How To Increase Email Subscribers

[Case Study] How To Increase Email Subscribers By 412% in a Week with ConvertPlug


[Case Study] How To Increase Email Subscribers By 412% in a Week with ConvertPlug

Update: I wanted to let you know that recently the authors of ConvertPlug changed the name of the plugin to ConvertPlus. The plugin is the same – it’s actually better – but the name is different.

The most common issue for every website owner is bringing traffic to his site. Simply because there are so many things to do: write great content, promote that content; post on social media, create products, capture leads and etc.

But even if you do have a decent amount of people visiting your site, what is the benefit if very few of them actually convert? And by converting I mean – purchasing your products or subscribing to your email lists.

In this case study, I am going to show you how I successfully increased my email list by 412% within a week using a WordPress plugin.

Let’s first define the real problem most of the people have, when it comes down to converting visitors:


The Problem

Starting a brand new site takes a lot of time and effort. Especially if you are a one man show (like most of us are).

Writing content, creating products and making changes to your site are only a few of the things you are doing on a regular basis. But if you want to increase your sales and revenue, one of your main objectives should be bringing more visitors back to your site. Even though you know that placing email opt-in forms on your site will help you with this, still there are a lot of things to consider: what plugin to use; where to place opt-ins; what should be the design.

When I started, I was using several free plugins for capturing emails. Needless to say, they weren’t performing like I wish they did. Sure, I’ve heard about popular tools that famous bloggers use, but the prices of these extensions are just too high for someone just starting. I had to find something that is both affordable and at the same time functional.


Meet ConvertPlug


ConvertPlug is relatively new WordPress plugin (created on 14 December 2015). But after it was released, people immediately loved it. The two main things that are making this plugin already a preferred choice from people looking for the right answers to these questions: “How To Increase my Email Subscribers” and “How to Increase my conversion rate”; are features and cost. Convert plug has all of the essential features, at an affordable price.

But these are only a few of the benefits ConvertPlug has to offer. Let me pinpoint some of the main features below:

  • Variety of positions – Create all kind of forms and place them basically everywhere you wish on your site: Modal Pop-up; Widget Box; In-line forms; Info Bar; Slide-in and more.
  • Ready to use templates – Set up all of your forms in no time. ConvertPlug gives you access to a library of pre-made layouts you can choose from.
  • Easy customization – Configure buttons, change colors and text, add pictures and more. All of this, without the need of placing even a line of code.
  • A/B testing – Run split tests and choose the most efficient design and the right message.

ConvertPlug offers endless possibilities.

Still, there are a couple of them I prefer using. Let me show you what exact techniques I used to increase my subscribers by 412%.


How I increased my subscribers by 412% with ConvertPlug

When I first started my site (, I knew I had to grow a large email list. But like most of the people who are just starting, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for premium plugins. After few months searching for a solution, I finally found it. Or probably the right expression will be, someone finally build it: an affordable solution for increasing email subscribers, finally!

The 3 free plugins I was using before installing ConvertPlug not only didn’t bring results but they were also slowing it down. Before, for a 7 days period, I was getting around 7-8 new email subscribers.

Only a day after installing CovertPlug, I was already seeing improvements. For that first week, I got around 41 new subscribers which is 412% more than before.

These results were achieved only by using 3 of the available 10+ features ConvertPlug has to offer.

Here are the 3 I use on my site:

  • Exit Intent – When a visitor wants to leave my website, a pop-up will appear offering a discount or something relevant. In my case, I am offering a free guide that solves a specific problem:


  • Slide In – Very elegant way to show your opt-in form and a great alternative to a pop-up. I didn’t want to use a pop-up because it really interrupts the visitors when reading. This is why I chose to go with a slide-in. Which actually performs best on my site:


  • After post & Widget Section – A nice opt-in box inside the widget area and after the post is a necessary thing. Unfortunately, they don’t bring a lot of results, but still are great additions to the design of my site:




In just one week, I was able to add 41 new subscribers, which is 412% more than what I was previously getting for the same period of time. Considering the fact that my site is only a couple of months old this is a great number of new subscribers added every week.

