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About Narrowem

Finding the most suitable WordPress Theme or Plugin shouldn’t take so long! Whether you already own a website or you want to build one, here you can find the best WordPress tools which you may use for your project.

Hey there! Narrowem is run by me, Ivailo Durmonski. Thanks for taking the time to see what this site is all about. My name is Ivailo Durmonski and I am really passionate about WordPress Themes, Plugins and other tools that can help us grow our online businesses.

is a website run by Ivailo Durmonski that helps people find the most suitable WordPress Themes and Plugins for their own online businesses. The sites includes detailed reviews of one the most used tools for building, launching, and growing an online business.

What I Make

Here I am dedicated of reviewing popular (and not so much) WordPress Themes & Plugins. Also,  providing personal advice to people looking around for tools to use on their sites.

Narrowem includes a variety of free resources that will help you find the best tools for your new or existing WordPress site:

Plugin Reviews – Contains detailed reviews of famous WordPress plugins. Except review of  the plugin, you will also see how you can easily setup the extension on your personal or business site: Detailed Plugin Reviews.

Theme Reviews – Similar to Plugin reviews, WordPress Theme reviews is focused on showing the main benefits of popular WordPress themes. In addition to the review, you will also understand how to create basic landing pages and blog sections using the theme in question: Detailed Theme Reviews.

Expert WordPress assistance – When starting an online business you will supposedly have questions or you will need some kind of assistance. Whether you want to know which WordPress Theme or Plugin to use, how to install such or you have a general question, and you don’t know who to ask, don’t hesitate and contact me here: Expert WordPress Help.

Best Pick – See what other people are buying. Browse through the most flexible and easy to use WordPress themes: Best WordPress Themes.

Resources If you are just starting, or you are looking for new tools that can help you grow your business, check the resource section. See what are the most recommended resources for WordPress sites: Best WordPress resources for beginners.

Promote your WP Product – If you are WordPress developer or you work for a company that creates WordPress products and you are looking for a way to further promote your product, you are in the right place. Let me tell more people about your WP product: Promote Your WordPress Product.


Who am I

durmonskiMy name is Ivailo Durmonski and I am a vivid WordPres fan. I’ve spent a couple of years understanding how WordPress works and what’s needed for building a profitable business. After creating several blogs that failed miserably, I now know what works and what I should run from.


Get in touch: 

Send me and email at: support at[@]


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