Best WordPress Themes for blogs

Detailed Review of Theme Sahifa – One of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogs


Detailed Review of Theme Sahifa – One of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Still struggling to create your own blog?

Few years ago, creating a personal blog was perceived like a hobby. Now, this is the best way to express yourself, help people in your specific area of expertise, and, of course, start some earning money. Which hopefully, will lead to building a profitable online business.

Sahifa is probably one of the best WordPress blog themes, but not the one you will use for your personal blog, rather than one that will use be for your business website.

best blog WordPress themes

I’ve taken Sahifa theme for a ride, to show you why this is the best WordPress blog theme.


Who is this theme for? And is it for you?

When looking at the preview of theme Sahifa, this makes me thinking about a news site, showing all the new updates.

If your project is focused on adding new posts every day, this will be the perfect choice for your business.

Sahifa design is focused on displaying lots of posts and articles, which makes it perfect for online magazines or news sites. Here the word blog, have a completely different meaning. If you have your own personal blog, you can still use Sahifa, but you will need to leave more than 90% of the functionalities disabled.

I would recommend it for high traffic sites displaying news, product reviews or magazine updates. Additionally, it can be used for shopping sites with the help of the full WooCommerce integration.


Installing Best blog WordPress theme Sahifa

The installation itself is pretty seamless. Once you have the files, access WordPress administrative page, go to Appearance > Add new.

After activating Sahifa, you will immediately be prompt to install a couple of plugins. They are required, in order to use the full functionalities of the theme:

best blog WordPress themes 7

Plugins that need activation:

Instagramy – Simple, stylish, clean, customizable, and responsive plugin for displaying Instagram feed in a sidebar, post, or page.

Taqyeem – Premium WordPress plugin for reviews, which is packed with 2 more: Taqyeem – Buttons Addon; Add amazingly beautiful buttons to your review summary. Taqyeem Predefined Criteria: Easily create criteria sets, assign them to your reviews and save your time.

best blog WordPress themes 8

Main features of Sahifa: The Best WordPress Themes for blogs

You saw the plugin coming along with the theme, let now see what else it’s included in this package. If you visit their sales page you will notice big announcement about the 200+ features.

Let’s list the main ones below:

  • Powerful admin area: Full of options and customization. The admin panel is really well designed to provide the best user experience.
  • Translation ready: Easily translate in your language
  • Tie Page builder: The guys from TieLabs decided to take a proactive approach and implement their own page builder.
  • Build your own Shop: Total WooCommerce integration for better managing your products and increasing your sales.
  • Once click demo importer.
  • Social counter widget.
  • Mega menus + mega icons.
  • Homepage sliders: Option to adjust the animation type, speed, slide time and the Query.
  • Post view system: Showing you how many people have read your article.
  • Weather widget: Give even more information by displaying the weather in your city.
  • Theme layouts: With Sahifa you will be able to present your content in 3 different layouts: Boxed; Framed; Wide.

The full list is quite longer, but these are the main features that can help you design you own news site.


Getting started with Sahifa blog WordPress theme

After you saw the long lists of options, you probably know that there is a lot to talk about here.

Of course, with the installation, a custom section will appear inside your WordPress dashboard. Everything can be modified inside the settings, to meet the needs of your project.

Before you start making changes, in order secure the automated updates for Sahifa, you will need to install one additional plugin. Click on theme Updates, Download Envato Toolkit Plugin and follow the instructions to configure it. The change log also can be seen on this screen:

best blog WordPress themes 2

Moving on to importing demo content:

Importing demo content won’t change the layout or the original design of the theme. It will simply add a couple of posts, pages, widgets, high-quality image to your brand new installation (if you have content it won’t be removed). This feature is designed to help you setup the theme by adding dummy content. Import the data by clicking on the corresponding button inside the section:

best blog WordPress themes 10


Options in this news WordPress theme 

Opening the settings that will reveal a lot of options. You will be blown from all the available things you can modify.

In the beginning, it might even be a bit confusing, but the good thing is that there are a lot of video tutorials, and detailed documentation available, to walk you through the process.

TieLabs really outdid themselves with the settings menu.

Starting with the General settings, here you will be able to make some basic changes. I already mentioned about the different layout: Boxed, Full or Framed. Favicon, Apple icon and etc:

best blog WordPress themes 1

The more you go through the settings the more they become. The header alone can be modified a couple of ways:

best blog WordPress themes 9

Create a Landing page using Sahifa WordPress theme

Sahifa comes with its own Page Builder to help you design your own landing pages. Inside the page editor, right below the title section, you will find Page Builder button. When you click it, this will activate the builder and display a couple of blocks that are used for this process.

best blog WordPress themes 6

Each of the blocks comes with its own menu section, allowing you to modify it:

best blog WordPress themes 4

Additionally, the page builder option has its own settings. Once activated, scroll down and you will find Blocks Settings section. This allows you to make even more changes:

best blog WordPress themes 5

The downside of this builder is the backend editor only option. You will need to save and preview each change you make and, unfortunately, lead to a lot of time spent on designing it.


Customizing Blog section on Sahifa Theme

Since is a blog focused theme, the overall design is to provide a lot of information to the visitor and an easy way to set this up to the administrator (I mean you).

One of the ways to configure the blog section is by using the Page Builder, the one I already mentioned. Choose a design and select which category to appear.

Second option is to use the integrated options inside each page. Add a new page and from the drop down menu on the right side select Blog list for example. This will load all of your articles:

best blog WordPress themes 11

One other advantage coming along with Sahifa WordPress blog theme is the Ads options menu, allowing you to easily integrate Google Adsense or another advertisement inside the website.

Inside each post, you will find the Ads options menu. If this is not enough, you can find additional configurations inside your theme settings page, under the section Ads.

Simply add the code, picture, etc. of the advertisement, and they will be loaded on your pages:

best blog WordPress themes 3



At what price you can purchase Sahifa blog theme?

I am amazed from the current buyer’s rating, which is 4.81 out of 5, based on 3000 + reviews. Sahifa sold more than 17,000 licenses and can be yours for the price of $59.


Pros and Cons of WordPress theme Sahifa


  • Powerful admin area with a lot of settings.
  • In-house page builder.
  • Full WooCommerce integration.
  • 3 different theme layouts.
  • Premium plugins included.
  • 20 different widgets.
  • Easily place ads.


  • Too many options and things to modify.
  • The page builder is not that advanced and user-friendly.


Final Thoughts

Organizing and arranging a large amount of information can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Luckily there are a lot of themes that can help with that.

Sahifa will be able to sort your news and blog posts and present them to your readers in the best possible way, allowing you also to place your ads that can help you earn money.

Indeed one of the best WordPress Themes for blogs, Sahifa is one of the best choices when creating news or magazine website.

Do you like the layout of this theme? Is this going to fit your project?

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