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Best 9 WordPress Page Builder Plugins That Work With Any WordPress Theme

Best 9 WordPress Page Builder Plugins That Work With Any WordPress Theme

Best 9 WordPress Page Builder Plugins That Work With Any WordPress Theme

Building a website seems like a rocket science to you?

You are not the only one!

Starting your own personal online business is probably the best decisions you might take. The potential of growth is huge and the available opportunities are countless.

Still developing and managing your site is not an easy task when you are just starting.  There are a lot of things to consider while making the first steps. Yes, you can hire a professional developer, but this will cost you a small fortune and a lot of time writing emails back and forth till you have your site looking like you imagined.

A lof of WordPress developers saw the need for a tool that can help people just starting, learn how to build their own sites faster, without the hassle. That is how the page builder plugins were developed.

Even though WordPress is pretty easy to use, for someone not so technical things can seem a bit more complicated.

But page builder plugins are more than just a tool that can help beginners create their sites. These drag and drop extensions are must-have a solution that will also help you easily manage your site and create things only a pro developer was capable of doing before.

In this post, I am going to show you currently the best drag and drop website builder plugins available.


The Best 9 Page Builder Plugins that Will Help You Start Your Own Site in Minutes

When it comes down to choosing WordPress themes, the options are countless. But it’s totally different thing when it comes down to finding a drag and drop plugin.

1. MotoPress

motopress page builder

MotoPress is the first in my list of best page builder plugins. Even thought is probably not the most famous one, the plugin works really great and it has a lot of powerful features.

MotoPress page builder plugin will transform your WordPress editor into powerful, full with features composer allowing you to make front end editing and design your site in just a few minutes.

The plugin is fully compatible with top Premium WordPress theme providers. Some of them are – StudioPress; Headway Themes; Template Monster; WooThemes, and more.

MotoPress content editor uses elements to help you customize pages and posts. Additionally, the drag and drop interface makes structuring and organizing your content really simple.

Try MotoPress content editor in action using the link right here: link.

Price – From 29$

Get MotoPress



2. Themify Builder

themify page builder

Really powerful and easy to use page builder plugin that works with any WordPress Theme.

With Themify Builder, you can fast and easy design any layout and see all of the changes you are making happening live. The builder supports both backend or frontend editor, allowing you to preview all of the changes you are making live – what you see is what you get.

These are some of the features that worth mentioning:

  • Drag and Drop – Arrange elements by drag and dropping.
  • Live Preview – See everything happening in front of your eyes.
  • Undo/Redo – You can never go wrong with the Undo/Redo function. If you don’t like what you just made, you can easily undo it.
  • Copy/Paste – Easily copy and paste elements you love to other rows and columns.
  • Rows and Columns – Make any grid imaginable using the rows and the columns.
  • Pre-design layouts – Themify builder comes with 40+ professional designs included to get you started even faster.

View the demos to see what kind of site you can design with this beautiful page builder plugin. See demos here: link.

Price – 39$

Get Themify Builder



3. SiteOrigin

site origins drag and drop builder

The best free drag and drop website plugin builder for WordPress. Page Builder by SiteOrigin is active on more than 800 000 WordPress installations around the world.

It has all the essential features for you to create a fully functional site in just a couple minutes. The plugin makes it really easy to create responsive column based sections, using the well known WordPress widgets.

Site Origin page builder is fully compatible with all available WordPress themes. Also, you don’t have to worry about your content if you decide to switch your theme. All of you changes will come along with you.

On top of that, the developers of the plugin designed a couple of free themes that work best with the plugin. See all themes here: link.

If you are finding it hard to design your site, I will strongly advise you to test this plugin. Simply because you have nothing to loose, the plugin is completely free.

Price – Free

Get Site Origin



4. Elementor

Elementor page builder

Extremely flexible frontend drag and drop page builder.
Elementor is the newest addition to the page builder plugins family. And you won’t believe it, it’s totally free.

Elementor Page Builder will allow you to easily design pixel perfect pages using only the front end.

The authors of the plugin were focusing on resolving 3 essential problems other drag and drop plugins have:

Instant drag and drop – No lag while you build your page. Elementor offers smooth building experience with no delay when you add/remove elements.

Advanced design effects – Your pages never looked so good. This plugin has everything you will ever need to build amazing landing pages.

