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Starting A Personal Blog? 11 Of The Best WordPress Blog Themes To Go With

Starting a Personal Blog? 11 of The Best WordPress Blog Themes To Go With

Starting a Personal Blog? 11 of The Best WordPress Blog Themes To Go With

Starting your first blog with WordPress is easy, right?

What do you need? A catchy domain, hosting a couple of plugins installed on your WordPress and a great theme. Of course, you will also need something to write about.

Even though the success of your WordPress blog will solely depend on the content you are going to produce, how this content will going to help your readers, make their lives easier, there are a couple of other things you need to take under consideration.

Everywhere you read about starting a successful blog you will see that people are always mentioning that content is king. Yes, this might be right, but it’s only half of the truth. The look of your site is another really important thing, which a lot of people are leaving behind.


There are Hundreds of  WordPress Themes. How to Choose the Best for My Blog?

I’ve asked myself the same question.

Every theme designer can claim that his theme is the best blog theme, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is right. After detailed research, I found the top performing blog themes on the market.

In this WordPress guide, I am going to show you 11 of the best WordPress blog themes:


1) Sahifa

Sahifa WordPress blog theme

Sahifa, a best seller WordPress Theme specifically designed for blog sites. TieLabs, the developers of this blog theme, made real furor among bloggers with their template.

The theme has a huge collection of features, more than 200, at your disposal . Some of the main benefits of the theme are as follows:

  • Clean, user-friendly, fast-loading, customizable.
  • Fast-loading, flexible, fully responsive.
  • Social media icons included.
  • Page builder and mega menu.
  • Fully supports Bbpress and WooCommerce.

I will personally recommend Sahifa Theme for large sites will a lot of content and a lot of people writing these articles. Why? Well, because the theme will allow you to easily arrange all that data into a beautiful design which people will love to read.

Read my review of Sahifa Theme for more information: Detailed Review of Theme Sahifa

Price: $59.

Get Sahifa



2) Hemlock

Hemlock WordPress blog themeElegant and clean blog theme for your personal blog.

Hemlock is probably not the most popular WordPress theme but has a lot to offer.

With its clean, minimalistic, aesthetic design, Hemlock will amaze your readers and make your blog stand out from the crowd.

These are the main things I liked about this premium WordPress blog theme:

  • Clean and fully responsive.
  • Social Media icons included.
  • Video, Music, and Galeries.
  • Recommended posts and author bio included

If you have a personal blog, or you are planning to create one, you should definitely consider using Hemlock. Check their official page on ThemeForest to see for yourself.

Price: $39

Get Hemlock



3) BuzzBlog

Buzzblog WordPress blog theme

BuzzBlog is simple, clean and minimalistic WordPress theme, great for personal blog sites.

With it, you can easily start your blogging career and spread your stories.

Powering more than 4000 blog sites, BuzzBlog has everything you will ever need for your personal sites.

A couple of things that are really making this theme great:

  • Powerful admin panel.
  • Social Media icons included.
  • Clean, Minimalistic design.
  • 7 Blog layouts.
  • High Resolution and fully responsive.

If you are looking for the perfect theme to express your BuzzBlog will help you express

If you had enough from impersonal themes that will turn off everyone who visits your site, BuzzBlog is a great choice.

Price: $44

Get BuzzBlog



4) Redwood

Redwood WordPress blog theme

Amazing WordPress theme for bloggers.

Redwood is an elegant theme with an amazing layout.

Crafted specifically for personal blog or news sites, this theme will take your site to the next level. Here are some of the functions this theme has to offer:

  • Beautiful large features slider.
  • Promo boxes + subscribe widget.
  • Large collection of color options.
  • 5 different blog layouts.
  • Social media icons.

Redwood has numerous features that will transform your WordPress site. I definitely suggest considering this premium theme for your personal blog.

Price: $39

Get Redwood



5) OldPaper

OldPaper WordPress blog theme

Vintage blog theme for sophisticated WordPress sites.

OldPaper has unique look full with features. The theme is highly optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Some of the main benefits of the theme are:

  • Unique look.
  • Robust options panel
  • Review section
  • 7 predefined skins

Give a unique old look to your blog with this “old” theme. Recently the theme started to support WooCommerce which will allow you to sell your own products.

Price: $59

Get Old Paper



6) Point Pro

PointPro WordPress blog theme

Professional premium theme for bloggers. Point Pro is the perfect combination between clean design and extensive functionality.

With Point Pro, you can easily organise all of your categories and show your content in the best possible way. The theme comes with build in social buttons, space for your ads, SEO optimised and much more.

If you are not sure if this theme is the right one, you can download the free version of the theme available for download.

Get Point Pro



7) Bimber

Bimber WordPress blog theme

Bimber is something more than just a blogging theme, it has everything you will ever need to make your posts go viral.

Cool social sharing buttons, trending, popular sections and multiple ad locations. Your visitors will be more willing to share your posts thanks to the cool buttons, which are powered by MashShare plugin.

Big buttons, share count visibility, option to choose before and after post.

Bimber is built for speed, everything is lightweight and ready to take the high load of your site.

Start your blog today and make it viral in a couple of weeks only choosing Bimber WordPress theme.

Get Bimber



8) SocialMe

socialMe WordPress blog theme

Clean, modern and fast loading WordPress theme for your new blog.

SocialMe is one of the best new themes for blog sites. It comes with 4 pre-defined layouts, beautiful design, awesome author box, 16 powerful widgets and much more.

This theme is the newest addition to the Mythemeshop theme library. It has all the benefits of all other themes and 0 of the downsides.

Check the demo to see for yourself:

Get SocialMe



9) SchemaSchema WordPress blog theme

Another great theme provided by Mythemeshop.

Schema is probably the most used theme in the blogging category.

Fast, SEO optimised, quality code, ad space, and 100% responsive design are only a few of the things that are making this theme top pick.

Schema has built-in review system which makes it great for review sites (like mine).

Additionally, the built-in rich snippets, the related posts section and the fast loading speed of Schema are making it ready for Google. You can also read my full review of Schema to see all available options.

Get Schema



10) Rise

Rise WordPress blog theme

Conversion focused and clean looks. Rise is one of the best themes provided by the developers sitting behind ThriveThemes.

Blazing fast with unique looks. Rise it’s not just another blogging theme, is one of the best in the field.

You will easily increase your subscriber’s thanks to the built-in email opt-in forms sections located in a couple of places inside the theme.

Easily customizable with a lot of landing page templates to choose from. Visit the official page of the theme using the button below and see how it looks:

Get Rise



11) Authority

Authority WordPress blog theme

Shaped after Matthew Woodward amazingly successful personal blog named after him:, Authority theme will ease your job while building your own online business.

An outstandingly good theme for a pro blogger.

With Authority, you can choose between 6 different demos. Between them one specifically designed for an eCommerce site.

This WordPress theme is fully responsive, extremely fast, integrated social buttons, ad sense ready and it’s optimized for better readability.

Get Authority



Final Thoughts

Finding fresh ideas for your new blog posts can be an overwhelming  and exhausting task. But before you even think about: “What should be my new post about” – take a look at your blog design. Do you like it? And more importantly, what your audience thinks about that?

If you are starting a new personal blog site or you already have one, take a look at the themes above. These items are the best WordPress blog themes on the market. I am sure that they will put your content in order and help your reach wider audience.

What WordPress blog theme are you using on your site? Share with us in the comment section below:

(This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, see my affiliate disclaimer page.)

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