These are the stats from the Exit Intent and After post/Widget box:

How To Increase Email Subscribers with ConvertPlug 12

And these are the results I got from the slide-in:

How To Increase Email Subscribers with ConvertPlug 11

Like you can see, the After post/widget box is not performing really well, but that is normal. These type of opt-in forms often left unnoticed from the visitors.

The tools that really convert, are the ones you simply can’t miss seeing, like slide-in. I prefer slide-in and exit intent for many reasons, but mostly because they are not interrupting the visitor while reading and they are a great addition to my site.


What I Really Love About ConvertPlug?

Except the available options and the affordable price, the thing I really love about ConvertPlug is the customization process. I am seeing all my changes live and once I am satisfied with the result, I can easily activate the opt-in on my site.

On top of the easy set-up process, the guys from BrainstormForce also provide plenty of designs you can choose from. The available layouts further simplify the process and help you create amazing opt-in forms on your site. See all of them here: ConvertPlug Designs


How to Use ConvertPlug to Get Maximum Results?

If you are also looking for a way to increase your conversion and build a larger mailing list, faster, I would definitely recommend using ConvertPlug on your site. No matter if you creating a brand new site or you have an existing one, you can also reach similar results, why not better than the ones I’ve achieved.

Let me walk you through the process of setting up ConvertPlug to get maximum results:


Course of Action

Like I previously mentioned, I love the setup process. ConvertPlug has extremely simple step-by-step process that will help you design and publish your opt-in forms in just a couple of minutes. So don’t worry about this being too complicated. The actual configuration is really straightforward.

Here I will show you the main steps, in order to adjust the plugin and start converting more people visiting your site:

1.Install and Activate

Once you download and activate the plugin on your site (get your own copy from here: ConvertPlug Download), simply add your license. And make sure to turn on the slide in opt-in forms from ConvertPlug > Dashboard > Modules > Slide in Popup > On:


2. Setup Exit Intent

Probably the best way to bring more people leaving your site, back, is by adding an exit intent opt-in. To create one using ConvertPlug, click on Modal Popup > Create New > Choose your design and click Use this:


The customization panel will appear allowing you to modify your text and call to action buttons. Once your are ready, click on the little wheel (behavior) and make sure to turn on Before User Leaves/ Exit Intent:



3. Add Inline Forms

Another great way to present your opt-in forms is by embedding them before or after your post. It’s great for a couple of reasons: it’s not interrupting the user experience; the chances that someone will give away his email is greater when he actually read your content; you can add these type of forms is a lot of places.

The design process is basically the same. But this time when you click on the little wheel, scroll down to Display Inline > Yes > Display Inline Position. You can add this form before/after post or both:


4. Create Slide-In Forms

I’ve saved the best for last. My personal experience shows, that these type of forms work best for increasing email subscribers. To create yours with ConvertPlug go to Slide-In > Create New Slide-In > Choose a layout to proceed:


Modify the background color and change the text. Again, go to the little wheel and specify how this will be triggered. I use after user scrolls setup:



You are all set!

For less than 15 minutes you have your own tools that will help you increase your conversion, grow your mailing list and sell more of your products.


Final Thoughts

How to increase email subscribers?

Well, this is no longer a question of how, but rather a question of when. Like you saw, I was able to increase my email list by 412% withing a week, when using only 3 of the available 10+ features ConvertPlug has to offer.

ConvertPlug is not just another WordPress plugin, it’s a solution for converting more visitors and growing your mailing list. Besides the features I’ve described in this case study, with ConvertPlug you can also add: Info Bars; Offers; Video Pop-ups; Social Buttons.

In addition to the rich features, there is something more worth mentioning. The price. ConvertPlug cost $21, which is really affordable and I believe everyone who wants to build an online business must invest.

What plugins are you using for growing your email list? Leave a comment below to share your experience:

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