Detailed Review of Uni CPO Plugin

Detailed Review of Uni CPO Plugin – Powerful WooCommerce Extension

Detailed Review of Uni CPO Plugin – Powerful WooCommerce Extension

It’s a dream for many of us to create an online store that can help us sustain our desired lifestyle. The reason is obvious, it’s much easier to maintain an online store than running a physical one. Your costs are lower and you have the chance to make a huge profit. Online you have the opportunity to sell stuff to the whole world. While having a corner store allows you to only sell to the people passing by.

Even though online solutions like WordPress + WooCommerce are powerful – and almost complete – platforms that can help you run your online business from the comfort of your own home, they still lack some functionalities that might be preventing you from starting your own store.

In my detailed review today, I will showcase a free powerful WooCommerce extension that might be the thing you’re looking for. A solution that can help you solve the only obstacle left which is stopping you from creating your own online store.

I give you Uni CPO WooCommerce extension. WordPress product created by Moomoo agency.

Review of Uni CPO Plugin

The name of the extension doesn’t reveal much information about the purpose of the plugin but for starter I will tell you this: If you’re in the printing business and you’ve searched the entire internet for something that will help you sell posters depending on their height and width, I have good news for you – Uni CPO can do this.

Let me tell you more about this powerful WooCommerce solution in my detailed review. Before the main options though, what this plugin actually does:



In short, this plugin makes complicated calculations easy.

If you’re selling carpets, for example, you can allow the visitor to decide the size of the carpet and see the price updating live while he chooses the desired dimensions. A lot of times you have to add 5 different products inside your WooCommerce because you have 5 different sizes of carpets, windows, posters, or other. Uni CPO can help you put everything in one product and ease the customer with his decision. I mean, it’s much better UX to chose the right product in the screen you’re currently in, instead of browsing through the whole site looking for availability. On top of that, the plugin has its own formula field where you can put the desired calculations so that everything in regards the price can be automated.

Additionally, the plugin comes with powerful drag and drop builder that can help you add more information in the product itself. Since we’re all looking for the price when we buy online, having the text right next to the number is essential for not losing customers.

It’s a free plugin with the option for upgrade to have access to even more options.



The functions of Uni CPO WooCommerce extension are really specific. I mean, it’s surely not for everyone using WooCommerce or having an online store. But they can definitely save you a bunch of time and help you sell more stuff depending on your niche market.

I will say that the plugin is great for people selling products that change their price according to their size. As in my previous example: carpet by meter, or poster by centimeter. Basically, all type of products that need additional calculation.

Mainly, these type of industries can benefit from the options of the plugin: tailoring workshops, print agencies, furniture sellers.

But not only that, I’m sure that there are other people who can benefit from the functionalities of this plugin. Read below to see the extension in action:



As I already mentioned a couple of times, the plugin Uni CPO is a WooCommerce extension. Respectfully, you need WooCommerce installed first in order for the plugin to work and run. Otherwise, you will get a nasty error. So, let’s see what’s the process:

Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for WooCommerce and Install:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 1

Once the installation is complete, activate the plugin:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 2

This will trigger the setup wizard of Woo:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 3

Complete the process here. It will take you no longer than a minute. Don’t worry. You can later change everything you select here. This process is simply to help you get started.

Ok, we now have WooCommerce, let’s install Uni CPO. As explained above, it’s a free plugin and it’s available for installation directly from inside your WordPress admin.

Important: The plugin needs PHP version 7 or higher. Keep in mind that Uni CPO won’t run if you’re not on this version. If you don’t know what’s your current version, you can easily check by accessing your cPanel > PHP Versions. Also, you can contact your hosting provider. See my resource page for recommendations of a good host. Let’s get back to the installation process:

Again, go to add a new plugin > This time search for Uni CPO:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 4

Activate the plugin:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 5

Once it’s active you will see this screen:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 6

If you like, you can register for updates from the authors of the plugin or skip those.


MAIN SETTINGS OF THIS WooCommrce Extension

Let’s see what new menus we have inside our WordPress after the installation of the plugin:

You have a whole tab inside your WooCommerce menu:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 8

The first option is the CPO settings. I don’t think you should touch any of the options here.

After that, you have the contact us form and link to the support forum. If you have questions related to the plugin you can share them inside the forum. Inside the third field, you will find an add-on, which you can purchase. It will allow you to make custom product URL’s.

The last button is to upgrade to the full version of the plugin. I will add more about that a bit later though.


Initial Setup of Uni CPO

I took me a while to figure out how this plugin works and what’s the process involved, so bear with me while I explain in details. I will illustrate the whole process as simple as possible so you can understand it better.

Ok, first, we obviously need a product:

Access the Product menu > Add new:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 10

Name the product. Add a price. Add a picture. Select the category. Add description. There are other things you need to setup but we’ll jump to the settings of Uni CPO. Click on CPO form builder:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 11

It will give you only one option, to go to the builder.

The screen will load and it will take you to the product page. From here, you can add sections and formulas for the desired calculation.

Let’s start:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 12

There is a little icon on the left side. From here you load the builder:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 13

The options on the top are the following:

  • Day/night mode.
  • Left/right panel position.
  • View saved content.
  • History of saved content.
  • Product general settings: Settings you need to configure later.
  • Non Option Variables.
  • Formula and conditional logic: From here you make the calculations.
  • Delete.
  • Save.

All of the above options are self-explanatory. Except for the ones I’ve added additional comments.

