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Detailed Review of Invention WordPress Theme – Simple, but Powerful Multi-Purpose Theme to Build your Own Website


Detailed Review of Invention WordPress Theme – Simple, but Powerful Multi-Purpose Theme to Build your Own Website

How to build your own website?

Unlike before, now there are hundreds of ways and tools that will help you easily build your own website. Countless themes with numerous features included, are available in all big WordPress theme vendors. But still, if you would like to use something not so complicated, yet powerful, the Multi-Purpose theme we are going to review here will definitely satisfy your needs.

build your own website

Invention is a responsive WordPress Theme that doesn’t have 500 + features and demos. Rather the ones provided inside are exactly the right amount, to build your own website quickly and easily.

I am sure that in this detailed review, you will be able to see if this inventions is right for your own project.


Who is this theme for? And is it for you?

After having a quick look at the available demos, I saw that if your business falls in one these categories: Running Wedding agency; Creating Mobile Apps; Photography; Restaurant or Coffee; Medical supplies site; or you are Blogger –  then you won’t need to do a lot of designing. Simply add the corresponding demo and you will be ready to go.

create your website

Another way to determine if you will love this theme is by looking at the overall design. Invention has clean looks and the other thing that caught my attentions is the amount of features. The theme doesn’t have much, but the ones it does have, are exactly the right ones.

So if you don’t want to waste time on features you don’t want to use and you like the layout of the theme, then Invention is the one for you.


Installing the WordPress Theme Invention

Installation can happen by uploading the .zip file from inside the Appearance > Themes > Add new. After activating it, you will be asked to add two additional plugins:

create your website1

Widget Importer exporter  For moving widgets from one WordPress site to another, backing up widgets and for theme developers to provide users with sample widgets.

WooCommerce cart tab – This plugin will display a link to the WooCommerce cart which is visible sitewide and fixed in position so it remains visible wherever the user scrolls. When the user hovers over the tab, the full cart widget is displayed.

However, to import one of the demos, additional plugins has to be installed.

Find the Tools section inside your WordPress panel and click on Import. Inside you will find a couple of options, choose the last one : WordPress importer:

create your website2

Install and activate the Importer:

create your website13

Find the folder containing the theme files and the Demo files you want to add will be inside folder Demost Content > EN. Select the demo you want to import and click Upload file and import:

create your website8

Additionally, you can go through this detailed step by step video, provided from the theme developers, to help you import the demo content: Import demo content video.


What are the features that will help you build your own website

Invention Theme comes with simple but powerful features that will help you creating the site you want.

I really liked the theme layout, because its very intuitive and visitors will easily find what they are looking for.

Let see some of the main features:

  • Powerful admin panel.
  • 9 Awesome demos.
  • Custom shortcodes.
  • One click under construction page.
  • Different Header options.
  • Full & Boxed layout.
  • Simple page builder.
  • Animated elements.

Of course the theme comes with Support but there is one more cool thing that might help you before or after the purchase. They have YouTube video channel with couple of step by step videos: here. If you are looking for some additional information about how the theme works before you purchase it, you will find it inside the link above.


Getting started with Invention WordPress Theme

The theme is installed, the demo is imported, let me show you what else you need to do, in order to create your website with Invention theme.

Click on the newly appeared menu which will load the Options panel:

create your website9

The changes that can be made here are not so different from the ones in other themes. Adding Favicon image, Apple retina icon, Ipad icon and also you can modify the code for the 404 pages.

One more thing you will be able to do easily, is to close the site for maintenance, by clicking on the Close site button.

Let me walk you through the most important options

Header options: Choose one of the 4 different header layouts, fixed or not, add custom code. This section can be fully customizable:

create your website6

Footer options: Select how many widgets you want inside your footer, add social media links or attach custom menu.

Styles options: Wide or boxed layout can be configured from here. Also you will be able assign a specific color scheme:

create your website12

Typography options: Invention gives you the option to choose either the default fonts or enable Google fonts.

Blog options: Adjust how many posts you want to show per page, show views counter, Show tags, previous next articles arrows and etc.


Creating a landing page with using Invention WordPress Theme

Invention theme doesn’t come with Visual Composer or some other fancy plugin, but still you will be able to easily sales pages with the one included inside.

Add new page and enable the page builder:

create your website3

Keep in mind that while designing your website pages using the page builder, the default section where you add text won’t be used, respectively text added inside won’t be visible inside your page.

Once the page builder is active, you can choose to create one page website or a normal landing page. Below you will find the sections you can start adding content. The procedure is the following:  In each section you can add columns. Inside the columns you will be able to add the text, images and etc:

create your website10

Additionally, to better design the site you can use the shortcodes:

create your website4

I have to admit that it’s not very easy to use this page builder, especially in the beginning. It will take you some time to achieve the desired result, but when you are finally done, you will get something like this:

create your website7


Customizing Blog section on Invention WordPress Theme

Invention theme has 3 different layouts for displaying you articles.

Create new page, from the Template drop down choose blog: the 3 option will appear as shown below:

create your website11

Add more functions or make changes with the provided on page options.

Below each of your pages there is an additional menu added, allowing you to make some extra changes. Change the layout; Add custom background page title; Add custom URL in the page title; Remove the default menu; Right/Left sidebar and etc.


What is the price of this WordPress theme?

Not one of the most popular themes, however it has all the essential features to compete with themes like Enfold or Bridge. You can purchase Invention from Themeforest for the price of $59.


Pros and Cons of WordPress theme Invention


  • Awesome design.
  • Compact layout.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Shortcodes available.
  • Simple page builder.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Header and footer layouts.
  • Easy to follow video tutorials.


  • Importing demo content its not so easy to find. You will probably need to watch this video tutorial.
  • It’s not very easy to work with the page builder.
  • Themes in this price range have premium plugins included.


Final Thoughts

Really impressive theme providing all the essential features for creating a successful blog, business site or a portfolio page.

I am quite surprised from the theme functions and features. At first, I thought this theme would turn out to be an average one with no options at all, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

I am sure that you will be able to designing your own website with the help of Invention WordPress theme.

What do you think about this theme? Did you like the layout?

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