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Detailed Review of Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin – Deliver Your Ideas in a Beautiful Way


Detailed Review of Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin – Deliver Your Ideas in a Beautiful Way

It’s so easy. You just find a theme, write your articles and publish them.

I am just kidding.

Sometimes only the content of your posts isn’t enough to grab the attention of your visitors. The way you present your products and articles is part of the overall satisfaction of your clients.

In this detailed review, I will show you one very powerful and popular plugin amongst the WordPress users. The name of this premium plugin is: Slider Revolution.

revolution slider WordPress plugin

Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin is innovative slider plugin that will present your content in an amazing way.

Give your home page the design it deserves, add incredible Sliders, Carousels, or build an entire page.

See if this is the right plugin for your own WordPress website going through this detailed review. Let’s begin:


What does this plugin actually do?

Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin comes with a lot of features and allows you to create different kind of sliders that are fully responsive.


Who is this plugin for? And is it for you?

Probably not for the average blogger, who wants to keep the things simple. But for creative agencies, designers, professional photographers, gourmet restaurants, high-quality products, Slider Revolution will bring that extra …. that you need to display your business in the best possible light.


Installing Revolution slider WordPress plugin

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, and more specifically Plugins > Add new. Chose the installation .zip from your computer click Upload and Install:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 1

Activate the plugin by pressing the corresponding button:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 2

When purchasing this plugin you will also get access to a couple of pre-build premium slides. To be more specific these slides are around 50.

Using them on your WordPress website will require manual installation.

After the plugin is successfully activated, to add one of the premium templates go to the newly appeared menu called Slider Revolution and  click Add Slider Template:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 3

Here you can see all the different slides sorted by categories.

revolution slider WordPress plugin 4

Preview them if needed by clicking on the little loop inside the image, or simply click on the slider you want to use:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 5

A pop-up message will appear giving you the option to upload the template from your local machine or directly from the official website:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 6

If you choose the option to upload the template from my local machine, just find the folder examples located inside the plugin package and import it:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 7

I personally recommend using the premium sliders and adjusting them to your site, because they will save you tons of time designing the perfect slide show.


What makes this WordPress slider plugin so popular?

A key feature that is hard-coded inside this premium plugin is flexibility. The available options and configurations are limitless to the end user. And the good news is that Revolution slider doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Let me list you some of the main benefits of purchasing this WordPress slider plugin:

  • Very powerful visual editor – Change absolutely anything with the powerful settings area. Revolution slider comes with option very pretty much everything.

revolution slider WordPress plugin 10

  • Total control of your slides – Responsiveness is a must for all sites. Your content will be displayed in the best possible way to fit the layout of your site. You can even individually customize how the layers are displayed on different devices from the slide layout section:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 10

  • Media social feed support – Slider Revolution 5.0 and higher supports WordPress posts, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,  Vimeo and HTML5. You can easily create sliders showing your FaceBook feed with this option:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 17

  • Optimized for speed – The performance of this plugin is also something that is not left standing. The looks of the slides are not affecting the overall performance of the plugin. Slider Revolution is build to load lightning fast.


Setting up Revolution Slider WordPress plugin

After you have your own copy of this WordPress slider plugin, and it’s successfully installed, to create your first slide click on the menu Slider Revolution > New Slider:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 9

A new page will appear with a bunch of available options. The first one, of course, is to choose the type of the slider. Is this going to be a regular slide or you want to show your products or posts?

Slider title and shortcode – Name your slide goes in slider name box, obviously. The slider alias option is actually the name of your shortcode. This will distinguish the different sliders you create.

Slider type – What kind of slider you want to create: Standard; Here Scene or Carousel.

Slide layout – Make it full-width or leave it to automatically set the layout:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 11

Once you are finished with all the main options, click save and proceed to the Slider Editor.


Creating your first slide with Slider Revolution plugin

To make it easier when designing your first slider, copy the shortcode that was generated in the slider setting page and place inside a post or a page. Doing this, you can easily see how the changes are appearing on your live site:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 12

The slider editor itself comes with a lot of different options. At first, you will be prompted to add a background image or a video. Choose what will be the type of the main background and insert it inside the slide:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 13

The main background is placed, now you can insert layers that are adding a different kind of functionality to your site. For example, you can add button; image; video; button; shape or import already saved settings:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 14

Your first slider is set, yes it’s a very basic one but still it will definitely grab the visitor attention. Next step is to add more slides and save when ready:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 15

Now when I go to the page I added the shortcode and hit preview, all the slides will appear:

revolution slider WordPress plugin 16


What is the price of this WordPress slider plugin?

The regular license of Revolution Slider WordPress is only $19. Really low price for a premium WordPress plugin providing the options shown above.

Keep in mind that this plugin comes for free with a lot of WordPress themes provided by ThemeForest. I already reviewed a couple of them: Open your own store with ShopKeeper; Impreza WordPress theme; WordPress X Theme; Avada WordPress theme.

But keep in mind that even though the plugin is included for free inside the I themes mentioned above, if you don’t purchase the plugin from the official site your are missing out on Live Updates, Premium Support and lots of spectacular Free Premium Slider Templates.


Pros and cons of Slider Revolution plugin


  • Improved slider editor.
  • Responsive layouts.
  • 3D Parallax effects
  • WooCommerce support
  • Example + Premium pre-built templates
  • Powerful and flexible admin area


  • Too complicated for beginners. There are tons of options that are really confusing when you first start using the plugin.
  • Even if you got the plugin for free with a premium WordPress Theme, you will still need to purchase the original license for Live Updates, Premium Slides and etc. ( Still, the price is only $19, so it’s totally worth it)


Final Thoughts

Make you content shine and stand out.

Revolution Slider WordPress plugin will present your content, products and features in the best possible way.

Even though, the whole configuration process is not very clear when you design your first slide, the overall functions of the plugin work amazingly well.

Grab your own copy of this premium WordPress plugin and add that extra flavor to your site.

Do you use sliders on your own site? How well are they working for you?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row fullwidth=”false” attached=”false” padding=”0″][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_btn title=”Download + Full Demo” style=”flat” color=”peacoc” align=”center” link=”|title:Revolution%20Slider%20WordPress%20Plugin|target:%20_blank” button_block=”true”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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