39 Minimal WordPress Themes updated list

39 Minimal WordPress Themes – The Complete List of the Best Minimal WordPress Themes [2019 Updated]

Besides being a WordPress nerd, I’m also quite obsessed with owning less stuff – living a simple life. There is a word for that in the English language, it’s called minimalism. Minimalism is about intentionally trying to live with only the things you really need. Is about optimizing your life, your surroundings for optimal performance. I actually started my own site about minimalism: durmonski.com. If you’re interested in the topic you should definitely check it out. Still, this post is about something else. It’s about finding the best minimal theme from among all other clean WordPress themes.

So, let’s get started:

I’m tired of seeing sites that are full of menus, options, slides, boxes. You can’t understand why these sites even exist from all the crap they show even if you’re trying hard. If you contact the author he’ll probably won’t be able to answer the question himself.

Why people clutter their sites with so much stuff? Most WordPress theme designers think that they should add thousands of options. They think that you won’t buy their theme if they don’t offer 100+ features. They think that they should satisfy everyone – have little something for everyone visiting. The end result? Slow sites that are hard to maintain and visitors, who don’t know where to click to purchase your product.

Why Go With Minimal WordPress theme?

This theme is powered by Visual Composer (I’m using Total if you’re interested). I can put my hand on my heart and swear that this is the best drag and drop page builder I’ve ever used so far. It’s easy to learn and it offers hundreds of options to design your site. Still, it’s overwhelming when it comes down to designing your site. The more options you have the more time you spent deciding on the design: “Should I add another menu?; Should I add another picture, or probably a couple of buttons on my home page?” You create one draft and then you change it a couple of times. All this time spent on something that is not of a major importance. At the end of the day, the most important thing about your site is the content.

A minimal WordPress theme is clutter free. It comes with only the options you need. Just the right amount of tools to make your content shine. Every site I create is with a simple design. Nowadays is better to offer few things than stuff your site with countless options.

In this post, I’m going to show you the best minimalist WordPress themes for your new or existing site. Hopefully, you will find a theme you love and transform your site so that the people visiting it can understand what you’re selling.

Best Premium Minimal WordPress themes:

1. Mono

Mono Minimal WordPress theme

I will start this comprehensive list of minimal themes with one really simple template provided by the guys from Codestag. Mono WordPress theme is super clean and the whole layout is focused on the text. If you’re a writer this theme will definitely boost your copy in the eyes of your visitors. Another cool feature of the themes offered by Codestag is that all of their themes are fully compatible with Restrict content pro plugin. This plugin is great if you’re looking for a way to monetize your writing.

Key Features:

  • Clean and easy to setup.
  • Guttenberg ready.
  • Widgetized homepage layouts.

2. Typology

Typology Minimal WordPress theme

Typology was released last year, 2017, and since then sold more than 1,400 copies. If you create your own site with this theme you can even write blog posts without adding images. The minimalistic design of this theme is transforming your content like no other template. I use Typology for one of my sites and I was able to configure everything in under an hour. Like, seriously. Fast, beautiful, easy to configure, what more do you want.

Key Features:

  • Big header sections.
  • Parallax featured images.
  • Full control over your typography.

3. Elegant

Elegant WordPress Minimal Theme

You get the main idea from the name of the theme. Elegant by Themify is “simple yet elegant, multipurpose theme that removes all the fancy animations and graphic effects, and instead focuses more on your content.” The last is what the authors of this theme say on their page. I can’t argue with this statement. Elegant is truly magnificent and I’m positive that you will like how this theme transforms your site. In addition to the nice design, Elegant also comes with powerful drag and drop page builder that can satisfy your every desire.

Key Features:

  • Drag & drop Builder included.
  • Image filters.
  • Beautiful blog layouts.

4. Stack

Stack WordPress Theme

Another theme that was released last year but this one sold more than 4,400 licenses. Now, that’s a lot. Stack is a modular theme that can be modified in hundreds of ways. There is virtually nothing that this theme can’t reproduce. It comes with a lot of included options, which can sometimes be a downside but in this case, I personally think is a virtue. The default design of this WordPress theme is configured and it’s focused towards the content. Everything additional can only help you tailor your site to your audience even better.

