordPress theme Trend gives you the option to integrate your MailChimp API key so you can build your mailing list faster. The configuration is really straightforward, you just add the Mailchimp apiKey, list-id, Mailchimp form datacenter, all that can be found inside your MailChimp account.

building an eCommerce website 7


Creating a Landing page using WordPress Theme Trend

Since this theme is powered by the Visual composer plugin, creating a highly converting landing page won’t be an issue.

By clicking on the Backend editor, inside the new page you want to create, new custom options will appear. They will allow you to modify the whole layout the way you want.

building an eCommerce website 11

Add as many elements ass necessary, and insert inside them the functions you want. To make it even more flexible, with Visual composer you will be able to create boxes with custom sizes.

building an eCommerce website 12

As you will notice on your end, if your planning to create your own online store using Trend, the plugin will take care of the main things when you will want to build landing page. However, there are a couple of useful options provided by the theme itself.

Right after the content editor there are a couple of useful options:

  • You can hide the page title if needed.
  • Choose a custom slider or sidebar for this specific page
  • Hide comments and breadcrumbs.
  • Show custom image instead of the featured one.
  • Add custom content.

building an eCommerce website


Customizing Blog section on WordPress theme Trend

When it comes down to configuring the blog area, you have two different options:

  1. Using the Blog settings section inside the Trend theme panel (already explained above)
  2. Using “Post Grid”, “Post Masonry Grid” or “Trend – blog posts” elements from the Visual composer editor.

After you select them from the Add elements button, you can easily configure them to show the categories and numbers of posts you want.

building an eCommerce website 6

What is the price of this WordPress theme?

Regular License of Trend theme is 59$, which is a pretty standard price for this kind of product. The four premium plugins that are included in the package are worth 77$.

And if you do the math, it will turn out that you’ve gain 18 $ (77$ – 59$) for purchasing the theme. Well you can think of it that way, but the plugins provided are included in pretty much every theme in this price range. So don’t get too excited :)

Pros and Cons of WordPress Theme Trend


  • 6+ available demos.
  • Customisable header section.
  • Full WooCommerce integration.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • 4 Premium Plugins included
  • Great theme design


  • You need to install 10 recommended plugins that will slow your site
  • The theme is relatively new and there might be bugs that are not fixed yet


Final Thoughts

The number of WordPress themes is increasing everyday, which also increases the competition between them. And to be absolutely honest, if we are looking in general terms, there are themes better from this one in a lot of ways, but if you are looking to build an ecommerce website you may be looking at the right one.

Trend is perfect for creating a shopping cart website. It has everything you need to setup the products and start selling them to your audience. So if you are considering starting your own online store, use the links below to see the full demo and purchase it:

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