CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder

Detailed Review of CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder – Add Super Powers to Your WordPress Forms


Detailed Review of CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder – Add Super Powers to Your WordPress Forms

You’ve spent thousands of hours (and $) to build your online business. You even sign up for courses that will supposedly help you earn more from your venture. But still, there is no one commenting or filling out the forms you’ve added to your site.

Probably you are banging your head against the wall and pouring, even more, money and time into this business. Well, of course, you’ve already spent too much to stop now, right?

Before you subscribe to another newsletter or spend one more dollar on something you will probably never going to use, take a closer look at your website. Is it easy for people to contact you? Are you asking for the right information?

When it comes down to adding a contact form to your site, from the countless WordPress plugins available, only a few of them deserve your attention.

The one I am going to review today is created by the developers sitting behind 123ContactForm. Allow me to introduce: CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder:

best WordPress contact form plugin

CaptainForm is probably the best WordPress plugin for building contact forms on your site. Why? Let me tell you.

Using it, you can quickly and easily design and publish highly customizable forms on your site. Which will increase the number of people contacting you and potentially increase your sales.

Let me show you some of the main benefits this WordPress plugin has to offer in this detailed review.

See what powers your WordPress site will gain by using CaptainForm for creating contact forms. Let’s begin:


What does this plugin actually do?

CaptainForm lets you create and publish any type of contact forms on your WordPress website. With the help of the drag and drop interface, you will publish any type of form in just few minutes.


Who is this plugin for? And is it for you?

When it comes down to building an online business, interacting with people is probably the most important thing. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a personal blog, news site or an eCommerce. If you want your site to be successful, and bring you more sales, you will want more people contacting you. This means adding contact forms to your site.


Installing CaptainForm WordPress Form Plugin

There are a couple of different ways that will give you access to the files of this WordPress form plugin.

You can either download the free version visiting the official website of the plugin:; or by going to plugin section. This is a direct link.

However, there is a different much easier way. Let me show it to you.

To install CaptainForm on your WordPress website, access your WordPress admin area > Click on Plugins > Add New. Inside the search plugins field type CaptainForm and hit enter. Voila, you found what you were looking for. The only thing left is to press Install now:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin

The free version of the plugin is more than enough if you are just starting.

However, if you want to unlock the true powers of the plugin, you can easily upgrade to a higher package. Visit the newly appeared menu section CaptainForm > Change Plan. Once you have the license key enter in inside the field, on the top, and click Activate:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 4


What Powers You Get by Installing CaptainForm?

Before I show you how to customize your forms using CaptainForm, I would first like to point out some of the main benefits this plugin has to offer:

  • Intuitive Editor – Customize all of your forms with complete drag-and-drop solution. Unlike other plugins, CaptainForm’s will allow you to easily create all kind of forms in less than 5 minutes.
  • Form Templates – If 5 minutes seems a quite some time for building a contact form, let me cut it in half. CaptainForm has 30+ pre-made layouts at your disposal. Just select one of the ready layouts or build one from scratch.
  • Keep data organized – Collecting data is only a part of the exercise. You will also want to know how to use that data, right? This contact form plugin will give you super powers when it comes down to generating reports and using acquired data.
  • Secure your data – Your data will be protected by SSL encryption, password protection or captcha. All submissions are saved on secure servers with daily backups.
  • Personal sideKick – Get immediate help. CaptainForm’s Support team is there when you need them. You can contact them through 3 different channels – Live chat; email; or through your WordPress admin page:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 5

Now you have better understanding of what you can expect from this contact form plugin. But there is more:

Let’s See CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder in Action

Activating the plugin will trigger short video presentation.

If you are using the plugin for a very first time it would recommend watching it. It will walk you through the main features of the plugin:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 1

To start setting up your first contact form with CaptainForm, access your WordPress admin section, click on the newly appeared icon CaptainForm > My Forms > New Form:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 2

A new page will appear showing you the premade layouts.

There is a template basically for everything: Event Registration; Online orders; Surveys; Quizzes; Pools. There is even more when you click on Other Forms:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 18

Now, we are going to create a new form, totally from scratch. Click on Blank Form > Use Template to proceed:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 3

If you take a closer look at the newly appeared screen, you will notice that you are currently in step 1 of building your very first form. The whole process is separated into 3 steps. Starting with:


Step 1 – Edit Form

Currently, you are editing you first form with CaptainForm. Right after you name it, start adding the fields you want your visitors to fill in. There are two type of fields containing different building blocks:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 6

  • Basic Fields – Text block; Text area; Number; Dropdown; Radio buttons; Checkbox; Heading; Likert Scale; Email; Website.
  • Advanced Fields – Name; Date; Time; Adress; Price; Phone; Html Block; File Upload; Google Map; Image; Social; Page Break; TOS; Star Rating; Password; Signature.