Key Features:

  • A lot of demos with one click import function.
  • Varian page builder.
  • Premium plugins included.

5. Proton
Proton WordPress Theme

Wonderful solution for freelancers or people who need to present their portfolio the best possible way. Proton is super simple and super fast. It comes with a lot of white spaces that are giving the needed focus towards your projects. Besides being used to showcase your work, this theme can be used for a personal blog or a business site. Also, it fully supports WooCommerce so you can even build your store.

Key Features:

  • Visual composer included.
  • Charming shop section.
  • Responsive and retina ready.

6. Semplice
Semplice Minimal WordPress theme

Freedom is everything when it comes down to design. Semplice is is a really powerful solution for your next WordPress website. I was amazed when I first saw Semplice on the Internet. At first, I couldn’t believe that this theme is actually available to the market and that is powered by WordPress. If you’re a designer you should definitely consider owning and using this theme for your projects. This theme is so stylish that is making all other themes look like they’re designed from an 8-year-old child learning how to code. Ok, that was harsh but it’s not like I’m lying. Semplice is extremely powerful and it will give you the edge over other sites inside your niche market.

Key features:

  • Powerful visual content editor.
  • Save your designs into templates.
  • More than responsive.

7. Kalium
Kalium Minimal WordPress Theme

Kalium can be used for any type of project. Basically, there is nothing you can’t create using this WordPress theme: shops, portfolio sites, blogs, business sites, one-page sites, beautiful landing pages. The different blog layouts coming with this theme are really something. The only thing that didn’t please my eye was the stretched comment sections. If you can live with that then you should consider getting this theme for your new project.

Key features:

  • Pre-made demos.
  • Ultimate font management library.
  • Fully customizable.

8. Merchandiser

Merchandiser Minimal WordPress Theme

Merchandiser is a premium WooCommerce theme for minimalist store owners. If you really want to make your brand stand out you can use this theme to showcase your products. This WordPress theme screams minimalism. You can fall in love with this template by only opening the demo. It’s perfect for store owners but it can also be used by independent writers.

Key features:

  • Fast and reliable.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Different shopping options.

9. Soigne
Soigne WordPress Minimal Theme

Perfect for bloggers. Soigne is simple yet functional WordPress theme providing you with everything you need in order to convert your visitors into fans. You can choose from countless of options for your home page and your blog layout. Still, even if you don’t touch most of the stuff you will still have an aesthetic site.

Key features:

  • Features boxes.
  • Dozens of layouts.
  • Fully responsive.

10. Aurum

Aurum Minimal WordPress Theme

Another great solution for shop owners. Aurum comes with a lot of different ways to present your merchandise to the open world in the best possible way. Your shop will be clean and simple with this theme. Your visitors won’t have to read a manual in order to know how to order a product from your website. Check the demo and see if this solution provided by Laborator will satisfy the needs of your store.

Key features:

  • Multiple setup options.
  • Translatable.
  • Welcome page if the shop is being accessed from a different country.

11. Savoy
Savoy WordPress Minimal Theme

Savoy is a complete solution for any type of online project. Not only that this theme comes with a unique blog layout but it also can fully support your online store. You can’t not fall in love with the clean sections, perfectly aligned, components, and the well-spaced white space. I found about this theme when I was researching for this article and I was quite amazed by how this templated stayed under my radar for so long. The theme has everything you need and some more.

Key features:

  • Unique design.
  • eCommerce ready.
  • Speed and SEO optimized.

12. Me

Me WordPress Minimal theme

Really basic but at the same time quite beautiful theme. A lot of white space between the different components that can be irritating at times but my overall impression of the theme is positive. Me WordPress theme is perfect for personal blogs or small agencies. The theme is designed to be for a one-page site but this function can be extended. I mean, if you want you can add a blog section.