Responsive design – The world is going mobile, meaning that you need to be sure everything on your site is 100% responsive. With, Elementor you can rest assured all people will have the same great user experience on mobiles too.

But that’s not all.

This amazing drag and drop plugin works on every theme; it’s fully compatible with all famous plugins and it doesn’t require coding experience.

Price – Free

Get Elementor



5. Forge

Forge - Front End Page Builder for WordPress

Forge 100% Front end page builder that will change the way you’ve build sites. This plugin is designed to ease your job when in comes down to building websites.

You can easily design awesome looking pages using the drag and drop page builder Forge. The developer of the plugin Manuel Vicedo, did an amazing job.

All of the changes you are making with Forge are done on the front end, allowing you to see everything live without the need to switch windows of refresh pages. You know how the page will look like, while you are working on it.

Besides the awesome functionalities and the available options, there is something more worth mentioning. Although Forge works great with any WordPress theme (I’ve personally tested it), Manuel singlehandedly build the theme Furnace, that will unleash the full potential of the drag and drop builder.

Aww yes, the plugins also has a free version that you can download by visiting this page: Forge Page Builder

The paid version of the plugin comes at the price of $24 dollars for a single site license.

Price: from $24

Get Forge



6. Cornerstone

cornerstone plugin

100% frontend page builder allowing you to see all of your changes happening live on your site.

Cornerstone is a part of a well-known WordPress theme called, X WordPress Theme. This page builder is mainly used from X theme users, but it works flawlessly with all other WordPress Themes., which are the people sitting behind this page builder, designed it to ease the end user while making changes. When you build with cornerstone, your screen is separated into two sections: work area and preview area. The work area itself is well thought through, allowing even beginners to build their first page in just mere minutes.

Cornerstone also comes with a library full of elements. Cornerstone gives you incredible versatility of elements and available customization options, which you can use to create the ultimate page.

All of this available both for pages and post.

Price – $35

Get Cornerstone



7. Beaver Builder

beaver builder

New generation of drag and drop plugins: Beaver Builder, really powerful and flexible website builder.

The main idea behind the Beaver Builder is to save you time when designing and making changes to your site. The prebuilt templates and the drag and drop interface will allow you to create and edit pages fast and easy.

The Beaver Builder is not only a good decision for individuals, design agencies can also benefit from this awesome plugin.

You can quickly set the foundations of a site, and let your clients do their own edits. See my Detailed Review of the Beaver Builder for more info.

Price – From $99

Get Beaver Builder



8. Divi Page Builder

divi page builder

The core infrastructure for the Divi Theme, now available for any WordPress Theme.

Divi Page Builder is probably the best and most beautifully designed page builder I’ve ever used.

After seeing the success of Divi Theme (Detailed Review of Divi), the developers decided to create a stand-alone plugin allowing you to create beautiful sites, like the ones you can do with Divi Theme, using any WordPress theme.

Divi Page Builder offers endless layout possibilities, 46 content modules and everything else to transform your website into an artwork.

Everything is possible with this plugin. Divi Page Builder breaks all the rules. You don’t need to know a thing about CSS or HTML to create unique sites people will love to visit and buy from.

Not only all of these features are available both for posts and pages, but also, to save time, you can save sections or full pages and load them on different sites or posts.

Price – From $89 per year

Get Divi Page Builder



9. Visual Composer

Visual Composer Page Builder

The only page builder that powers 1+ million WordPress installations.

Visual Composer is award winning frontend and backend editor. The plugin is extremely easy to use, allowing you to take full control over your site.

You can design any layout on any WordPress theme, period.

Visual Composer has 45+ premium content elements, 60+ predefined layouts, 150+ 3rd party addons. It’s SEO friendly and comes with a comprehensive knowledge base and video tutorials that will walk you through every step.

Created back on 22 May 2011, the plugin has a lot to bring to the table. I highly recommend using this plugin if you are just starting. Read my Detailed Review of Visual Composer for more details.

Price – $34

Get Visual Composer


Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to narrow the choice for you when it comes down to choosing a page builder plugin to design your site. Let me know in the comments below which one of these plugins is your favorite and which one you are considering purchasing for your site.

(This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, see my affiliate disclaimer page.)

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