Choose the ones you want to use for the form by dragging and dropping:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 8

To edit specific field or to make it required click on the section and the edit field option will become available:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 7

Once you have all the necessary fields click on the next step:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 10


Step 2 – Settings

The true power of CaptainForm WordPress Plugin is revealed in this section. Here you can make all kind of changes. Keep in mind that some of them are available only for the premium plans, but more about this later.

Let me show you some of the main configurations available. Starting with:

  • Notifications – Specify where the email will be sent when someone fills the form. Additionally, you can enable SMS notifications, which is a pretty cool feature.
  • Themes – Make the form fit the layout of your site. Customize everything on the form, starting from background frame, logo, buttons and etc. The screen will show all the changes you are making, live. Click Apply theme to form once you are satisfied with the design:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 14

  • 3rd Party Apps – Import emails and leads into MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor and etc. Automatically add notes at each submission to your EverNote account. Send Uploaded files to DropBox and more:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 11

  • Payments – Accept payments easily by connecting with major payment processors: PayPal; PayPal Pro; Stripe; FreshBooks and etc.:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 12

  • Security – Add an extra layer of protection to your WordPress site by adding password protect, captcha or filters.
  • Rules – Create specific rules to get all the needed information. Click Add Rule > Specify what will happen if a field is empty for example:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 9

  • Advanced – If the settings you’ve seen so far seemed powerful, you are in for a treat. This section contains some of the most powerful features: Choose to accept partial submissions and let your form visitors finish them later or you can enter links to external JS files that will be loaded on your form.

After adding the desired options to your contact form, it’s time to actually publish it on your website. Proceed by clicking Publish:


Step 3 – Publish

There are four different ways in which you can publish the form you’ve created with CaptainForm:

  • Shortcode – Copy the code your see in this page and paste it into a page or a post.
  • Widget – Add form to your widget section by selecting the CaptainForm widget from inside Appearance > Widgets.
  • Function Call – Use this if you want to publish the form in a specific section of your WordPress Theme.
  • Popup – Trigger your form when someone clicks on a text or an image.

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 13

Choose how you want the contact form to appear and click the publish button.

See how it looks on your site. Isn’t it beautiful?

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 16


What Type of Forms You Can Create With CaptainForm WordPress Plugin?

Although there is no limitation of what type of contact form you can build, there are a couple of options you might want to consider for your site:

  • Autopopup Newsletter –  Yes, you can even use this plugin for increasing your email subscribers. Get more leads using CaptainForm WordPress plugin.
  • Donation Form – Raise more funds for your cause building amazing donation forms.
  • Event Registration – Get more people registering to your upcoming event. Show where the event is taking place and more.
  • Feedback Form – Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for feedback. With CaptainForm, people will love to send you their opinion.
  • PayPal Order form – Sell more through your website creating secure and easy to complete payment forms.
  • Survey Form – Collect valuable information from your audience, by easily designing survey forms.

And keep in mind that these are only few of the forms you can create with this amazing WordPress contact form plugin.


What Is The Price of This WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

CaptainForm has 4 different packages. The regular which is completely free of charge is great for people just starting. The other 3 are based on annual subscription and will enable the true power of the plugin. Here are more details:

CaptainForm WordPress forms plugin 17

  • Regular: Free ( 3 Forms, 15 Fields, 500 Submissions, 100MB Storage Space,  SSL Encryption, Support)
  • Apprentice: $35/year (Use on 1 site, Unlimited Forms and Fields, 5K Submissions, 500 MB Storage Space, SSL, Support, + 5 Native Apps).
  • Master: $95/year (Use on 3 sites, 20K Submissions, 2GB Storage, SSL, Support, 14 Native Apps).
  • Hero: $195 (Use on Unlimited sites, 100K Submissions, 10GB Storage, 24 Native Apps, Multisite Support, Payment Integration).


Pros and Cons of CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Drag & Drop interface.
  • 30 templates.
  • SSL Encryption.
  • SMS notifications.
  • Amazing support.
  • Payment integration.



  • Prices of Master and Hero packages are rather high, but definitely worth it.
  • Payment integration is available only on the Hero package.


Final Thoughts

Build WordPress contact forms your visitors will want to complete. CaptainForm will transform the way you’ve built forms on your site.

The guys from 123ContactForm really made a great job with this plugin. Starting from the design, going through the available integrations and features, this WordPress plugin has everything you’ve ever looked for, in a contact form plugin.

The available integrations will extend the functionalities of your site, giving you more ways to increase your conversion and revenue.

And the best thing is, that the whole process of creating forms is really straightforward. I am sure that even someone not so familiar with WordPress will be able to handle it. Still, even if you have questions during the whole process, the friendly support will gladly help you.

What do you think about this plugin? Share your thought in the comments below:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_btn title=”Download + Full Demo” style=”flat” color=”peacoc” align=”center” link=”|title:CaptainForm%20WordPress%20Form%20Builder|target:%20_blank” button_block=”true”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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