Key features:

  • Retina Ready Graphics.
  • Elegant, minimal style.
  • OnePage layout.

13. Monte

Monte WordPress Minimal Theme

Monte WordPress theme is part of the WPzoom family. I rarely use their themes but I can’t write this post about mentioning Monte. Really stylish and powerful solution for all kind of projects. I really love how the blog section of Monte is designed: content in the middle of the screen and email opt-in form at the end of the post. Exactly what you need to make your visitors read your post and sign-in for future updates.

Key features:

  • Engaging post navigation.
  • Clean and minimal look.
  • Full of options.

14. The Core
The Core WordPress Minimal Theme

The Core is not simply one theme, it’s a lot more than simply one theme. The Core stores more than 25 unique demos that will transform your site the way you can’t imagine. Thanks to these demos you can use this theme for basically any type of project. Make sure to check the demo to see for yourself.

Key features:

  • Drag and drop page builder.
  • Unique demos.
  • Easy to configure and customize.

15. Yin Yang
yin yang WordPress Minimal Theme

Yian Yang is well-arranged WordPress theme for bloggers, designers, photographers, creators in general. The portfolio section of this theme will help you present your art in the best possible way. I really love how the guys from Onioneye are using the black and white colors for the theme. It’s surely something worth checking.

Key features:

  • Clean and creative.
  • Simple to configure.
  • SEO friendly.

16. Gema
Gema WordPress Theme

Another cool WordPress theme that combines the black and white color in a very magnetic way. Gema by Pixelgrade is an interesting solution for travel bloggers or photographers. This theme is surely something you don’t see often. Check the demo and see what I’m talking about.

Key features:

  • Stylish design.
  • Subscription forms.
  • Easy to configure.

17. York Pro

York WordPress Minimal Theme

York is one of the top selling WordPress themes created by the guys from themebeans.com. As you can see with your own eyes, York is extremely elegant theme. The white space is perfectly balanced and your content will get the needed attention. This theme is perfect for personal portfolio websites. The overall design transmits a sense of intimacy that will persuade your visitors to like what you’re offering even more.

Key features:

  • Unique design.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Email subscription form included.

18. Spaces

spaces Minimal WordPress Theme

Another beautiful theme created by Rich Tabor and the guys from themebeans.com. Spaces is also a portfolio theme that can be used for blogging too. Additionally, Spaces fully supports WooCommerce if you’re a store owner and want to make clean and conversion optimized website. Check out Spaces and see if this will be the theme for your project.

Key features:

  • Powered by WooCommerce.
  • Retina (HiDPI) Ready.
  • SEO Optimized.

19. Ava
Ava Minimal WordPress Theme

If you’re a minimalist and you’re creating your own brand, you should definitely consider using Ava to showcase your products. Ava WordPress theme is simply the most powerful way to sell with style. You can rest assured that you’re making the right choice with this theme because it’s powering hundreds of shops online. Check out the theme demo to see what I mean.

Key features:

  • 100% WooCommerce ready.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Clutter-free.

20. Tabor

Tabor WordPress Minimal Theme

If you didn’t notice, I’m on a roll here. Tabor is also a theme build by the designers from themebeans.com. Basically, all of the themes created by Rich Tabor and a company are clean and recommended for fellow minimalists. This theme is specifically good for bloggers, writers and everybody else who loves putting words on paper – or in this case to press buttons like crazy till it becomes a readable piece of content. I’m more than impressed by how this theme looks.

Key features:

  • Fast.
  • Optimized.
  • Easy to setup.

21. Uncode

Uncode comes with more than 20 demos which will transform your site and help you setup everything super fast. At first glance, you might be confused by all the available options but once you make the initial configuration you will be ok and you can start worrying again about what content to put on your site. Uncode can be used for any type of project. There isn’t like a specific niche that this theme supports, you can use it for basically everything: blog, portfolio, shop.

Key features:

  • Unique demos.
  • Premium plugins included.
  • Fully customizable.

