Detailed Beaver Builder Review – Front end WordPress Page Builder That Will Blow Your Mind


Detailed Beaver Builder Review – Front end WordPress Page Builder That Will Blow Your Mind

Using WordPress is easy, right? But what if you can make it even easier?

WordPress is the most used application for creating websites, period. Statistics say that the platform is powering over 20% of all sites in the world, and this number is growing with every single day. Mainly because WordPress has very powerful admin area, allowing you to quickly and easily make changes and add content.

Still there are people just starting, or ones who are building sites for so many customers that they simply don’t have the time to do all the work. Both of the parties are constantly on the lookout for something even less complex and easy to use, a way to drag and drop elements so they can create sites faster.

beaver builder review

To helps us create faster and better custom pages or a whole website, comes Beaver Builder. Probably the best WordPress page builder plugin available online.

Here in this detailed review, I will show you how your WordPress application will turn into powerful drag and drop page builder, thanks to Beaver Builder plugin.


What does this plugin actually do?

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder plugin, providing complete drag and drop design system allowing you to easily create websites. This plugin will help you quickly create pages without touching a line of code.


Who is this plugin for? And is it for you?

If you are using WordPress to design your site, and you are looking for a way to create it even faster then before, this plugin will allow you quickly and easily design your pages.

The intuitive editor panel makes the Beaver Builder great for people designing their first websites.

Furthermore, if you are a developer, who is creating sites on a regular basis, this page builder plugin will save you time and revolutionize your workflow.


How to install this WordPress page builder

Once you get one of the packages (more about his later) and have the files, access WordPress admin panel and from plugins section > Add new > Install the files:

drag and drop wordpress 2


Why is this drag and drop WordPress so special?

Beaver Builder is more than just a drag and drop WordPress plugins, it’s actually a very flexible framework for designing websites. It will save you tons of time while doing and you will also enjoy the experience.

Once installed on your WordPress, you don’t need to look for something additional to add.

What are the main features included in plugin:

  • Unlimited licenses: Unlike other plugins, that can be used only on one website, Beaver Builder can be installed on all of the sites you manage.
  • Custom Module support: Get assistance from developers who actually build the plugin.
  • More than flexible: The front end drag and drop interface give you total control over the layout of your pages. Position everything with precision the way you want, where you want, to easily build column based layouts in minutes.

beaver builder detailed review

  • Landing pages: Choose one of the available landing pages to speed up the process even more.

drag and drop wordpress 1

  • Content Pages: Prebuilt designs for all must page pages: About us; Services; Pricing or etc.

drag and drop wordpress

  • Beaver Builder Theme: Even though this plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes, the developers decided it’s best to create their own theme, to ensure the perfect balance and simplicity.


Building drag and drop WordPress website with Beaver Builder

Let me show you how this plugin actually works on a live website. Once we have it installed a new menu is added inside your settings tab, called page builder:

wordpress page builders

Access the menu to make a couple of adjustments that will ease your workflow later. General overview of the tabs:

  • License: Add your license key to enable automatic updates have access to the support forums and get assistance.
  • Modules: Here you can enable or disable some of the modules if you don’t want to use them for your project.

drag and drop wordpress 4

  • Templates: Decide which templates you want to use, and which ones you want to hide.
  • Post types: If you want to use the beaver builder on posts also, enable it from here.
  • Icons settings: Enable or disable icons sets or upload custom ones, downloaded from these sites: Icomoon or Fontello.


Launching the Beaver Builder

Enabling the page builder can happen inside new, or existing page/post. Clicking on the corresponding icon (page builder) inside the page will activate the plugin and redirect you to the front end of your application:

drag and drop wordpress 5

Right from the start, you will be prompted to use one of the available templates. Skip the screen if you want to go with a blank page and add your custom layout.

drag and drop wordpress 6

Now you have your own drag and drop plugin to design your site. On the right side you will notice a menu with a couple of drop downs:

drag and drop wordpress 7

Using Row layouts you can add the amount of columns you want, supported by left or right sidebars. With this function you are basically creating a grid where you can fill later with different kind of images; text and etc. Once you finish adding columns you can, of course, modify them additionally by accessing column settings:

drag and drop wordpress 8

Column settings section itself has two additional tabs which are giving you, even more, freedom when using this WordPress page builder. Change the column width, text color, background color, add solid border or don’t allow this specific section to load on mobile devices:

drag and drop wordpress 9


Beaver Builder modules

Now is time for some real drag and drop experience.

Working with the modules is really easy, once you’ve built the grid with the columns. This time from the second drop down – basic modules, choose the ones you want to add and drop them into the boxes. Additional configuration can be done by accessing each of the elements settings:

drag and drop wordpress12

While basic module section is allowing you to add only a couple elements inside you pages,  the advanced one is the place where things get really exciting.

Call to action, callout, one click contact forms, icon, maps, posts, pricing tables and more. It has all the elements you will want to add to your own website:

drag and drop wordpress 10

Additionally, Beaver builder will allow you to insert widgets inside your unique pages. From the last drop down section, select the widget you want to add, and move it to the left side.

drag and drop wordpress 11



Purchasing Beaver Builder will give you lifetime access to the plugin. However, if you want to have continuous support and updates, you will need to renewal the package every year.

WordPress page builder plugin has three different pricing plans, depending on the type of project your are building:

  • Standard: $99 (Unlimited sites, Premium modules, Custom module support).
  • Pro: $199 (+ Beaver theme, Multisite capable).
  • Agency: $399 (+ Multisite Network Settings, White Labeling ).

Beaver builder also has a free lite version which gives you only a few of the features. You can use it for testing purposes before purchasing the plugin: Download the Free Beaver Builder version.


Pros and cons of the WordPress plugin Beaver Builder


  • Coding free.
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to create and configure pages.
  • Prebuilt templates.
  • Intuitive drag & drop design system.
  • Multisite and white labeling features.


  • The price. For half of the price, you can get one of the Top WordPress themes.
  • The Beaver Builder Theme is not included in the Standard package.


Final Thoughts

Creating websites often take a lot of time and effort, especially if you are working on a couple of projects simultaneously.
This is where Beaver Builder comes to the rescue. It will help you easily build pages with any WordPress theme, without touching a line of code. The prebuilt templates and intuitive drag and drop system makes this plugin great for agencies, who have a couple of projects at the same time, and also for people just starting.

Beaver builder is probably the best WordPress page builder allowing you to create an amazing website in no time.

Comment below to share your thoughts about this awesome page builder:

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