Below these we have two additional fields:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 14

  • Basic modules: This is basically the builder. From here you drag and drop modules inside your product. As you will see, the available elements are not much but they are everything you’ll ever need. I will show you how to use them in a bit.
  • Options: The features inside this panel are basically the things you put inside the modules. For example, if you first add a Row and you will later put Text input inside that Row.


Setting up and working with Uni CPO

Ok, we’ve covered the basic buttons and elements of the plugin. Let’s now see how this plugin actually works:

Grab a row and place it inside the empty space on the right:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 15

Next, grab a text field and place it inside. I will add a text value. Unfortunately, every time you start dragging the side menu disappears, which is kind of annoying:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 16

Now you have a place to add value.

I will make the size of the text field smaller by expanding the Colum and by pressing the little wheel:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 17

I will set the width to 60 and leave the float to be Left. You can also style the box if you like by going to Style tab. Save the changes once you’re done:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 18

Now, let’s create some calculations. Expand the modules and again press the two wheels:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 19

As you will see, you can make some general changes. The option we’re looking for is located in the Main tab:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 20

A couple of things you need to add here and all of them are important:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 22

  1. Add field slug: Keep in mind that this should be unique text. Be specific here.
  2. Make the field required.
  3. Make the type of field integer.
  4. Add minimum value: This will be the minimum allowed value inside the field.
  5. Maximum value: This will be the maximum allowed value in this field. This is when you know that the maximum height of this product is 15 meters, for example.
  6. Add what will be the step when a visitor selects.
  7. The initial value: Add a number here.
  8. Lebel your field.
  9. When you upgrade you can allow visitors to further edit the field when they are inside the cart. This is a great option because this way you can sell more.
  10. Save once you’re done.

Ok, we’re ready with the Height of our carpet. Now, I will add a width. The process is the same. That’s why I will copy the field to save time:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 23

I will only edit a couple of things:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 24

I will save the changes.


Adding Formula on Uni CPO

Ok, we have the fields, now, let’s make the calculations.

Keep in mind that if you don’t add formula the function we’ve just added won’t work.

Press the little icon on the left and go to Fx:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 25

A couple of things to mention here:

  1. The field Main formula is the place you add the calculations.
  2. {uni_cpo_price}: This field represent the price of your product. In my case, this value is 1.2 USD.
  3. {uni_cpo_height}: This is the value of the height.
  4. {uni_cpo_width}: This is the width of the carpet. The ones I just added.

So, I will do is the following calculation:


This, in normal English, means: 1.2*5*5. The price is a constant. The second and the third numbers are based on what the client wants, thus the price will increase/decrease. This box is super cool because you can customize it the way you want. I mean, you can for example make the following formula:


This will mean that the price for additional width of the carpet will be half the price.

You can either copy the functions or press with your mouse. Once you’re done save:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 26

One final step before our calculation is ready. Go to General settings: Turn ON the following two settings:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 27

You can enable the “calculate” button if you want visitors to press manually when they make a change. Personally, I don’t think you should use it often.

Save from here:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 28

I forgot. I will add one more thing: A short description explaining what the visitor needs to do. I believe it’s valuable to add such to set the right expectations. Simply, add a new Row and place a paragraph inside with some text:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 29

Ok, let’s now preview our product:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 30

We see the price and the available options. So, the price is based on the formula we added: 1.2 (price)x5x6 = 36 USD. It’s working perfectly.

By making our carpet wider, or higher, the price increases accordingly:

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 31

When you add it to your cart, the visitor will see what he selected.

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 32

As mentioned, the premium version of the plugin will allow buyers to adjust the settings even in the cart, which will probably earn you more money.


WHAT IS THE PRICE OF WooCommerce Extension?

Everything I’ve done above, all calculation, formulas, is done with the free version of the plugin. You can download the plugin from the official page of Uni CPO or by simply searching for the plugin when you’re inside the dashboard.

What about the premium version?

The price is 49.99 USD for one year or 149.99 USD for a lifetime license for one site.

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 33

Let me tell you a bit more about the features included inside the pro version of the plugin. Besides everything you saw above, you can also do the following things if you decide to upgrade:

  • Date picker option where people can choose a date for a beauty procedure, massage, a haircut, workout, or whatever. A really powerful option if you’re cutting hair, for example.
  • Option to upload a file: If you’re selling mugs, you can allow visitors to upload a file and sell them a mug with their name on it.
  • Checkbox options if you’re selling really specific products and need a bit more clarification for the potential client.
  • Weight conditional logic: This is awesome if you’re selling stuff which are getting heavier when they are larger. For example, the carpet I was trying to sale above will surely be heavier when it’s 10 x 12. With the weight conditional logic, the price will increase when needed.

Review of Uni CPO Plugin 34

You can see all the options in the above pic.




  • Easy to install.
  • Formulas and calculations included.
  • Automated calculations.
  • Powerful and easy to use builder.
  • Style your extra forms to match your concept
  • Allows you to sell complicated things easier.


  • The setup process is not so intuitive. You need a bit of help in the beginning to understand how things work. What’s the logic.



Uni CPO is a competitive plugin. I don’t think there are a lot of other solutions that have the same, or even similar to the functionalities of this plugin.

The industries in which this plugin can help are surely more than what I’ve mentioned above. As you saw for yourself, Uni CPO is solving a very specific problem. Probably it’s a problem you’re having. If it is, don’t hesitate. Give it a shot. The free version of the plugin will be probably enough in the beginning. Also, the price is not so high considering what this extension is capable of doing.

Share in the comments below your experience with Uni CPO:

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