22. Folie

Folie Minimal WordPress Theme

Folie is not the most popular theme on the market but it’s surely something worth checking. Multi-purpose theme created by code-less, Folie comes with 25+ ready to use templates that are clean and beautiful. The theme can be used for any type of project. Check the demo to decide if this is the theme for you.

Key features:

  • 1-click install wizard.
  • 25+ demos included.
  • Premium plugins inside the package.

23. Studio 8
studio 8 Minimal WordPress Theme

Flexible and modern WordPress theme for your next clean project. Studio 8 is designed by WPlook themes. Even though the template offers a variety of options it remains easy to configure and clutter free. The theme can be used for online stores, blogs, portfolio websites. It’s probably not the most famous theme around here but it’s surely one worth checking.

Key features:

  • Supports WooCommrerce.
  • Clean code and clean looks.
  • Supports different blog options.

24. Air

Air Minimal WordPress Theme

Another beautiful portfolio theme created by BWSM. Air is a simple template that comes with only the things you will need – without the extra filling that you won’t use anyway. If you’re a visual designer you will really like this theme. The big layouts and the white spaces will transform your projects and show them the best possible way.

Key features:

  • Page builder.
  • Different layout options.
  • SEO optimized.

25. Monochrome

Monte WordPress Minimal Theme

Powered by the Genesis framework, Monochrome is everything you need to create a truly minimalistic website – clean and free of useless options and features that will only waste your time. Besides the simple blog layouts, Monochrome is WooCommerce ready. You can showcase your products the best possible way. Additionally, the theme comes with implemented subscription forms after each post helping you grow your audience.

Key features:

  • eCommerce ready.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Beautiful design.

26. Essence Pro

Essence Pro Minimal WordPress Theme

The newest and probably the best theme created by the guys from studiopress.com. You simply can’t ignore the beautiful blog layout that comes with Essence Pro. First, it has a big featured image that will grab the attention of the visitor. Second, the content is nicely aligned in the center when you’re not using the sidebar option. Third, the blog section ends with a nicely designed subscription form. In addition to everything, it also fully supports web stores.

Key features:

  • Amazing blog layout.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Fully supports eCommerce.

Best Free Minimal WordPress themes:

27. Minimalist Pro

Minimalist Pro Minimal WordPress Theme

You can’t go wrong with Minimalist Pro by Genesis. This theme is a synonym of simple. You get clean, easy to read layout for your blog posts and nothing more. What else do you need, right? If you’re a blogger or a writer and you don’t want to mess around with site configuration and the only thing you want is to write, you should consider using Minimalist Pro. The theme is free and it’s a great option to start but keep in mind that you will need the Genesis Framework.

Key features:

  • Simple.
  • Beautiful blog layout.
  • Super easy to use.

28. Zillah
Zillah Minimal WordPress Theme

Zillah is free and easy to configure WordPress theme created by the guys from themeisle.com. If you’re a writer and you don’t know much about configuring your WordPress site this might be the right theme for you.

Key features:

  • Fast.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Cool blog layouts.

29. Lovecraft
Lovecraft Minimal WordPress Theme

Another not so popular theme, which is a shame. Lovecraft is simply stunning. Even though the theme is free it has everything you need to start a site and present your content the best possible way. It’s especially good for writers that are looking for something simple.

Key features:

  • Beautiful page layouts.
  • Fast.
  • SEO friendly.

30. Davis
Davis Minimal WordPress Theme

Like Lovecraft, the theme I mentioned previously, Davis is also theme created by Anders Norén. Obviously, the guy loves clean design and you can sense that from his work. Davis is even simpler than Lovecraft. Again, a great theme for writers.

Key features:

  • Super simple to setup.
  • Your content on focus.
  • Fast.

31. Piclectic
Piclectic Minimal WordPress Theme

Piclectic is free with the option to upgrade theme that balances very well the white and the black colors. You can setup your website using the free option and upgrade if needed along the way. This theme is perfect for people who want to showcase their photos.

Key features:

  • Clean.
  • Fast and SEO optimized.
  • Option to upgrade and unlock more features.

