Best drag and drop website builder

Detailed Review of WordPress Plugin Visual Composer – Best Drag and Drop Website Builder


Detailed Review of WordPress Plugin Visual Composer – Best Drag and Drop Website Builder

5 years ago people who are not so tech-savvy had to pay thousands of dollars to someone, for designing their site. Things have changed since then.

Even though WordPress is one of the easiest to use CMS systems available on the market, there are still a lot of people who are want to build their websites using the good old fashion drag and drop way. This is not something that comes by default with the application, but there is one plugin that is taking website building to the next level – Visual Composer – The Best drag and drop website builder.

Visual composer drag and drop website builder

If for some reason you are struggling to create your project with WordPress, Visual composer will definitely make it easier for you.

With more than 80,000 licenses sold and powering over 500,000 WordPress installations, this plugin is breaking all the records. But that is not all. Some of the detailed theme reviews I’ve made here, are including Visual Composer. Yes, on top of these groundbreaking statistics, a lot of Theme developers are including Visual Composer in bundle with their theme.


What does this plugin actually do? 

Modifying the standard WordPress text editor to a powerful drag and drop page builder. Also, allowing you to create fast and easy great landing pages, adding more functions to your blog posts, without the need to put a single line of code.


Who is this plugin for? And is it for you?

For total newbies or from experts, it doesn’t matter. Both of the parties will find good use of this plugin for their websites. If you are just starting a website, and you have no idea how to create a single page, the intuitive back end and front end editor will explain in details how to design your pages.

On the other hand, people who have more experience with the application, also love the features provided, because it saves a lot of time to design a good landing page, and the results will be amazing.


Installing the Best drag and drop website builder

If you are ready to turn your WordPress to a powerful drag and drop website builder, you are only a few steps away after you purchase it. Since this is a plugin, you just need to install and activate it from your Plugins > Add new.

Right after the successful installation, you will notice the Visual Composer icon appearing on the right side of your WordPress dashboard. Once you click on it, you will be directed to the general settings of the plugin:

WordPress drag and drop builder 9

Inside of the settings page, there isn’t much to configure. Only decide do you want the composer menu to appear also in posts (recommended), and you are all set. The other settings are purely cosmetic.


What features are included in this WordPress drag and drop plugin

Once the plugin is active, and you go to add new Page, you will notice two blue buttons, between your title section and text editor: Backend editor and Frondend editor. Accordingly, the buttons will give you the power to make changes inside the Backend or the Frondend of your WordPress application.

WordPress drag and drop builder 8

Clicking on the backend button will load the plugin on the page and you can start scrolling through the available features, they are divided into two different categories: Elements and layouts.

WordPress drag and drop builder 7

Visual composer comes with a couple of predefined layouts, that you can easily load, only by clicking on the corresponding button. So if you don’t want to waste time designing the look of your pages, the more layouts section gives you tons of suggestions, just pick the right for your project:

WordPress drag and drop builder 6

Let’s now see what are the elements doing. These are basically the different actions you can add to your page. Currently, there are more than 50 of them, divided into 4 logical groups: Content; Social; Structure; WordPress widgets. And when combining them with the different columns and rows you can choose from, the available configurations are limitless. This makes this plugin – best drag and drop website builder.

WordPress drag and drop builder 5


Working with the WordPress plugin Visual Composer

The actual page building experience is extremely simple and easy. You will need only a couple of minutes to understand how exactly the plugin works, in order to begin designing your own unique templates.

One of the great things about the Visual Composer is that it works with existing content to. It doesn’t matter whether you already have text inside, the plugin won’t remove it or delete it, it will put it inside his own box.

Like we already pointed out, to start designing your own pages, you only need to load the Visual Composer on the page or the post, by clicking on the Backend or Frontend editor (I personally prefer the backend). Once the options appear, it’s up to your imagination.

WordPress drag and drop builder 4

Setup the different layouts, add the needed elements and insert the text of the page and the images you are going to use.

WordPress drag and drop builder 10

When using the Frontend editor, you will notice a couple of buttons on the top. You can directly publish the newly created page/post, switch to backend editor, turn ON the guides.

WordPress drag and drop builder 3

Additionally, you have the opportunity to see how the page is going to look on mobile devices or tablets. Which is a pretty cool option, considering the fact that more and more people are surfing the web using smart phones.

WordPress drag and drop builder 2

If we look deeper in the configuration of the pages, we will see that each of them is composed by a row and a column, and inside each row are the boxes of the elements. Which is making the page setup even more flexible. For example you can assign specific image or a video inside certain row, by accessing the Row settings:

WordPress drag and drop builder 1

And by accessing the Column settings, you will be able to setup the size of the different boxes, like this:

WordPress drag and drop builder


The price of the Visual Composer plugin is 34 $ excluding VAT, which is extremely low price considering the powerful options included inside this drag and drop page builder. So, before you press “Purchase”, find out what WordPress theme you want to use.


Pros and cons of the WordPress plugin Visual Composer


  • Save you a lot of time to build pages.
  • Easy to use and learn.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Responsive design.
  • A lot of elements included.
  • Pre Designed layouts.
  • Video tutorials and Guides.
  • Rows and Column settings.


  • If you start to use the plugin, you need to stick to it. Because they shortcodes won’t work without it.


Final Thoughts

By far, this is the best drag and drop website builder I’ve ever used. It comes with a lot of features and configurations, which are packed in easy to use environment.

I strongly recommend Visual Composer plugin to people wanting the build their websites, but they don’t have a clue how to do this. Since it can be used with all WordPress themes, you don’t need to worry about the purchasing one, you can simply use one of the free themes to save money. The plugin itself will fill the lack of features inside the theme.

What do you think about the plugin, are you using it for your site?

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