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Detailed Review of WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja – Ninjas Squeeze Page Creator


Detailed Review of WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja – Ninjas Squeeze Page Creator

“I wish I had started building an email list sooner.” – This is typically what you can hear from independent online business owners if they could avoid the mistakes when they were starting.

Don’t make the mistakes other people did when they were creating their online projects. When you are starting WordPress website there are a couple of things you need to consider (Save time and money Downloading the FREE Emergency Kit Guide), collecting emails is one of them.

If you have not yet set email opt-in forms on your website, or you are looking for a better way to build your mailing list, I have a thing for you. Gather emails Ninja style, using Optin Ninja – ultimate squeeze page creator.


What does this plugin actually do?

Optin ninja gives you a lot of ways to turn your visitors into subscribers. For example: Building highly optimized squeeze pages, adding automated pop-ups and more tools for growing your email lists.


Who is this plugin for? And is it for you?

If the website your are creating is just for fun, something you will never gonna turn into a business, then you probably don’t need to build an email list, thus using this plugin.

But if your case is exactly the opposite, it will be best to go through this detailed review of the WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja, and find the best and easiest ways to set it up and use it.


Installation of the squeeze page creator – Optin Ninja

There is nothing scary about it, you purchase the plugin from Themeforest and install the downloaded files on your WordPress application. Right after that you can start creating highly optimized squeeze pages. The developers of this plugin, also provide cheap and useful add-ons. For additional $5, you can purchase the automated pop-up option. Using it, you can generate pop-up windows in specific locations of your site, or you can set them up to appear after certain amount of time:Detailed review of the WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja 5


Getting started with the WordPress plugin Optin Ninja

Something really great about this plugins are the two Sample options, they are added by default after the installation. The backend interface is not something special, but exactly these Samples are helping you navigate inside the newly appeared options.

Detailed review of the WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja


Lets take a look at the available options Optin Ninja has to offer:

Find the options panel by clicking on Optin Ninja > Optin Pages:

Detailed review of the WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja 4

  • Custom URL: Each opt-in can have its own URL address. This is something really neat, because it can be added everywhere on the site, including pictures, menus, buttons etc.
  • A/B Test: Basically it’s a must to have when choosing email opt-in plugin. Different people like different things, therefore it’s mandatory to find the optimal message to attract the attention of your visitors.
  • Google Analytics: Track how many views this page generates with the help of Google.
  • Prevent people from leaving the page: You can also add simple but noticeable message when someone is leaving your opt-in page. 


The 3rd party services that can be used with Optin Ninja

When it comes down to choosing which plugin you will use to collect emails from visitors there are 3 things to consider: Optin style and layout, how easy you can set it up, 3rd party integration.

Setting the forms happens pretty easy, but I wouldn’t say that the options built within this plugin are something extraordinary, they rather have an average look. The good things is that you can use Optin Ninja with almost all email services: MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Mad Mini, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Pushover and also to store the emails in local database.Detailed review of the WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja 1


Setting up the WordPress plugin Optin Ninja

When using one of the samples I already mentioned, you will create your first from in just a couple of minutes. For better or worse, Optin Ninja is not the typical plugin that will add a box in your widget area, it creates custom pages to squeeze emails from people. When creating a form with Optin Ninja, think of it as creating landing page.

The landing page can have two boxes: the first one can be used to grab the attention of the visitor, and the second one to grab the email. Personally, I don’t really think a lot of people will use both boxes, because you have plenty of space to describe what is your site about in only one box.

Detailed review of the WordPress Plugin Optin Ninja 3


What is the price of this squeeze page creator?

The price of the core Optin Ninja pack is 28$ one time fee. Additionally you can purchase a couple of add-ons that will extend the functionality of this plugin, they come at 5$ (I think) each. More than 30$ for a plugin? It might sounds a lot for just one extension, but if you take a look at the others paid plugins doing the same job, you will see that this is the probably the cheapest ones among others.


Pros and cons of the WordPress plugin Monarch


  • Easy setup
  • A/B testing
  • User can receive welcome email
  • Pop-up option available
  • One time free when purchasing the plugin


  • Cannot add the form inside the widget area or after the posts.
  • The form design is not so special.


Final Thoughts

This squeeze page creator works out-of-the-box thanks to demo data and good default options. Sending welcome emails has never been easier thanks to the included 3rd party autoresponders.

Probably won’t provide the same functionalities, other plugins in this category offer, but it certainly has a lot to bring to the table.

Increase your subscribers, creating highly optimized squeeze pages with Optin Ninja:

What Opt-in plugin are you using on your website? Share your experience inside the comments below:

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