Detailed Review of the WordPress Theme Jupiter – Building a Website Without Limitations

Update: I recently wrote a case study about using Jupiter theme. You can check it, here.

Jupiter is a clean, flexible, fully responsive, multi-purpose and retina ready premium WordPress theme. It’s smart and handcrafted environment, makes building your own website easy and fast.

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Jupiter

Thousands of website builders trusted Jupiter for their projects, to be more specific more than 20,000 and growing, and this is not surprising. The theme gives the owner literally limitless possibility.

Who Is This Theme For?

Well, this is a tough question. After playing around with the theme, and the available options, I must say that here the main focus is towards creative people. Such people, who are building their own businesses, whether this will be a fashion line, marketing agency or homemade bakery, Jupiter got it covered. It has 25+ amazing templates in 6 different categories. I bet you’ll find one, for your own website.

Installing the WordPress Theme Jupiter

The installation package includes several things: main Jupiter zip file the Jupiter child zip, documentation files and a couple of plugins coming along with the theme: the normal things. The real surprise comes when you install it on your WordPress application.

You will immediately feel a warm welcome from Artbees team. Right after you activate theme Jupiter, this screen will show into your browser:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Jupiter 1

Make sure you register Jupiter for expert support and upcoming updates.

For now, we will skip step 2, and jump straight to step 3. Few themes offer so many detailed video tutorials, but Jupiter is one of them. Making your own website and taking advantage of the full functionality of this WordPress theme is never been easier. The provided knowledge base is more than enough to cover all available options, the theme has to offer. 99% of the question in regards Jupiter are covered here:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Jupiter 2

Create Unique Website Using One Of The 25+ Amazing Templates

A moment ago I intentionally skipped 2-nd step of the welcome screen, but now will come back to it. Like I previously mentioned, Jupiter gives business owners the tools to build unique online brands using the available templates. They are sorted into 6 different categories: Business, Creative, Education, Food, Health, Shop – and will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes:

WordPress Theme Jupiter

Once activated Jupiter looks nothing like the theme you will see on the live preview, but this can be changed when using one of the 25+ templates. Each of them comes with a unique setup, menu, landing page and etc.

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Jupiter 3

Full List of The Features Available Jupiter

If you are considering purchasing and building a website using Jupiter you have a lot of things that will help you along the way. Here are the main features included in the theme:

  • Innovative header style customizer
  • Lightweight admin panel
  • Background customizer
  • Edge slideshow
  • Multiple navigations and pigmentation styles
  • Shortcodes included
  • Latest Visual composer plugin
  • Speed optimized
  • Free add-ons
  • Video tutorials
  • Expert support
  • Mega menu, widgets
  • Animated columns
  • Retina ready

Getting Started With The WordPress Theme Jupiter

Once activated, you can easily install the recommended plugins: Visual composer (latest version) and Envato WordPress Toolkit. Additionally, inside the original package, which I previously mentioned, you will find 3 different slider plugins: Layer Slider; Master Slider; Revslider.

Personally, I prefer using Revolution slider, but you can find the best suitable for your needs.

If you take a look at your WordPress backend after activating the theme, you will notice a lot of new sections added.

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Jupiter 4

Yes, when you install the theme, it will take over half of your working space. Probably you won’t be using all of the included features, but some of them are nice to have.

Making your own website won’t stop with adding one of the available templates. Yes, it will bring fresh look to the site, but in order to make it truly unique, you need to head to the Theme options section and start personalizing it.

As you can see, the settings here are pretty neat and well arranged. You have your main options, which are then separated into smaller parts:

Detailed review of the WordPress Theme Jupiter 5

Starting from the General settings tab, here we can find a couple of options that are pretty amazing: with a push of a button, you can set the main grid width and the content width to a specific number.

In order to keep the speed of our site high: we all know how important it is to decrease the size of the images used on our site. With Jupiter, you can easily modify the quality of the built-in image cropper script the theme uses.

Be The First To say “Hi”

Besides adding a message to it, the header toolbar section is made so you can easily provide your personal information to the people visiting your site: phone, email, and a short message. You can also add Mail Chimp subscription form to the right side of your site, this way people can opt-in to your mailing list. Unfortunately, I don’t think this subscription form will gather you a lot of emails, why? Because the button is so small, and I people won’t notice it.

Building a website, without limitations 3

There is more to be done with the header section. You can choose from 4 available styles, 3 different alignments, and ON/OFF header toolbar section. But that is not all, Jupiter really gives us all the freedom here: Boxed header, Sticky header behavior, Header Height the list goes on.

Building a website, without limitations 1

Make It Easier For People To Reach You

People can easily send you a short message by adding a quick contact form on all of your posts/pages. Just access the Quick contact section inside the general settings page to enable it. It comes with really nice button to your bottom right, that won’t spoil the beautiful design of your website.

Building a website, without limitations 2

Creating a Landing Page Using WordPress Theme Jupiter

Theme Jupiter, uses one of the most popular plugins for website building – Visual Composer – this awesome extension allows you to create unique landing pages the way you want with only few mouse clicks. Just like WordPress theme Bridge, once you click on Add new page, you can turn on the plugin and start building the desired page.

Building a website, without limitations 5

When you click on the Plus icon you will see all the available elements that can be used for creating your website. Basically, you have everything needed for making all kind of changes to the look of your site without the need to know HTML or CSS editing.

Building a website, without limitations

We already know how important it is to add call to action buttons inside a landing page, fortunately, this is something easily achievable with Jupiter. Below you can see two different call to action sections created in less than a minute:

Building a website, without limitations 4

Customizing Blog Section on WordPress Theme Jupiter

Combining visual composer and the in page settings provided from the theme developers is awesome. With Jupiter, creating your blog page is brought to a whole different level.
Now you can choose between 7 different layouts: Grid, Newspaper, Modern, Classic, Spotlight, Thumbnail, Magazine to present your new articles to the people reading it. Simply choose the element Blog from the Visual composer menu, select the style, how many articles, which category and etc:

Building a website, without limitations 6

This is not all. Once the blog element is all set, you can modify all kind of things to the page layout. Let say the main look of your site is set to Full Layout, if you want, you can change the blog section to a boxed one with a push of a button. Change the website logo, only for this particular page, add custom page headline and etc…

Building a website, without limitations 7

What is The Price of This WordPress Theme?

Sold more than 20,000 licenses, the price of the WordPress theme Jupiter is 59$ for the regular license. I would say that this is a very good price, considering the amount of features the theme provides.

See live examples of Jupiter Theme:

Pros and Cons of WordPress Theme Jupiter


  • 25+ templates in 6 different categories
  • Lightweight admin panel
  • Awesome background customizer
  • Edge slideshow
  • Latest Visual Composer
  • Shortcodes and styles
  • Quick support


  • Besides taking the time to understand the basics of the settings, I couldn’t find any downsides

Final Thoughts

I have to say it: I really enjoyed building a site using Jupiter. It’s really not that difficult to get used to the settings and create the desired project.

Also, the theme can be used for all kinds of sites. It’s not focused strictly for business or personal ones. The available templates will add the fresh look you are looking for.

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