32. Twenty-seven
TWENTY SEVEN Minimal WordPress Theme

Stylish theme by Genesis for designers, architects, photographers, bloggers. Brian Gardner is a true master when it comes down to clean and simple themes. The installation and the configuration process is straightforward and you don’t have to waste time figuring out how different things work, you simply upload the theme and you’re ready for action. Keep in mind that even though this theme is free, you will need the Genesis framework to run it.

Key features:

  • Decluttered.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Stylish.

33. Make

Make Minimal WordPress Theme

Make is one of those themes that is mentioned everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to don’t know about Make WordPress theme. It’s a theme for creators. Make everything you ever wanted and start free. You can download the theme for free from the official website and later upgrade if you want more functions added. The essentials are included, but if you’re looking for more custom stuff you will need to go with their paid package.

Key features:

  • Page builder included.
  • Header and footer layouts.
  • Fully responsive design.

34. Cenote

Cenote Minimal WordPress Theme

Probably not the best theme on the market but at least it’s free. Cenote theme has more than the needed options but it’s still a good option if your aim is to have clean look on your site.

Key features:

  • Different layout options.
  • Bold look.
  • Customizable.

35. York Lite

York Lite WordPress Theme

The little brother of Your Pro – Your Lite. If you’re just starting a website and you still don’t have enough budget to get a premium theme, it will be a good idea to get Your Lite. Simple, clean and attention-grabbing.

Key features:

  • SEO optimized.
  • Minimalistic style
  • Clean and professional look for your site.

36. Kokoro

Kokoro WordPress Theme

Perfect for Instagram addicts. Kokoro is clean and simple with implement option to add your Instagram feed right above the footer. If your website is primarily composed of pictures and articles, then probably Kokoro is the theme for you.

Key features:

  • Clean layout.
  • Instagram feed.
  • Easy to configure.

37. TanX

Tanx Minimal WordPress Theme

TanX is nothing more than a single layout for your blog posts. So, if you’re obsessed with writing, TanX will be the solution for you. Install the theme and start writing.

Key features:

  • Simple blog layout.
  • Super simple and clean.
  • Minimum options but easy to use.

38. Blaskan

Blaskan Minimal WordPress Theme

You’re a travel blogger? Then you might need Balkans. Since most of the time you will be on the road, you won’t have much time configuring the website. Balkans is ready to take your content without wasting your time.

Key features:

  • Full featured image.
  • Nicely designed.
  • All essential features for a simple site.

39. GeneratePress

Generate Press Minimal WordPress Theme

I wanted to end this article about the top minimal WordPress themes with GeneratePress. I’m a huge fan of this theme. It’s super flexible and easy to configure. Even the free version gives you enough options to create a beautiful website. The theme is surely one of the best picks for minimal WordPress sites that are looking for the perfect balance between looks and available customization options.

Key features:

  • Extremely customizable.
  • Lightweight & Fast.
  • SEO optimized.

Bonus: Zeen WordPress Theme

Zeen WordPress Theme Review

This is a fresh update to the list: Zeen WordPress theme. I’ve recently redesigned my site with this theme. As you can see, the site looks awesome right now.

Zeen theme is really powerful, yet very stylish and minimal. I personally recommend this theme to anyone looking to make their content shine.

Key features:

  • Slick design;
  • Powerful control panel with a bunch of cool options;
  • Fast and SEO optimized;

Final Thoughts

Creating a website shouldn’t be so hard. You need a home page, a contact us page, a shop – if you’re are going to sell something, and a blog section. The more you stuff your site with useless info and pages the more visitors will bounce from your site and will never return.

Even if you’re not a minimalist, or you’re not planning to create a clean site, I do believe that this list of 37 minimal WordPress themes will help you with a project of yours.

Still not sure what theme will be the perfect fit for your blog? I can relate. There are literally thousands of options online and it’s hard to pick the best one. You can reach me here if you’re still not sure. I will be happy to help with the decision.

Comment below if you have other suggestions for minimal WordPress themes:

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