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Detailed Review Of WordPress Popup Plugin Convertplug – Affordable WordPress Subscription Plugin

Detailed Review of WordPress Popup Plugin Convertplug – Affordable WordPress Subscription Plugin

WordPress Plugin Convertplug
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One of the best WordPress subscription plugins currently available. Gain more leads and subscribers using this amazingly easy to use WordPress plugin. Convertplug will bring back those of the visitors you were not able before.

Detailed Review of WordPress Popup Plugin Convertplug – Affordable WordPress Subscription Plugin

Would you like to double, or even triple your sales?

I am sure you would, who wouldn’t.

Even though it might seem like impossible thing to do, there is one really simple way that can help you generate more sales in a long term than any other tools or product available online. And no, this is not some mumbo jumbo product you need to purchase that will make you rich overnight (there is no such thing).

The way to generate more sales is by placing high-converting lead generation forms on your website. Put simply, installing WordPress subscription plugin and adding different opt-in forms.

If you are WordPress fan, and you love searching for various types of plugins and themes (like me), you would probably know that there are few plugins which are extremely powerful and come highly recommended from WordPress users. The ones I am referring to are: OptinMonster and Bloom WordPress Subscription Plugins.

Even though these WordPress plugins are great and extremely powerful, the price at which they are available for purchase is not so attractive.

I would love to show  you one of the newest Wordpress Popup Plugins, competing popular plugins by functionality, but at a much better price: Convertplug WordPress Popup Plugin.

WordPress Subscription Plugin

Now you don’t need to spend a small fortune, to have great looking opi-in forms.

In this detailed review, you will see the main functions Convertplug has to offer. Additionally, I will walk you through the process of setting your own sign-up forms. Let’s begin:


What does this plugin actually do?

Convertplug is conversion optimization and email list building plugin. Using the provided features, you can easily increase your email subscribers and generate more sales.

It has a lot of different features that will help you create different types of opt-in forms.


Who is this plugin for? And is it for you?

If you are starting a new site and you are looking for affordable solution for acquiring more leads, this is the plugin for you. I already mentioned two other plugins which are also great (OptinMonster and Bloom), but I would recommend them mainly to people and businesses which have larger budgets.

By far, this is the best WordPress Popup Plugin for startups and people wanting to increase their mailing lists.


Installing Convertplug WordPress Popup Plugin

The installation process itself is pretty straightforward. Access your WordPress admin area, click on Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 1

Find the .zip file containing the plugin files and install them by clicking on the corresponding button:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 1

After the successful installation you will see this welcome screen:

WordPress Popup Plugin

The about section is showing an overview of the available features. Once you click on Let’s get started you will be prompted to create an account, in order to have access to the support portal. Validating your purchase is also something you should definitely do to get eligible for one click updates:

WordPress Subscription Plugin Convertplug

How will Convertplug Grow your Mailing List?

Even though it’s a new WordPress plugin, Converplug has plenty of options to offer.

With this WordPress subscription plugin, you will be able to add opt-ins and signup forms basically everywhere on your website.

Let’s see some the main features for capturing leads and growing your mailing list:


Esential Features:

  • Modal Pop-Up – Beautiful lightbox overlays with 2-step opt-ins and after scroll triggers.
  • Widget Box – Necessary opt-in position for every website. Convertplug has awesome widget box feature which you can customize to fit the layout of your site.

WordPress Subscription Plugin 7

  • In-line Forms – Easy to integrate opt-in forms before or after your posts or anywhere else by using a shortcode.

WordPress Subscription Plugin 11

  • Info bat Top and Bottom – Easily promote products to your audience by adding noticable top/bottom bars where ever you want on your website.

WordPress Subscription Plugin 10

  • Slide-in – Extreamly powerful opt-in form which elegantly slides in your website from the left or the right side.

WordPress Subscription Plugin 8


  • Sticky Box – Similar to slide-ins, sticky boxs are another powerful way to gain more email subscribers. They can be triggered by click or after scroll.

