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Detailed Review of Avada WordPress Theme – The ultimate, Best Selling WordPress Theme


Detailed Review of Avada WordPress Theme – The ultimate, Best Selling WordPress Theme

With more than 150,000 sold copies, Avada WordPress theme is occupying the number one spot at the largest community for templates: Themeforest. With this great advantage, she is preferred from bloggers and website designers for their new and old projects.

Designed from ThemeFusion back on August 16, 2012, it literally crushed the competitors with its flat design and awesome looks.

best selling wordpress theme

But what is actually making Avada WordPress theme the ultimate and best selling one? Here, this detailed review you will be able to find out.

I’ve taken Avada for a test too see what exactly you can expect from it. If you are considering to purchase it, get ready to see what you will get for your money.


Who is this theme for?

Since its sold more than 150,000 licenses, I am sure that almost everyone will be able to use it for his/hers site. It may sound quite bold, to say something like that, but this is the truth. Personal site, business one, street coffee shop, you name it, with Avada you will be able to build it.


Installing Avada WordPress Theme

The installation itself is a simple and straightforward procedure, you find the Avada.zip on your computer and you upload it from Appereance > Themes. Right after the successful activation you will be advised to add a couple of recommended plugins, (see the screen below) which will add a lot of functions to your website and make the user experience with the theme a lot easier.

Avada WordPress Theme review 5

The first plugin, Fusion Core one, is actually a must to have. This is a very powerful extension, one of the main benefits coming along with the theme. Fusion core page builder has similar features like the Visual Composer plugin, but exclusively designed for Avada WordPress theme. Using it you will be able to create high converting landing pages and easily to customize all of sections inside your website. The other two plugins which are coming for FREE are: Layer Slider and Slider Revolution. They will help you create beautiful slides with just a few mouse clicks.


What is making Avada the ultimate and best selling WordPress Theme?

There must be a reason why this theme has so many sold licenses, right? And truly there is, not only one though. For instance, you won’t need any coding skills in order to make any changes to your site – for this you have the Fusion Core plugin. The demos you see when you preview the theme can be imported easily with one click. See more below:

  • Inhouse page builder plugin.
  • 10 + unique demos to import.
  • Fully customizable sections.
  • Powerful admin panel.
  • Hide section on mobile devices.
  • Fully responsive.
  • 5 Header layouts + sticky header options.
  • Fully customizable footer.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Support + documentation.


Getting started with Avada WordPress Theme

Avada theme comes with its own section inside your WordPress dashboard. We already discussed about the plugins that are available for activation, now we are going to see what are the others features included in the package.

Of course, registering the product after the installation is a must.

Avada WordPress Theme review 4

That way, you will have access to regular updates and support, which leads to the second tab: Support. Here you can easily submit a ticket; go through the available documentation or knowledge base, read the forum, or even watch video tutorials. Basically, if you have questions in regards the functionalities of the theme, ThemeFusion team got it covered.

Avada WordPress Theme review 6

Before purchasing a theme, a lot of people are going through the live preview of it and they are thinking: “Wow this theme looks amazing, my blog will look like this when I purchase it”. But when they buy it and activate it, they are confused: “Why my website doesn’t look exactly the same like shown in the preview?”. Well of course, the layout you will see on the live preview of Avada is a well designed website, made to capture your attention and to convince you to purchase the template . However, in order to make it look good, like the one you see on the preview screen, you will need to build it. To help us with that, the designers provided us with a couple of demos:

Avada WordPress Theme review

Before hitting install, you will be granted the opportunity to preview all of the demos. However, there is something you need to keep in mind, once you install one of the demos, this will also add the test articles; pages; media files and etc. For some,  this may be a positive thing (you get free pictures), but still you will need to remove all the test posts after that, which is a bit frustrating.


Available option inside Avada WordPress Theme

The plugins are ready, the demo is installed, and now let’s see what is happening in the Theme Options section:

Looking at the General Settings tab, we won’t find a lot of functionalities here. You can check the responsiveness option (which is basically required to have), Enable zoom in mobile devices and add code before the head and after the body of your site:

Avada WordPress Theme review 1

But after that first tab, the things get little more interesting. You will notice a lot more tabs, with a lot more options. For example the Site Width section is allowing you to change the Content Width, Sidebar Width ration:

Avada WordPress Theme review 2

Header tab is coming along with countless modifications. You can select one of the 5 Header layouts, ad shadow, social media buttons and etc.

Avada WordPress Theme review 3

The settings above are only tiny part from the available ones. Using all of them you will be able to modify the theme the way you want, so it will fit your idea, not the other way around – to change your project in order to fit the theme capabilities.


Creating a Landing page using Avada WordPress Theme

Well with the help of the Fusion Page builder, which is quite similar to the one used in Enfold WordPress Theme, you can create a landing page in minutes. It’s based on the popular drag and drop page builder plugins, you only select the size of the containers and arrange them in the desired order. Something like completing a puzzle or playing with Lego.

Create new page and activate the plugin by clicking on Fusion Page Builder button. Once active, choose container and drop it below:

Avada WordPress Theme review 11

And to make it ever more fun, once the grid of boxes is set, then you can decide what will be the function of each one, by simply dragging the desired element from the Builder elements tab.

Avada WordPress Theme review 12

Additionally each container and elements has its own settings: click on the pen located on the right side of the box and a menu section will pop up.

Avada WordPress Theme review 10

It might take you a while to set everything up and to get used to it, but once you are ready with the design and the options, it really is easy to manage and use.


Customizing Blog section on Avada WordPress Theme

The blog section can be easily arranged using also the Fusion Page builder. The only thing you need to do differently is to choose the Blog or the Recent posts elements from the menu, add them inside one of the boxes,

Avada WordPress Theme review 9

configure them to show the categories you want, and publish the page:

Avada WordPress Theme review 7

No wonder that WordPress Theme Avada is considered like the best selling theme of all time, there are options everywhere.

You know how you can assign 1 featured image to all of your posts and articles, with Avada you can have 5 per each post. The five images will be presented like a slideshow:

Avada WordPress Theme review 8

Also, inside each post you have additional on page options. The changes you make on that specific page, won’t effect the overall configuration

Avada WordPress Theme review 14


What is the price of this WordPress theme?

Considering the fact that this is the best selling WordPress theme, loved from more then 150,000 people, I can say that the price is very reasonable, only 59$. There are not many themes out there, that offer similar functions for the same price. For the others that are truly worth it, you can check my Best WordPerss Themes section.


See live examples of WordPress Theme Avada:


Pros and Cons of Avada WordPress Theme


  • Fully customizable.
  • Easy to use drag and drop builder.
  • Demo included and ready to install with only 1 click.
  • Layer Slider and Slider Revolution plugins included.
  • User friendly admin area with powerful options.
  • Large documentation and video tutorials.
  • Fast support.


  • Requires time to be setup in the beginning.
  • When installing particular demo this will also add the dummy content and pictures. You will need to remove them manually after that.


Final Thoughts

I have only positives feelings left from my experience with Avada WordPress theme. The combination between functionalities and simplicity is really great. For someone who is just beginning to understand how to create a website it will be a bit hard in the beginning, but still the provided documentation and video guidance is really detailed. Once you’ve taken the time to understand everything works, you will be all set.

On the other hand, for people with a bit more experience in this field, it will be something really straightforward.

If you are still wondering whether to purchase this theme, or you are still looking around for something better, you will probably only loose your time. Yes, there are other options, but 150,000 people cannot be wrong, right?

Have you ever used Avada for creating a website? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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