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Are You Interested in Telling More People About your WordPress Product?

durmonskiI know that developing a Theme or a Plugin takes a lot of time. But what happens when you launch the product? Did it bring the results you’ve hoped for? If not, let me help you.

Let me tell more people about your product, reach wider audience and increase your WordPress product awareness.

Tell More People About your WordPress Product

Increase your WordPress Theme or Plugin awareness through my website. Reach more people, increase your sales, earn more revenue. Let me review your WordPress Theme or Plugin and share the results here.

Why here?

At, I am focusing on publishing only detailed reviews of WordPress products, which of course is bringing only people using WordPress.

My visitors are looking for new tools that can help them with their sites. So if your product solves a specific problem, I will share that with my audience and I am sure they will love it.

Currently, I offering two different options for increasing your WordPress product awareness:

  • Sponsored Detailed Review of your WordPress Product – Detailed review of your WordPress product revealing all the features and benefits. See some of them here: WordPress Plugins Reviews;  WordPress Themes Reviews. Up to 7 days turnaround, after confirming all the details. Price 249.00 USD
  • Paid Advertisement on (for one full month) – Sticky banners added in the widget section, visible inside Plugins and Themes category. Also includes using the call to action section after each post. Price 100.00 USD

Get 20% discount from the total price if you decide to use both of the options to promote your WordPress product.

Sponsored WordPress Theme or Plugin Review

What to expect from this review:

Honest review of your WP product
Long tail keyword related to your product
Over 1000 words article + screenshots
Step by step instructions for using your product.
Links to your products page
Sharing on Social Media

Paid Advertisement on

See how your product will be promoted:

Banner on the widget section inside Themes and Plugins Category.
Using the call to action section after each post + link to your product page.

Schedule a WordPres product promotion using the form below:

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Once you click the button below I will contact you back to schedule the details.

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