WordPress Subscription Plugin 9


Additional features

  • Exit intent technology – Show the right message when someone is about to leave your website. Give extra discount, free guide or simply a subscribe box people can fill.
  • Two step opt-ins – There are a lot of different ways to use two step opt-ins, whetrer this will be by someone clicking on a button or on a image.
  • After scroll trigger – decide when exactly the pop-ups will appear.
  • A/B Testing – Stop wondering what is the right way to grow your mailing list. Real time split test so you can find which message best relates with your audience.
  • Content locker – Lock specific content and ask for something in return.


Setting up Convertplug WordPress Popup Plugin

After registering Convertplug, so it’s ready for automatic updates, you can now start making your first opt-in box.

Click on ConvertPlug icon inside your WordPress admin area > Modal popup > Create New Modal:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 5

This will load a screen showing different types of templates you can choose from:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 3

You can either search, or select one of the skins available in the different categories. Pick a design that best fits your specific idea and click on the button Use This:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 4

Another really cool feature is the customization area Convertplug has. After selecting the design, setup panel will appear showing the working area on the left side and on the right you can live preview of the changes you are making:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 12

Believe me, this kind of enviorment saves a lot of time. You are seeing all the changes happening live.

Like you probably saw in the previous screenshot, the working area is separated in a couple of sections. Let’s go through theme one by one:

  • Name design – Add a name to your opt-in so you can easily recongize it and know how is preforming.
  • Background – Change your backgroung, overlay color, add an image instead of color to the background. Keep in mind that if you decide to go with image backroung, you will need to remove the color inside the section – Background color:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 13

  • Modal image – Upload your custom image and scale it till it fits your design:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 14

  • Modal animation – Another really cool feature available when purchasing Convertplug are the entry/exit animation effects. Grab even more the attention of your visitors adding really cool effects.
  • Advanced design options – Customize your opt-in even more. Make your pop-ups full-screen, add thick borders and remove padding:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 14


How will this WordPress Popup Plugin behave?

Once ready with the design, is time to load it on the actual website.

There is a little wheel button on the left side of your working area. Click it to see the behavior settings:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 17

To be honest, they are a lot. Choose from different types of lunch, like: Before users leaves; After few seconds; After users scrolls and etc.

On top of that you can also manually lunch your opt-ins adding shortcode isnide your pages/posts:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 15

Finally, this is how it might apper live on your website:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 19


Easily Connect Convertplug with famous email marketing tools

Convertplug works flawlestly with some of the best email marketing tools available online. Connecting this wordpress subscription plugin with one of them is really simple and straighforward process.

Go to Convertplug > Connects > Create New Campaign.

WordPress Subscription Plugin 20

Add a name, choose your provider and click proceed:

WordPress Subscription Plugin 22


Last step will be to add your API code and save the changes. Now when people subscribe using the forms created by convertplug, the gathered information will be syncted with your provider.
WordPress Subscription Plugin 21


What is the price of this WordPress popup plugin?

You will be amazed from the price of Convertplug plugin. You can purchase your own copy of this highly customizable WordPress plugin for only 21$. Yes, only for 21$.

Just for comparison, OptinMonster pro package, which has similar functions cost 199$ a year. Big difference right.

You might ask yourself; where is the catch? Well, there isn’t, at least I am not able to find one.


Pros and cons of Convertplug


  • Modal and Exit intent pop-ups.
  • A/B testing.
  • Widget area forms.
  • Before/After post forms.
  • Analytics reports.
  • Live edit option.
  • Compatible with all major email marketing providers.


  • Because this plugin is relatively new, there might be some bugs that will need fixing (but this is just guessing). To be honest, I wasn’t able to find any specific cons.


Final Thoughts

Building a long lasting relationship with your audience is something you can only achieve by staying in touch. Convertplug is the right solution for the job.

Overall, I was extremely happy to review this plugin. From the initial configuring to the actual deployment on site, it was really great experience playing around with it.

I am sure that Convertplug will become one of the top WordPress subscription plugins available on ThemeForest, and not only there.

The competitive price and the available features will launch this product to the top very soon.

What are your thoughts about this WordPress subscription plugin? Did you like the available features?

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